How to Accessorize With Jewelry – Tips for Wearing Accessories

Accessories are one of the most important additions that can work to change your overall appearance completely; you can put on your faded clothes and lost elegance.

There is nothing to prevent you from adding a lot of different accessories to your wardrobe, so give yourself a variety of views that reveal your style.

1- Foundations of accessories selection

Choosing the right accessory depends on the occasion you are going to or where you will go. If you are going to work, the appropriate accessory is the most conservative, and prefer to wear more pieces of accessories, but if you intend to go out with friends at a party and spend a time full of fun and start, it requires your appearance to be bold, and a small and versatile accessory can support your style.

Choosing Jewelry Based on Fashion/Style Concerns
Choosing Jewelry Based on Fashion/Style Concerns

Small-size accessories fit work and formal occasions and do not prefer your jewelry to be eye-catching or distracting.

Because of the great differentiation in accessories, which can be bracelets, necklaces, and watches, and they all differ in design, colors, or even raw materials, you have to choose what is appropriate, and the right choice depends on your understanding of all the options available for your accessories.

On the other hand, the quality of the clothes that you wear should be taken into account when deciding on the appropriate accessory. The basic is that accessories are added to the clothes you wear, and the clothes should not be cluttered, so if the clothes you wear are a lot of hustle colors, Wear necklaces, and just wear ear earrings and rings.

wear ear earrings and rings
Take your outfit into consideration

Accessories can be used to unify the colors of your clothes. If you wear a black dress with red shoes, some red jewelry can be used to match the color of the shoe, while making use of black and red.

Diversification of accessories In the past the principle of non-mixing of metals was that gold and silver were forbidden in the past, but the situation has now changed and it is preferable to mix and diversify.

Another approach to blend and match is by playing with size, width, and surface. Wear wrist trinkets of various widths or neckbands of various lengths.

You can stack rings on your fingers too. Have a go at bending over or wearing a normal ring and a midi ring on a similar finger.

Pieces of jewelry and wristwear (for example arm ornaments, bangles, sleeves, and watches) can be stacked also.

Wearing Jewelry wear rings
stack rings on your fingers

Consider your neckline. A necklace should complement the neckline of your attire. You need the necklace to be obvious, yet not content with your outfit. The correct necklace can accentuate and improve your outfit. On the other hand, the wrong can be a diversion and detract from what you are wearing.

Try a long pendant necklace if you are wearing a profound V neckline. The necklace should hit directly over your cleavage.

A short, proclamation necklace looks incredible with a sweetheart neckline.

Layered necklaces and explanations necklaces look decent with a group neckcut apparel.

Choose the appropriate pieces in proportion to the central piece. A key piece of accessory is usually chosen. This item may be a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring. The rest of the other accessories are smaller but complement the image. For example, if the necklace is the central piece, Earrings, and a small ring can be worn.

If the watch or wristband is the focal piece, it is best not to wear necklaces or earrings so as not to compete with the masterpiece.

jewelry Color mix

Avoid Matching: Color differentiation is one of the great tricks in highlighting accessories, so wearing a certain color with accessories of the same color is ridiculous.

Wear neutral clothing like black, white, and gray is always a winning bet where you can wear accessories and jewelry of different colors without fear of matching colors.

On the other hand, if you do not know what colors are appropriate for your clothes, wearing metal jewelry is always a good choice and suits the clothes worn by whatever color.

2- Wearing Flattering Jewelry

Pick earrings that outline your face. Diverse styles of earrings are all the more complimenting relying upon the state of your face. On the off chance that you have a long or oval-molded face, attempt studs or shorter drop earrings. On the off chance that you have a square or round face, pendant earrings will look decent. Band earrings complement each face shape.

These are only suggestions for picking earrings. Toward the day’s end, wear earrings that you like and that you feel certain to wear.

Wearing Flattering Jewelry

Wear rings that compliment your hands. Rings are a wonderful expansion to any outfit. To make your fingers look longer, wear limited groups. If your fingers are as of now dainty, you can pull off wearing more extensive bands.[13] when in doubt, your left hand is for genuine gems like wedding rings wedding bands, or family legacies. Your correct hand is for increasingly perky and larger than usual rings.

Consider your skin tone. Adornments are worn near your skin so search for gems that compliment your tone. Cool skin tones have pale blue-hued veins and have progressively pink and red hints. Warm skin tones have greenish shaded veins and increasingly yellow hints. If you have a cool skin tone, platinum and white gold will look best. On the off chance that you have a warm skin tone, yellow gold and rose gold will look best.

  • Rose gold looks great with an assortment of skin tones.[16] Go ahead and try it out.
  • Gemstones, for example, yellow precious stones, Citrine, Garnet, Morganite, Ruby, and Peridot are prescribed for warm skin tones.
  • Emerald, Opal, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Zircon, and Tanzanite are suggested for cool skin tones.
  • Regardless of your skin tone, precious stones or jewel-like gems will dependably look decent.

One of the things to consider when wearing accessories is your height and body size. If you have a large body, some small pieces of jewelry may lose their shape as if you were not wearing them.

If you are about 150 cm in length, wearing under-collar necklaces is a good choice. As if you were short, wearing short necklaces would be a bad proposition especially if you have a short neck.


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