A Guide On How To Apply For The China Visa

As you are planning to visit China, do you not know much about the process behind the visa for China? Throw all your worries. You are in the 21st century in which you will get all the required information within a few taps. You can search online and find the right destination to collect all the details regarding the visa process. In China, you will not need a visa for entering the selected cities. It is highlighted as the hassle-free visa section. Having a passport is enough to make your trip. You have to read the Chinese Visa rules section carefully to know these things.


Best time to apply for the visa

When you decide to apply for the China visa, it takes around 4-5days normally. Some of the citizens access the expedited services to speed up their visa processing time. Doing so helps people process the visa within 1 or 2 days. This is why it is recommended to apply for the visa before a month of your proposed travel date. Before submitting the application, take some time and holiday schedule and office hours of the Chinese Consulate or Embassy or CVASC (China Visa Application Service Centre). You should leave enough time for the preparation and then avoid the busy time before and after the holidays. Chinese Embassy may request the applications to offer other supplementary and documents that may take a longer time.


How to apply for the visa

Firstly, you have to check whether you need the visa or not. As said before, some regions in China do not demand a visa for the specific time for your visit. You have to apply for the visa unless you met anyone of China’s visa-free policies. Usually, 72-hour and 144-hours visa-free transit are offering greater convenience and support for travelers. If you come to know that you need a visa, then follow up with the below-mentioned things.

In China, you will find many visas. Among them, you have to choose the right one and apply to that. When you decide to go on a vacation, L-visa is mandatory. It is nothing but a tourist visa. Likewise, you should choose the right visa based on your purpose of travel. Once you know the visa type, it is time to prepare the required documents such as a valid passport, visa application form, and recent passport-type photograph. You will need several additional documents based on the visa type. For instance, you need a roof of hotel reservation or invitation letter for L-visa.

Next, you have to submit the duly-filled visa application by attaching all the required documents to the Visa office at the Chinese Consulates or Embassy. It takes more than 4days to process the application. Next, go to the destination where you apply for the China visa and pay the fee. After that, collect your visa. Usually, the fees are different based on your nationality and the number of entries. If you are familiar with these procedures, then you can do the process on your own.  To be trouble-free, give the job to the visa agent.

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