A Remedy for Stress – Reducing Your Daily Stress and Anxiety

More and more it seems that stress and anxiety become a daily issue for many – and as research grows into this seemingly growing epidemic, especially amongst younger people, we find a great mix in our results. From daily life stresses that may be brought on from work, or home life – to the self-inflicted anxiety that has come around from our increased usage and reliance on social media.

But how do we find an escape? How do we remedy our daily stress and stop the anxiety from taking over?

  1. Meditation – It comes in all shapes and sizes, there are even apps that help you do it. It isn’t only sitting with your legs crossed and your fingers in rings, there are many different types of ways to meditate. Breathing exercises are one form of meditation that has taken off recently, with many people singing the virtues of how much it has helped them.
  1. Exercise – Proven to be one of the best methods to reduce stress and anxiety, exercise can work wonders for you. It’s not something that needs to be intense or heavy, simply going for a calming walk could work incredibly well for you. Having time to yourself, to get away from other people, and get through at your own pace may help clear your thoughts.
  1. Escapism – Can come in many different forms – some like to delve into a good book, letting the thoughts of their mind take them away from everything else. It could even be something that helps with your current hobby – if you’re a person who likes to gamble or bet from time to time, then maybe a lucky 15-bet calculator to simplify your wager could remove the stresses of figuring out your odds of winning, a new set of kitchen tools to reinvigorate your baking if you feel you may be in a creative block or unable to complete a recipe you’d like to or a new pair of running shoes to get you going again and finally beat that personal best mileage time.

Many may suggest that stopping whatever gives you stress cold turkey may be the only solution you need – however that may not always be an option and in some cases even detrimental to your own mental health. It’s important to identify the things that may be causing your stress and anxiety, learn to tackle them in moderation, find ways to ease the causes of anxiety and slow the ways that they can affect you.

With the digital age we are more connected than ever, the constant news cycle and full connectivity to social media – with all this pressure coming in at every moment of the day and the constant barrage of information, it’s time to find your way to disconnect, and escape into your own bubble.

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