A SkinCare Routine You Need To Opt For Healthy Skin

Knowing your skin type is important for the skincare you want to opt for. Skincare is not just personal hygiene instead the first thing you would notice someone would be their skin. So, if you look around you will see huge skincare products, treatments, and tips.

While I was visiting a skincare clinic for my skin issue, I met a patient who had a severe outburst of skin acne due to the use of the wrong product.

This made me realize that in our society instead of normalizing our skin color, the beauty standards of good skin have changed, making people invest a huge fortune in whitening creams instead of healthy glowing skin.

It’s not about having a white complexion but healthy hydrated skin that makes you look attractive. I am sure once in a lifetime, you must have met someone with such glowing skin and you wish you had it.

As per the skin specialists in Peshawar, each skin type needs a different skincare routine. Using the wrong cosmetic products may give you temporary results but after a while, it’ll be your worst nightmare. These hacks would worsen your dryness, acne, and other skin problems.

Need for Skincare Routine

Your skin type doesn’t matter if you follow a proper skincare routine. Your daily skincare routine would do wonders than you can imagine and improve your skin’s dryness, acne, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. A skincare routine would not only save your skin but your money as well.

Now, there are just 4 basic steps for a skincare routine which you need to do once during the morning and once before you go to bed.

4 Steps for a Basic Skincare Routine

1- Cleansing: The first and foremost step is cleansing. For this, you need to have a good cleanser. Make sure it is good for your skin and don’t tighten it. If you don’t wear makeup or have dry skin you need to cleanse your face once a day or a maximum of twice in this case.

Also, you need to make sure not to remove the natural oil from your skin by over-cleaning. But, make sure to opt for the cleansers for your particular skin type.

2- Serums: If you use sunscreens then a serum having peptides, growth factors or vitamin C would work fine under the sunscreen. At night, you need to opt for retinol, or a prescribed retinoid by a dermatologist would be best. If you love to make them then you should never skip this step.

3- Moisturizer: Now, even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize your skin. You need to make sure to use a gel-based, lightweight and do not clog your pores. Most brands have labeled their products as cream or gel on their package.

It’s also best to use dedicated moisturizers for different parts of the body. Facial cream for your face, hand repair cream for your hands, and foot cream for your feet.

4- Sunscreen: Mostly, people think that sunscreen is for one particular season, but that’s not the case. You need to use sunscreen no matter what the weather is. It is important you apply sunscreen before going out of the home.

You need to use at least 30 SPF, for about 15 minutes before you go out. This is because the sunscreen will need some time to activate, If you have dark-colored skin, you need more protection from the sun as it is very hard to treat hyperpigmentation.

You need to choose products depending on your skin type and how sensitive your skin is. Make sure to read the labels and ingredients of the skin product you are buying.

Some products are not recommended to be used at night which includes prescription retinoids and retinol.

Steps for a Basic Skincare Routine

Things You Need to Be Careful About Your Skincare Routine

For starters, you need to start with a simple and basic routine and check how your skin reacts to it. Once your skin gets comfortable then you can add other products such as masks, exfoliants, and other treatments to boost the health of your skin.

Make sure to do a patch test before applying a new product to your skin in case you have sensitive skin. This is essential to avoid an allergic reaction.

Patch Test:

You can do a patch test of any product in the following three steps:

  1. On the inside of your arm or wrist, apply a very small amount of product on your skin.
  2. Wait for 48 hours to check if there is any reaction.
  3. In order to check for any delayed reaction, you need to wait 96 hours.

In the end,

Whether you are oily, normal, or dry skin, you need to make sure to follow your skincare routine. Your lifestyle changes would matter a lot in this case.

You need to keep yourself hydrated. At least once a week change the cases of your pillow. Wrap up and wash your hair before going to sleep.

Last but not least, you need to wear sunscreen and apply it for at least 15 min before going out of the home.

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