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A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding an Automatic Car Parking System

Parking areas have existed since the invention of automobiles. However, with technological improvements, automatic parking solutions have emerged. Especially in urban centers where the population is increasing at an increasing rate every day, automatic parking is essential.


Features of Automatic Car Parking

  1. Vertical Lift System

In an automatic parking system, when a vehicle is brought to the entrance, a hydroelectric system moves it upwards until there is an available parking slot. The parking spaces are designed in a way that the actual layout is optimized for various car models and makes.


  1. Identification of Vehicles

To ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness in an automatic car parking system, car identification is crucial. A timestamp containing information related to the car location and drop off time is provided to the driver or owner of the car. This stamp functions like a receipt and is also used to retrieve the vehicle when the driver wants to leave the building.


  1. The Entrance

This entrance is designed in a way that ensures minimum vibration and noise. It is connected to the storage area. Movement between the entrance and destination area is also optimized using turntables in some automatic parking solutions.


How Does this System Work?

This is a question everyone contemplating moving from a traditional car park to an automatic vehicle parking system must ask. Well;

While in the traditional garages the driver uses a lot of effort to enter the parking area, this is not the case with automatic parking systems. The driver only needs to get the car to the entrance platform and the computerized sensors will detect the car and open the doors. The same thing happens when the driver needs the car. No need to walk through the parking lot looking for the car. The stamp given when leaving the car is the one used to order it back. This saves a lot of time and is seen as the number one reason why automatic car parks are better than the traditional ones.


Benefits of an Automated Car Parking System

For one to shift from using a traditional tool to a new one, it means the latter is better than the former. For this reason the following are the benefits of using an automatic car park.


  1. Optimum Utilization of Space

While the traditional garage uses a lot of space to park a few cars, the same area can be used to park many cars in an automatic parking system. This is a very important aspect especially to owners of malls and offices because it helps in providing a safer entry and exit of passengers.


  1. Saves Time

Since the driver does not park or retrieve the car manually, this saves a lot of time. No one desires to spend a lot of time in a parking area, and this is the reason automating the system is necessary.


  1. Ensures Safety

Sometimes large parking areas encourage theft around the area especially when it is full of cars. You want to make sure employees arriving at work or customers arriving in the building are safe and this is the reason you should automate your system.


  1. Saves Money

Honestly, building a large parking area costs a lot in terms of resources and space which would otherwise be utilized for something else. Although the initial capital required to have an automated system is high, in the long run, this saves you a lot of money.


In Summary, an automatic car parking solution is better than the traditional garage. Make the choice today to shift to this modern method of parking cars and you will reap the benefits.

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