A Simple Guide on How to Start Dressing Vintage

Fashion is ever-evolving with trends coming and going. Sometimes we look back and wonder what we were thinking and other times, things come back in style. Recently, dressing vintage has become a popular choice.

With several decades to choose from, this style can be really unique and give you just the feeling of nostalgia you’re looking for. If you’re wondering how exactly to pull off this look, you’re in the right place.

Below you’ll find several tips and tricks on how to dress retro while avoiding looking like you’re in a Halloween costume.


Avoid Dressing in Complete Vintage

This is the first tip to remember to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume. Too many statement pieces take things over the top and don’t look genuine.

Instead, let a statement piece take the forefront and accent that piece with some simple black clothing choices.


Glow-Up Your Old Pieces

Some pieces might need a little bit of TLC. You can change things about certain styles by changing things like buttons.

You might also take something to a tailor to make sure it’s the best fitting. Shoulder pads are one thing you will most likely run into. You can remove these to change up the look slightly while keeping the vintage style.


Repurpose Pieces From Sets

Like we mentioned, dressing in a complete vintage outfit might be a little much. You can repurpose pieces from sets to create multiple retro outfits. This is a great idea when mixing patterns.


Learn About Each Decade’s Basics

Learning a little bit about the background of each decade can help you make better-informed decisions. This will also help you get the basics down and learn what characteristics match up with which era.

If you learn about the culture of a decade you can see what was popular. Music is a good subject to research since it is often very influential in our clothing choices. A great place to start is with some simple vintage rock t shirts. These have stood the test of time with style and will have you dressing retro in no time.


Accessorize The Right Way

Pairing a modern purse with a vintage outfit can help add some juxtaposition. Hair and makeup are an important part of creating an outfit too. It’s best to go with contemporary makeup and hair when planning a retro outfit.

Simplicity may be your best choice in this case unless you have time to learn some of the more complicated hairstyles and techniques of each decade.


Mix Eras and Modern Styles

Mixing different styles between decades can be a great way to create your next look. This includes mixing our more modern styles with retro fashion choices.

Time to reach for those flair jeans that remind you of the ’70s and pair it with a more modern top. A super easy outfit for dressing vintage.


Get Comfortable Dressing Vintage

Remember that this change to dressing vintage might earn you some added attention. People will likely offer you compliments and that could potentially make you feel uncomfortable at first.

Just remember that you look amazing and you’re doing this because you feel great about yourself. Now that you know how to dress in retro style, have fun shopping.

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