A Guide to Rocking Big Hats with Style

With the incredibly trendy wave currently in the air, people still remember hats for men. They flaunt everything from suits and casual clothes to ethnic garb.

A hat is unquestionably the most fashionable accessory a man can wear. Any outfit benefits from a hat’s mysterious, refined, and chic addition. Additionally, it’s a pretty classy way to complete an ensemble.

Big hats are fashionable right now and are also very useful. They shield you from the sun, cover up unkempt hair, and spruce a plain suit. 

This guide is for you if you like how hats appear on other people but are unsure if you can wear one yourself. You’ll discover various big hats and styling guides for them.


The fedora is made of felt materials, including beavers, rabbits, fiber wool, and straw. It features a transverse seam across the crown and a pinch on each side of the front. Also available are several crowns and brim dimensions. 

You can wear it with the brim raised for a more present-day, youthful style or lower for a more classic, traditional appearance. The classic style works best with more formal clothing, such as a tailored suit or athletic jacket. 

The turned-up brim is more contemporary and goes nicely with jeans, khakis, and sneakers. Fedora exudes a rock and roll aura. A Fedora is the finest choice when the temperature is warmer. It looks fantastic with linen slacks, a polo shirt, and a summertime suit.


Thomas and William Bowler of London designed the Bowler, a stiff felt hat featuring a rounded crown, in 1849. It has a short brim curved at its ends and a rigid, rounded dome-shaped crown without creases or pinching. Although the bowler hat originated in the working class and appeared less formal than the Fedora design, pop culture has turned it into a traditional British emblem.

Making a big fashion statement is donning a bowler hat, a fashion typically reserved for artists like actors and musicians. An informal shirt, a jacket, sneakers, and a pair of tailored jeans is an outfit you can accessorize with a bowler. Depending on how you use it, it may give you an official or playful look. Because it is a head tuner, expect plenty of compliments.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

The cowboy hat is the big one most people believe is the most famous worldwide. Recognizable for its broad brim and prominent crown. The cowboy hat is the distinguishing feature of the cowboy in North America. John B. Stetson created the first cowboy hat, which became famous thanks to actors like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. 

Nowadays, cowboys and rock stars alike use cowboy hats. A cowboy hat requires more self-assurance than other hat styles, primarily if you reside somewhere where cowboys aren’t as frequent. 

Suitable cowboy hats are available in various styles for all occasions. For formal events, you can rock a black cowboy hat; for casual ones, you should use a straw or palm-leaf hat.


Hats can improve one’s appearance. However, you can’t just throw on any old top and envision wonders. The Panama hat ranks as one of the trickiest fashion trends to master, but it has the highest payoff if done well.

The Panama hat features a significant dent pressed at the front, giving it a fedora-like form. It is breathable and lightweight and can be your best companion during the summer months. 

Notwithstanding the name, the Panama hat has Ecuadorian roots. They were once only available in pale off-white with a black ribbon, but nowadays, you can find them in all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Choose a large-brim hat if your face is round, and a smaller brim can be your best bet if you have a small size. Make sure to pair it with a look that has a contemporary edge. For a laid-back summer wedding, you can accomplish it with a suit donned as separates and reduced by casual pieces or with an English shirt tucked beneath a suede jacket.

Trilby Hats

A trilby is a shorter, inclined fedora. Its crown’s shape is like the fedora’s, but it creates an angle since its rear is shorter than the front.

When wearing a trilby, the brim is often snapped up front and down back, giving the appearance of a narrowed angle on the back of the hat. Compared to a fedora, the brim is narrower (typically only about an inch wide).

The fashion dates back to the 20th century. However, it underwent a resurrection in the 21st century as a youthful trend, especially in the music industry.

Unlike a fedora featuring a wide brim, a trilby hat offers little eye protection. People primarily employ it for stylistic reasons. The trilby hat is suitable for any season.

The trilby strikes the ideal balance between a cap’s simplicity and a wide-brimmed fedora’s sophistication. As a result, it looks well with a more casual ensemble (denim, shirt, and t-shirt) and a more formal one (suit or blazer).

Bucket Hats 

Wide-brimmed bucket hats are frequently made of cotton or canvas. They are commonly used in warm weather to shield the face and head from the sun. Due to their superior weather protection, hikers and anglers initially wear bucket hats.

But the style only took off in the modern movement of the 1960s when it changed from a practical item to a stylish one. Although it has gone in and out of style throughout the years, many individuals, including rich boys and hip-hop royalty, still wear it, giving it some significant street cred.

Let the bucket hat be the streetwear-inspired fashion statement it has become. Wear it with understated staples in neutral colors, like summer knits and classic T-shirts, if you’re not attending a festival.

Looking Chic with Big Hats Styles

Looking Chic with Big Hats Styles

A hat may complete your look and convey your style and sense of adventure when worn correctly.

Do you want to step up your hat game? Wear large hats as accessories, and people will compliment you indescribably.

Additionally, remember that a hat that compliments you is best worn with elegance and confidence.

Finally, remember that your big hat’s color or pattern should accentuate, and not exactly match, the color of your shirt or suit. Enjoy unrivaled adventures while completing your attire with appropriate hats.

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