Ace Your Job Interview: Pointers for a Confidence Boost

Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences that all of us have had to go through at some point. The good thing about job interviews is that you are usually given a few days to prepare, which can come in handy if you want to fine-tune your interview skills and make a great impression on your future bosses.

Prepare and rehearse answers to questions

Prepping for a job interview means knowing all you can about the company you are interviewing for and the people looking to hire you. It also means anticipating what kind of questions will pop up. Make a list of questions your interview will likely ask. Set time aside a few days before the interview to practice your answers in the mirror, out loud. Knowing your stuff and knowing that you can deliver answers well can help you walk into the interview room with confidence, and this is something that your future bosses can notice right away.

Flash that smile

Smiling does more than tell people you are pleasant and agreeable. Smiling can do a lot to calm your nervous energy and give you a boost of confidence when done right. If you know you are flashing a great smile, you also feel good about yourself, which leads to more confidence. According to a study published in The Angle Orthodontist, people feel better about themselves if they know that they are flashing attractive smiles.

Pair smiling with mindful breathing and your favorite power pose so you can smile and stay centered at the same time. Boost that smile by taking your pearly whites a few notches whiter. You can use a whitening pen to improve your smile a few days before the big interview.

Use your favorite scent

Knowing that you smell good can do wonders for your emotions. This is because your sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that controls your emotions. Wear a scent that makes you feel attractive and powerful for an instant confidence boost during your interview. Choose a scent that you like and evoke positive emotions for you, and start wearing that scent every time you want to bring your A-game.

Dress to impress

Dressing for interviews is simple: dress the way future employees in that company would dress. Applying for a job at a bank? Opt for a dressy blazer or jacket. If you are applying somewhere with a more relaxed dress code, dress accordingly. If you have no clue, stick to a classic business casual outfit that exudes smart comfort so you can stay comfortable and stylish as you answer questions.

Aim to connect, not impress

Sincerity is often a major factor that hiring managers look at when conducting job interviews. Your interviewer knows all about your accomplishments and skills and doesn’t need to be reminded of these during the interview. Aim to connect with the interviewer on a personal level instead. Answer questions sincerely, and don’t shy away from giving honest, truthful answers.

Interviews are anxiety-inducing moments, but you can turn them into wins with the right preparation. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your next big interview.

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