A.I. Trends in 2021 – What to Look Out For

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular technologies of the 21st century, and its applications continue to expand rapidly across all industries. According to experts, AI technology expenditure will rise to $98 billion in the next two years, which is a major indicator of its rising success and popularity.

According to a research paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, artificial intelligence can be used to increase the efficiency of the current economy, and it can also be used to drive innovation. The applications for A.I. span far and wide. They can be something as simple as teaching students the best piano songs through an A.I.-powered platform, or something as complex as using Machine Learning and Big Data to treat various diseases.

There is no limit to what you can do with artificial intelligence. Having said that, let’s take a look at the most popular trends in A.I. for 2021.

Increased Dependence on Cloud Solutions

In 2021, more and more companies will make the shift from traditional physical servers to cloud solutions, a move that is backed by artificial intelligence. Since there is a vast data reserve on the cloud that will keep growing due to this, A.I. will help monitor and manage cloud resources equally and this will ensure that all people have uninterrupted access to cloud storage and data processing techniques.

A.I. for Problem Solving in IT

The IT sector is always solving one problem or the other, and this is why A.I. will be used to solve these problems proactively. Through predictive analysis and machine learning, IT problems will be identified and detected on their own, and systems will take corrective measures to ensure that the problem doesn’t keep recurring. As a consequence, IT teams will be freer to work on other advanced projects.

IT Operations through A.I. Ops

In the past decade, there has been a rapid and complete transformation of IT systems, making them more complex, advanced, and scalable. Nowadays, clients want solutions that combine various monitoring facets into one, such as networking, application, and infrastructure. Therefore, A.I. operations or A.I. Ops can be integrated into this process to streamline the decision-making process, as well as improve data analysis.

Moreover, A.I. Ops specialists will also be required to facilitate collaboration across various teams through digital experiences and data correlation.

More Structured Data

There is a dearth of unstructured data that can now be converted into a structured form, all thanks to A.I. Using natural language processing and machine learning, companies will be able to process data in a form that can be used for robotic process automation.

This way, they can optimize and automate many of their repeat processes in the company. It also makes structured data available for robotic process automation applications, which are becoming more popular day by day.

Lack of A.I. Workforce

Although A.I. is a rapidly growing technology, there still seems to be a shortage in the manpower that is needed to innovate businesses and solve everyday problems using A.I. tools and resources. Now, companies are coming to realize the importance of artificial intelligence for their business growth, and they are also hiring full-time in-house talent that can help them bring changes to their organization.

However, it will take some time to bridge the gap between talent supply and demand, and it would require A.I. training and education on a larger scale. Only then will more and more users will be able to reap the maximum benefits of the technology.

Machine Learning Ops

Just like AI ops, Machine learning ops or ML Ops is also gaining popularity and momentum among companies. Although it has been around for quite some time, it was brought to the forefront due to the pandemic, which shifted businesses to remote work and shook up their processes, which caused a major drift in the A.I. data and actual incoming data.

Therefore, the need for ML Ops intensified and as the work dynamics keep changing, it will be among the top A.I. trends that companies will follow in 2021. Moreover, it will also pave the way for automated machine learning, or AutoML, which features a low or no-code setup that you can use to develop efficient business solutions.

A.I. Ethics

2021 will also be the year when AI will be leveraged to solve global issues and enhance economic growth with it. Moreover, it will also be used to promote diversity and inclusion among workplaces, which has been of the most pressing topics in the past few years.

With the growth of the A.I. industry, people from all backgrounds would be able to learn about the technology and get hired as talent in companies looking for A.I. resources.

 Apart from this, there will also be more honesty, integrity, and transparency when it comes to data sharing and processing.

Large Scale Adoption and Investment in A.I.

As you read this, the A.I. industry stands on a pillar of more than $90 billion currently, and the rising trend shows that there will be increased spending from companies toward A.I.-powered solutions and business tools. Needless to say, companies will also be able to notice the return on investment in real-time, rather than having to wait for many years like before.

A.I. will be More Understandable

A few years ago, if you asked someone what artificial intelligence is, they wouldn’t have been able to give you a clear and concise answer, mainly because their own knowledge on the subject would be limited. In the past few years, the innovation in A.I. and its widespread applications have made it possible for companies of all sizes to understand it better and use it for their businesses. Through user-friendly AI-powered business tools, companies don’t even have to understand the full scope of artificial intelligence; they know it well enough to apply it easily.

These are the major A.I. trends that companies would experience and follow around the world. As the spending on A.I. tools and technologies continues to increase, it would also bring about an increase in revenues and growth for companies.

Earlier, A.I. was just a branch of computer science but now, it has a massive standing on its own, which has made it one of the most sought-after technologies in the world.

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