A Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Dash to BTC

Some people say that cryptocurrency is a new face of money. More and more people invest in cryptocurrencies, considering that they are reliable, safe, and provide better returns in the long term when compared to, for example, paper currency.

Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain technology which aims at providing security to everyone who deals with currencies. Today’s smart technologies and advanced algorithms prevent accounts from hacking or freezing. Another perk of cryptocurrency is based on the principle of decentralization. Thus, one can confidently claim that it is not possible to hack the strong system of cryptocurrency.

The statistics show that cryptocurrency had a huge success last year as it tripled its capitalization coming to 160$ billion. This is one more confirmation of the growing market trends for this technology. However, it is noteworthy that people wonder about the differences between different cryptocurrencies, and sometimes they get confused as there are lots of newly developed options.

But there is a piece of advice on how not to get lost when standing in front of such difficult decision-making. The best way to understand which cryptocurrency is the most proper one is to ask the question, “What do I expect?” or “What do I need?” For example, you may not perform lots of transactions, and this means that high transaction fees do not trouble you. Also, you may not pay much attention to the high-level privacy of transactions.

As you see, it is important to prioritize the most important features, consider the perks and disadvantages, and find the best option.

Dash or Bitcoin? Which is better?

Bitcoin and Dash are among the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first one in the crypto market, and according to some experts, it’s the most credible cryptocurrency currently. As for Dash, it is a well-established coin in the cryptocurrency space. Having a vibrant history, it has gone through many changes keeping the dynamics at their height.

It is one of the most trusted coins, and people are fond of investing in Dash. If you have Dash coin for a Dash to BTC convert, you should already know the cons of Dash that make you do the conversion.

  • PrivateSend transactions are carried out using master node networks. Some critics note that someone may theoretically see the details of a transaction if the master node networks through which the transaction passes are under control.
  • Tumblers, the cryptocurrency mixing services, convert coins for different ones that cannot be traced back to the initial owners. According to some observers, Dash never does anything different.

Though Bitcoin has secured a stronghold as the leader of the market, Dash has lots of advantages that may lead some people to avoid converting Dash to BTC.

  • Transaction cost and duration

Both the transaction duration and fee are more advantageous in the case of Dash. This is because it takes a long time when the transaction is done with Bitcoin. Also, it acquires higher transaction fees.

  • Privacy features It is said that Dash is a more secure coin than BTC. It works on a privacy-protected policy and shows the history of transactions to very few people. 
  • Blockchain 

The operation of Dash is based on an advanced version of blockchain that is in charge of running a self-funding and self-governing organization. Unlike BTC, it has a blockchain maintaining organization. 

  • Different Node structure 
  • Some master nodes are derived from Decentralization autonomous organizations. They get real power in the blockchain system of Dash and contribute to its development. 

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