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A Little Protection Goes A Long Way – Motorcycle Traffic Collisions

The Introduction

It goes without saying that a ride on the motorcycle, with the wind in your face and hair, is a thrill like no other. But, what is the cost that you are living to pay to take such a risk?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that most fatalities associated with motorcycles happen around weekends. It also claims that more than 5% of motorcycle accidents are lethal.

And, more than 54% of the deaths are those over 40 years of age. So, are you willing to risk the happiness of your loved ones for the excitement of a few minutes?

So, just to give you a clear picture of what is a Motorcycle traffic collision personal injury lawyer?



  • Road Rash


Large swathes of skin go missing when you take a tumble off your motorbike onto the road or pavement. Now, consider that something like road rash happens all over your thighs, hips, knees, arms, or even your face. Not something you would want to suffer through, right?



  • Broken Bones


Crashing against the pavement without protective gear can mean cracked or broken bones. The first body parts that likely get injured in an accident are the kneecaps, ankles, ribcage, and collar bone.



  • Dismemberment


When a motorbike crashes into a guard rail, the result can be very distressing and graphic. The guard rail no longer functions as a safeguard, it works like an ax, looping off limbs like there’s no tomorrow.



  • Internal Bleeding


If you are blessed, then you come out of a motorcycle accident with no more than a black eye. But, some are not so fortunate. There are times when motorcyclists sustain injuries with severe internal bleeding that requires several surgeries.



  • Dislocated Eyeball


When a motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet and gets thrown off their motorbike, the resulting impact against the pavement can cause a dislocated eyeball. 



  • Death


There isn’t much to explain about death. The chances of survival increase multifold with protective gear, especially wearing a helmet.

Since, we’ve discussed why you ought to choose to wear a helmet, let’s talk about the question, what if I wasn’t wearing a helmet during my motorcycle traffic collision?

That’s simple enough to answer. You may sustain any of the injuries if you run into an accident, even if you were super careful. The negligence of another vehicle driver can cost you your limbs or your life.

However, the law states that you can ask for compensation from the negligent driver, even when you weren’t wearing a helmet.

But, the best way to go about getting compensation for your injury and loss is to get yourself a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is what you would need, one from a reputable law firm that guarantees that you get what you deserve.


In Conclusion

We would recommend going for a known, well-established law firm, and a personal injury lawyer who is empathetic towards your case.

Asking your friends and family for help and support proves quite effective in such trying times too. And, you can do some research on the net to discover the best legal representation around your locale.

We’re hoping that our article provided you with some useful insight and leads you in the right direction.

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