A New SEO Tool for Link Builders is Born

If you are looking for link-building strategies, here is a tool to take your business to the next step. LinkTrackerPro is a tool that will make a complete picture of your rankings and analyze the results of your SEO.

It is a new revolutionary tool to manage the backlinks for a website and redefines the management by various ways to filter out toxic substances from the list. This new link building tool provides new methods to manage them smarter and more efficiently. It has a feature that allows link builders to make backlinks that will increase ranking while keeping away bad things that can harm SEO ranking. It redefines the methods by which the website manages SEO ranking by providing opportunities to check them and watch out for the ranking effects based on tracked URLs.

Backlink assumes an outstanding job in search engine optimization and rankings. It has effects and impacts on a site’s exceptional quality in search engine results. Backlinks are the spines of a website – stronger backlinks mean better rankings for a site. Not all connections can improve SEO ranking. Links that redirect to malicious content can harm the ranking of the website.

Link Tracker Pro enables you to manufacture backlinks more smartly. You will have the option to post each relevant backlink before you make it. This rank tracking tool will allow you to fabricate sound connections that will support your rankings, while simultaneously guarding you against those that will harm, rather than help, your SEO campaign performance. It rethinks backlinks the board by giving you various methods for sifting through dangerous connections from healthy ones. Through Link Tracker Pro, you will have the option to improve your site rankings even with a little paid amount.


It removes such links that can harm the website. One of the essential elements in this is the ability to find the toxicity. With this new link, building websites are protected against the harm of toxic things. It mainly focuses on quality instead of the number of backlinks on a website. The algorithm used in this new link building tool allows users to identify the effects of specific backlinks on search engine ranking. Apart from all this, users can also monitor the performance of backlinks.

The tool also keeps the historical data of all backlinks. Users can also analyze the evolution and improvement of all website keywords. All data and information can be easily accessible in the dashboard of this new link-building tool. Users can manage their unique dashboard by personalizing the data and categorizing the backlinks in the dashboard. This feature allows them to create better SEO campaigns and achieve the best digital marketing strategies.

The tool works as a protector that filters out harmful backlinks. Through this new link building tool, sites can improve their search positioning by utilizing backlinks. Maintaining backlinks in a website through the tool furnishes effective and supported search rankings with almost no wrong links.


The tool offers various plans the starter plan is from $19 per month.


  1. It offers a 30-day free trial period, and users can cancel their trial anytime.
  2. Detects toxicity of every link.
  3. The ranking behavior of its algorithm identifies toxic links and keeps the backlinks healthy.
  4. It provides a customizable dashboard
  5. It delivers an unmatched return on investment (ROI) for SEO services.

There are a lot of tracker devices accessible today yet LinkTrackerPro has turned into the most loved of individual clients and website improvement organizations. A wide range of clients profit from the effortlessness, yet propelled, highlights that make backlink tracker a genuine apparatus in improving a site’s search engine rankings.

A LinkTrackerPro membership is a little investment that will carry enormous ROI to a site proprietor, removing toxic issues that will adversely affect the search engine ranking while keeping the backlinks of the website healthy. You can easily get a membership of the tool.  Using this tool you can enhance the SEO ranking of your website. You can also analyze the complete performance of the website, the tool will help you to increase the leads and traffic.

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