5 Simple Accessories Your Customers Will Love

Branded accessories, when designed well, can be a way to turn customers into walking billboards and raise the profile of your brand. Whether you choose to give them away or sell them at cost, these items can make a difference when it comes to improving your brand’s reach and ensuring your customers remain loyal to your business.

1.) Lanyards

If your customer base is primarily the types of people who need to wear IDs and access cards such as office workers or students, quality customized tube lanyards will be much appreciated. The key is to make the lanyard high quality, with features like key rings, smart device holders, or other features that make them more useful.

Also, be sure that the lanyard exudes quality and doesn’t look cheap, otherwise, your customers are likely to chuck it in the trash.

2.) Custom tote bags

Tote bags are always appreciated, especially in cities where they are starting to reduce the use of single-use plastic and paper bags. Everyone has a use for a good quality tote, whether it’s for a quick run to the gym or groceries. Of course, the fact you could print your business logo prominently on either side of a tote can be a huge plus for raising your profile.

3.) Tees

T-shirts are a classic promotional item and there are t-shirt collectors out there who collect brand tees. However, you have to make sure that you have a good designer with a sense of style to make them. Few people outside of a few eccentric circles will want to wear a cheesy overly-branded t-shirt after all.

4.) Custom pins

While pins are often overlooked as a promotions option they are quite powerful for their size. They can stay on a bag or a jacket for years, if not decades, promoting your brand and making countless impressions along the way. Enamel pins are a favorite of style-conscious types who want just a splash of color on their outfits or want a way to add interest to everyday items such as bags, hats, and coats.

5.) Stickers

Stickers are another promotional classic. Whether they’re stuck to a bumper, a motorcycle gas tank, a bike, a laptop, or a filing cabinet, they’re one of the few items that can create brand impressions for decades. They are also quite inexpensive to produce, which allows them to punch well above their weight in terms of your return on investment.

As with any promotional item, it makes sense to have a professional designer create and execute your branded stickers so that more people will want to have them.

There’s no shortage of options for business owners who want to use accessories as a way to appeal to different customers and improve their brand’s profile.

Accessories associated with a brand can also become iconic in their own right and make your business seem bigger than it is, which is great for anyone who wants to attract additional investment or create a uniquely loyal customer base.

What other promotional items can you suggest? Tell us.

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