A Complete Guide to Luxury Trailers

Camping has been on the rise in North America for quite some time, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the trend into a higher gear. 2020 was the busiest camping season for many parks and recreation areas across the country, and 2021 is also expected to be a record-breaking year.

According to the North American Camping Report released by KOA, there were nearly 95 million camper households on the continent. In the U.S., 10.1 million households went camping for the first time, and more than 48 million households went camping at least once.

If you’re thinking about incorporating camping into your lifestyle, whether full-time, part-time, or on the weekends, you’re probably starting to think about your options in terms of tents, vans, trailers, and RVs.

Do you love the idea of spending time in the great outdoors, but aren’t ecstatic about leaving all of the luxuries of your life behind? If so, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about luxury trailers.

What Are Luxury Trailers?

Luxury trailers are camping trailers that allow you to enjoy the luxuries of civilization while immersed in the depths of the wilderness. There are endless amenities available with which you can outfit your camper. Camping doesn’t have to feel like roughing it in one of these decked-out recreational vehicles it can feel a lot like you shelled out the big bucks for a luxury wilderness spa retreat.

Luxury Camping: Which Features Are Essential to You?

Camping doesn’t have to mean getting eaten alive by mosquitos and sleeping on the ground. When you go the route of buying a luxury travel trailer, it means that you can enjoy a comfortable and civilized experience while still being completely immersed in the great outdoors. In few aspects of life do you get to have the best of both worlds, but this is one of them!

When you’re looking into your luxury camper options, you’ll want to think about what you need, what you want, and what you could live without. This can help you understand the price point of the trailer you’re in the market for and also which models would work best for you.

The layout is also incredibly important. Most camper aficionados would take a small, well-designed camper over a larger, poorly laid-out travel trailer any day.

If your luxury trailers are on your mind, check out Caravan Woods. Their trailers are meticulously engineered so that they are maximally efficient in terms of space while also being aesthetically gorgeous and comfortable.

There are so many options when it comes to luxury camping amenities. Some of the things you might consider including in yours are:

  • Comfy leather sofa
  • Gorgeous wood finishings
  • Refrigerator
  • High-end countertops
  • Tile floors
  • Air conditioning
  • Spacious bathroom complete with toilet, shower, washbasin, and more
  • A comfortable, high-quality memory foam mattress
  • Sunroof
  • Big windows
  • LCD TV and TV stand
  • Integrated kitchen
  • Stainless steel sink with faucet
  • Beautiful cabinetry
  • Modular furniture
  • Engineered layout and design
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • And so much more!

Looking at this list, you can imagine how luxury amenities could revolutionize your camping experience. For example, think about how much different a few weeks in the desert would be with the possibility of cooling off in the air conditioning during the heat of midday.

It’s also important to consider how your environment affects your mood, emotions, and behavior. Would your camping experience be different if you chose to head out in a dingy, musty old camper versus a luxury travel trailer? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

Tips on Buying the Right Luxury Travel Trailer For You

There are a lot of different luxury travel trailer options out there, and they’re not all created equal. Not only are there differences in size, quality, and capabilities, but there is also just the question of your specific uses, preferences, and needs.

Consider How Often You’ll Use It

The type of luxury camping trailer you want to buy will be impacted by how much time you plan on spending traveling. For example, you will require very different things if you are going to live in the camper full-time versus if you simply plan on taking short weekend trips. Some individuals might choose to live in luxury travel trailers part-time, which also present unique requirements.

It is a good idea to be realistic about how you plan on using your luxury camper and how much time you will spend on it. While living full-time in a camper requires compromises, even for luxury campers, you can have a hand in determining how comfortable your life is by paying close attention to what amenities are essential and which are optional.

Think About the Climates You Want to Spend Time In

One very important question about your time spent glamping in travel trailers is what type of climate you are predominantly going to travel in.

If you’re planning on being in the desert, you might not feel you need as much outdoor space since you can easily set up an awning outside where you spend a lot of your time. If you’re going to be in a rainier or colder environment, you’ll want to think carefully about how much space you’ll need to not feel too cooped up.

Cold is another important factor. It’s essential to research the different camper options, as you’ll want to find a travel trailer that can handle sub-zero temperatures if that’s the environment you find yourself in.

Decide Whether You Want to Be On or Off-Grid

When you have a luxury travel trailer, you can spend some serious time in incredibly beautiful locations that you otherwise would never go to. There are so many hidden gems in the US that are off the beaten path, completely in the middle of nowhere. There you will come face to face with remarkable silence, unbelievable stars, and true wilderness.

At the same time, you could also spend your time camping at RV parks where you can hook up to electricity, water, sewer, and the internet.

There’s no shame in either of these paths, and there’s a lot of fun to be had whichever way you go. However, whether or not you want to be off-grid will help point you in the direction of the most ideal luxury travel trailer for you.

To live luxuriously off-grid might seem like an oxymoron, but it also has to do with your concept of luxury. You’d be hard-pressed to find a world-class restaurant in the middle of the desert where you decided to camp for the week, but you can enjoy all of the luxurious comforts of a simple and beautiful life.

Think about what is important to you when it comes to luxury camping, and perhaps even consider what the term “luxury” really means to you.

Consider How Many People You’ll Normally Travel With

This is one of the first questions you’re going to want to ask when you’re thinking about buying a luxury camper. After all, even the most luxurious travel trailer will feel cramped and unpleasant if too many people are packed in there at once.

Do you have a spouse and children and pets you plan on camping with, or is it just you? Do you need a space that can work both for solo trips and for big family vacations?

While it’s a problem for a trailer to be too small, you also don’t want to buy more camper than you need. After all, they can be more difficult to maneuver, can lead to spending more money on gas, and can leave you feeling like you spent more money than you needed to.

Determine What Type of Tow Vehicle You’ll Need

Luxury travel trailers are truly incredible abodes, allowing for a super adaptable housing solution. You can self-sufficiently head off the beaten track and happily live disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the real world for weeks or even months.

Unlike RVs or vans you live in, travel trailers allow you to disconnect your vehicle when you arrive at your camping spot so you can explore the land in your truck without packing up your whole setup every time you go out.

When you buy a luxury travel trailer, you need to consider the type of vehicle you plan on towing it with. You’ll want to think about how much gear you are bringing and therefore how much space you’ll need. On top of that, though, you need to determine whether or not the vehicle you have has the towing capacity to adequately tow your luxury camping home wherever you want to go.

Think About Whether You’ll Use It For Play, Work, or Both

The rates of people who work remotely or online have increased in recent times and were accelerated by the shutdowns associated with the coronavirus pandemic. If you are planning on working from the road, you’ll need to think about how you will access the internet even if you are off-grid and away from an RV park.

You’ll also want to consider what type of space you’ll need to work in. If you don’t have a properly designed space, it can lead to conflict and tension if you are staying with others. It can also hurt your work-life balance.

At the same time, a well-designed travel trailer that suits all of your needs can be a wonderful way to work remotely. Imagine, waking up with a view of the mountains or next to a lake with a cup of coffee, being allowed to accomplish your work on your schedule, and then spending time in the evening having a campfire and enjoying the stars. Think about it: during your lunch break you could hike around the incredible natural beauty this country has to offer.

Decide Whether or Not You Want to Be Able to Go Off-Road

A lot of trailers out there are designed to only travel on services that are paved. Depending on the trail you buy, you might even unknowingly void the warranty if you take your trailer off-road.

If you are largely interested in exploring remote locations that are far from civilization, you are most likely going to drive on dirt roads along the way. For that reason, you’ll want to consider whether or not a trailer that is prohibited from off-road use will be incredibly limiting.

You only want to use luxury travel trailers that are designed for off-road use if you’re looking to get away from it all. There is a tremendous amount of stress put on trailers when you are dealing with obstacles to overcome and tricky road conditions. Some of the things that are required to take a trailer off-road include:

  • The chassis and frame need to be rigid and purposefully built to handle off-road conditions
  • The interior needs to be designed to deal with bumpy, uneven roads so your gear and belongings stay safe
  • The brakes need to be capable of dealing with steep descents
  • The brakes need to be strong
  • The departure angle and the ground clearance need to be high enough to deal with debris and rocks without becoming damaged on the undercarriage

There is so much you can see and do in a luxury travel trailer that you simply couldn’t do on foot or in a regular vehicle. Allowing you the opportunity to camp out in remote locations for weeks or months is truly one of the best things about campers in general. When you choose a luxury travel trailer, it means that you can enjoy the great outdoors and the comfort of civilization at the same time.

Are You Going Camping This Summer?

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to invest in luxury trailers versus one of the less comfortable options out there. If you are enamored with the great outdoors and want to spend as much time out there as possible this summer, you might consider upgrading from your tent to a true home on wheels.

If you choose a rugged and off-road capable trailer, there will be a few places you won’t be able to go and a few sites you won’t be able to see.

Did you find this article on luxury trailers interesting? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more fascinating and informative content!

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