A Luxurious Escape: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Maldives

The beauty of Maldivian beaches is no secret. Ranking among the world’s top beach destinations, the Maldives is famed for pristine shores that straddle sparkling, crystal clear waters. Add to the picture lush palms whose fronds flutter gently in the sea breeze, and you’ve got a snapshot of an idyllic tropical island paradise.

However, there are even more things to enjoy than meets the eye in this island archipelago, for enthusiastic travelers to discover. Keep reading to uncover some of the hidden gems of the Maldives when it comes to experiencing a fantastic beach getaway.

The Luxury of Seclusion

An overlooked highlight of a Maldivian holiday is the privacy that it can offer. Being an island archipelago, with many luxury resorts spread out across their private island, guests are often afforded the illusion of being sole vacationers in an island paradise.

Furthermore, each villa tends to be cleverly designed to maximize views of the beach and ocean while minimizing or blocking out views of neighboring villas.

The Marvels of Marine Life

The Marvels of Marine Life

Watersports such as swimming, jet skiing, surfing, water skiing, standup paddleboarding, and kayaking are obvious draws of the Maldives. However, the hidden gems of the water playground that is the Maldives are the marine creatures that weave beneath the waters.

To experience the best of what the Maldives has to offer, set aside plenty of time for snorkeling and scuba diving. Consider spending a night or two in the Baa Atoll, which is known for being a marine biosphere reserve.

Luxury Beach Villas

Luxury Beach Villas

When it comes to luxury villas in the Maldives, overwater villas tend to claim the spotlight. While they’re more exclusive in a sense, which is reflected by the higher nightly rates, if you are holidaying with the family or love the beach, beach villas might be your hidden gem. 

Experience beachfront serenity in Maldives beach villas. These villas are set on the beach, often just a few steps away from the ocean, just like this one:

Experience beachfront serenity in Maldives beach villas

They offer direct access to a private or semi-private stretch of beach which is perfect for activities like sunbathing, building sand castles, and taking scenic walks at sunrise or sunset. 

Magical Stays for Two

Then, there are exclusive experiences that are a rare find. Take this magical stay within a stay for two at Finolhu Maldives! Stay 3 nights or more at the resort and you can book your sweetheart and yourself into this magical beach bubble for a night or two.

Set on a secluded sandbank, sleep under the stars in this transparent bubble tent, and enjoy BBQs on the beach after sundown.

stay for two at Finolhu Maldives

Incredibly Romantic Private Dining

Incredibly Romantic Private Dining

The breakfast and dinner buffets at exclusive resorts in the Maldives are wondrous indeed, usually offering a wide range of cuisine that hails from all corners of the world.

However, the hidden gem of Maldivian dining is the private dining experience that most luxury resorts offer. These bespoke dining experiences tend to cost a pretty penny, but in return, offer a  magical evening.

Whether it’s with your significant other or with a group of close friends, imagine an intimate private dinner on the sand after sundown, with the waves of the Indian Ocean by your side and a private butler to cater to your whims.

Exotic Underwater Dining

When it comes to hidden gems, the underwater restaurants of the Maldives fit the bill, literally and figuratively. While there are more luxury resorts in the Maldives than one can remember, there are only a handful of those that boast underwater restaurants.

Submerged several feet beneath the sea, these exclusive dining spaces are a hidden perk of vacationing in the Maldives. Boasting views of marine life through transparent windows and/or ceilings, diners at these restaurants are treated to a unique experience.

Like the sound of all of the above? Book your next private luxury getaway in the Maldives and explore all of its hidden gems.

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