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Accessories and Tips to Aesthetically Modify Your Car

After purchasing your dream car, it is common to want to make some modifications. From cell phone cases to our homes, personalizing our belongings is an irresistible temptation, but the customization of a vehicle can be a troublesome road for beginners.

Car modification does not stop at aesthetics. For instance, fuel efficiency, brakes, and transmission upgrades among others will enhance the vehicle’s performance. Additionally, an updated navigation system and parking sensors boost the handling of the car.

However, the most common modifications are external and those offer endless possibilities for customization. Adding cool-looking accessories, getting professional paint jobs, and other options will change the final look of the vehicle.

Trends change and if you have already chosen the right car for you it is important to make smart decisions before investing money in modification. The following ten modifications and accessories are the best to successfully enhance the style of your car.

1. Headlights

Headlight upgrades can also enhance performance. HID bulbs are a current trend that modifies both looks and functionality. These bulbs provide a greater throw of light and therefore a more helpful field of vision compared to stock bulbs.

LED Angel Eyes or ED ORB Rings are the most wanted headlights in the market. Retrofitting is another common car modification in which a xenon projector installed into a reflector controls the dispersion of the light.

2. Wheels

Aftermarket rims and tire modification should be a part of any car enhancement. A stunning pair of practical alloy wheels will offer visual and performance enhancement for many types of vehicles. Since custom alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than steel, acceleration improves along with safety.

Moreover, the design of these wheels is visually appealing and is a definite upgrade from traditional steel wheels. If you want to protect your wheels from all sorts of dirt and debris, Tesla accessories by Hills have rim covers that are both sleek and functional. By splurging on high-end lightweight rims and tubeless tires, you will get a great result.

3. Seat Covers

By upgrading your basic fabric or fake leather seat covers to genuine leather covers, your cabin will have a higher-end style and feel. Today, the aftermarket upholstery design is meticulous and offers a wide amount of features such as color, dual cover, and stitching. The refurbishing of the foam can bring back the lost comfort from years of use.

4. New paint

Although fancy custom paint jobs are the main customization goals for many drivers, it should be the last issue addressed due to its high cost. This is because investing in it first could delay other crucial modifications.

The factory paint job is not usually a poor quality one, but daily use leads to dents and scratches that a fresh coat of paint can cover. However, a unique paint job such as a satin finish will undoubtedly set your vehicle apart from others.

5. Body Kits

Another superior and easy way to boost your vehicle’s appearance is through body kits. Body kits are a group of car pieces easy to customize; these kits include front bumpers, rear spoilers, and side skirts. From mimicking a racecar to one-of-a-kind customization, body kits will set the difference from vanilla cars and add tons of aesthetic value. However, for this customization, the sky is not the limit, because it can be quite expensive.

6. Body Decals

Body decals are vinyl stickers that can improve the car’s appearance and offer singular customization. Vinyl wraps give character to race cars and commercial vehicles, and can easily soak your vehicle with unique creativity.

From flames to racing stripes, vinyl offers a different way to completely personalize your vehicle to your preferences and style. Decals come in a wide range of colors, mate, chrome, and even satin. A common trend today is to wrap the hood or roof with a carbon fiber finish.

7. Interior lights

A common trend nowadays is to have interior LED light strips. Most drivers install these lights in the dash area and under the seats, providing a colorful cabin that can match the paint job of the car. A remarkable piece of advice is to stay away from neon colors since these can cause confusion and be a danger on the road.

8. License Plates

A minor modification that can give personality to your vehicle is to switch to high-security car registration plates. Unlike the ones provided by regular dealers, these are not prone to theft and are mandatory in some US states, providing a more personalized feel and image.

9. Stereo System

Upgrading the stereo system provided by the manufacturer is an amazing alternative to both modification and music fans. Market leaders such as JBL, Pioneer, and Sony offer countless options to choose from to boost car sound performance and appearance.

10. DVD Screen

A DVD player can be a smart modification that adds a luxury appearance to the vehicle. This inexpensive accessory is usually installed behind the front seat headrests or the car roof. This can become an essential tool to boost your family’s road trips. Keep in mind that these screens can power down the battery faster and should not become a distraction to the driver.


Through these modifications, you can make your car stand out and turn heads. Adding aftermarket accessories to enhance your vehicle’s look can be beneficial as the additional items can improve the overall aesthetics of the car.

An automobile is an investment and should be treated with care and attention. With these aesthetically stylish additions, you will be able to create a look that expresses your tastes and style. Now is the time to start making plans and execute them so you can end up with a beautiful show-stopping car.

Get inspired, do some research, create a plan, and prepare for completion – now is the time to get creative and bring your dream car aesthetic to life!

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