A Glider with Ottoman – A Perfect Addition to Your Nursery

When you are feeding or rocking a baby to sleep, you need to be in a comfortable and soothing position yourself. A glider with an ottoman allows you to take care of the baby while ensuring you are comfortable.

Contrary to the other types of chairs, it provides you with adequate support to help you hold the baby more securely. A glider with an ottoman is also a useful addition to different parts of your house; however, it is especially invaluable in your nursery. In this article, we will be highlighting what is a glider chair, its features, and how you choose one.

What is a Glider Chair?

A glider is a popular type of chair that creates a back and forth moment while staying on a fixed track. These chairs are commonly stable in nurseries, living rooms, and bedrooms.

It is a modern version of a conventional rocking chair; however, a glider chair is more comfortable, secure, and easier to use. The motion of this chair is powered by motors that are integrated within the structure.

These motors can be powered on and off with the wireless remote. Modern glider chairs have wireless design and come batter the back, making them easy to move and use. However, there are also manual glider chairs, where you have to create momentum.

Why Choose A Glider Chair in Place of a Rocker Chair?

Following are the reasons why you should invest in a glider chair instead of a traditional rocker chair:

Structural Features

A traditional rocking chair is made using two arched legs without any working parts. Glider chairs, on the other hand, glider operate on a sliding mechanism, which is integrated into the base. More portable, lightweight, and compact, the conventional rocker aligns with a simplistic design as opposed to the design of a sophisticated glider.

The traditional rocking chair comes without cushions or padding, whereas modern glider chairs feature seats as well as back cushions. Some models of glider chairs also come with padded and rolled arms along with fabric seats enclosing the bottom. You can opt for a glider chair that comes with a locking mechanism, which will lock the chair in place and protect your little ones from getting into any accidents.

Better Style

A traditional rocking chair is timeless furniture; however, adding it to your kid’s nursery doesn’t go with the purpose of decor. A rocking chair gives a cottage feel, which can be a great addition to your living room, conservatory, or patio, but it does not go with the conventional decor of a nursery.

Glider chairs with ottomans come with fabric enclosed cushioning that offers great comfort along with adding a style quotient to your baby’s room. Glider chairs enable you to choose between various upholstery colors and prints to further complement the decor of the room.

Motion Momentum

Gliders and rockers move differently as they cater to different motion preferences. While a rocker chair offers a stronger movement, a glider chair gives a smooth motion that goes horizontally.

When you are taking care of a baby, you want to rock him or her smoothly to sleep, which makes a glider chair a more feasible option.

Comfort Base

When it comes to comfort, glider chairs surpass rocker chairs. Many glider chairs come with a spring base that provides additional cushioning and comfort to the seat.

A glider with an ottoman allows you to rest your legs while you are taking care of the baby. Traditional rocker chairs do not come with padding, but you have the option to add a cushion for a more comfortable seat.

A Buying Guide for Glider Chairs

In the above segment, we have established that glider chairs are more comfortable than traditional rocker chairs. And if you are considering buying glider chairs for the nursery, then below are some of the important factors that you should consider:

1- Look Out for Valuable Features

Modern glider chairs come with a lot of impressive features that make them a more attractive choice. While you essentially do not need to have all the latest features, look out for essential ones including:

– Ottoman

A glider with an ottoman allows you to rest your feet either while moving or in the stationary position. If you have opted for a manual glider chair, an ottoman will allow you to move the chair back and forth more easily. Therefore a glider with an ottoman can prove to be a valuable product.

– Tufted Cushion

A tufted cushion is a decorative detail that is seen on the rear side of the cushion used in a glider chair. Along with providing better aesthetic appeal, it also adds more comfort.

– Adjustable Backrest

An adjustable backrest allows you to move the glider to get to a perfect angle, thereby optimizing comfort while taking care of the baby.

2- Style

Before you start browsing for glider chairs, learn more about the styles they are available in that include –

  • Traditional Gliders– It is a timeless addition to any type of nursery. They come in a lot of different materials to cater to different style preferences.
  • Modern Gliders- These types of gliders have become extremely popular. These are designed using different shapes, patterns, and sizes to align with contemporary decor.
  • Cottage Gliders – Cottage gliders, also known as country gliders, add a feminine character to the place. They can be seen in soft pastel hues or floral motifs, adding a perfect charm to the nursery.

3- Comfort

A glider should provide adequate back as well as head support. Additionally, it should fit your body size in a way that you have enough room to change your position. A glider with an ottoman will allow you to rest your feet, thereby adding more support.

4- Easy to Clean

Considering that you will be using the glider in the nursery, it is likely to experience more spills, spits, and stains. Therefore choosing a glider that comes with a removable and washable case would be more convenient for you.

Glider chairs for a nursery are becoming increasingly popular because of the comfort they provide. And, if you are interested in buying a glider chair, then above we have mentioned important facets that will allow you to make a well-informed decision.

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