A Travel Guide for First Time Visitors to South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, is a dream destination, especially for those who wish to satisfy their wanderlust. It is a country that provides all the liberty to enjoy ultimate leisure. This very reason makes it a must-visit country on our list.

Let us explore these reasons for you and then proceed further with the different things you can do at this wonderful tourist destination.

So, let us get started.

Reasons to visit South Carolina

South Carolina provides many opportunities for tourists to have a gala party time while in the country. There are multiple reasons for South Carolina to be so loved by tourists and locals, especially since the beaches should not be missed at any cost.

It is quite an adventurous ride for the tourists as you can explore the country for several trips like girl’s weekend – this is particularly cool if you have a girl’s gang who wishes to hang out and explore the country’s nightlife during the weekends.

It can even be useful for having a romantic get-together with your fiancé or spouse. You can even use it as an opportunity to rekindle the bond with your daughter/son while embarking on the trip to this wonderful place.

Now that I have provided certain reasons to visit South Carolina, it is time to look at how you can maximize your traveling dreams by being in this adventurous country as a first-time visitor.

What is the best time to visit South Carolina?

Summers can be especially hot since South Carolina is considered to be semi-tropical. The best seasons to visit the country are spring and fall. This is when you can experience the lush-green gardens and window boxes. You can visit as early as March and as late as November to experience bearable weather.

The best hotels to stay in South Carolina

You can get many hotels at affordable prices in South Carolina. Still, there are two hotels where we have personally experienced and enjoyed our stay to the fullest.

The HarbourView Inn 

This is one place where you will enjoy wine out with cheese on the rooftop and M&M dispensers in the lobby. Although it can get a bit expensive, it is worth every penny of your experience while staying in this hotel. It is a wonderful place for a girl’s weekend or for romantic couples to rekindle the magic in a foreign destination.

Hampton Inn – Charleston Historic District

This is located in the prime location directly across the Visitor’s Center. The hotel also provides shuttle pick-up, making it highly convenient for you as a first-time traveler to the country.

On top of that, King Street is just a few steps away, a hub for eatery and shopping experiences in the city. This hotel is perfect if you are looking for a mid-range budget or are traveling with kids. The hotel even has a pool, which makes it a highly pleasurable experience for all the swimmers.

Places to eat in South Carolina

South Carolina is a hub for eating and drinking. The food is of A-grade, and there is healthy competition amongst restaurants to provide the best food quality. Here are a few places where you can have a great time eating food:


It is one of the best places to eat in South Carolina. You will get a quaint setting, and the food that is served is delicious and highly palatable. The only thing is that you are required to have a reservation; otherwise, it would become very tough for you to get a table.

Cru Café

This place is likely to miss out on your eyes if you have not tried the delicacies waiting inside. The food at this place is A-grade. Since it is a café, the atmosphere is quite cozy, as if you are sitting in someone’s house. The other problem is, that this place has limited seating.

Jenni’s Ice Cream

This one place is a heaven on Earth for those who love to eat ice cream. If you are traveling the country with kids, do not miss out on this place. It provides exclusive flavors of ice cream, which makes it extremely challenging to select one as per your needs.

You can enjoy these things as a first-time visitor to South Carolina.

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