Acid Reflux Statistics

Approximately 60 million adults report suffering from acid reflux at least once per month. Such statistics may give you the impression that it isn’t anything to worry about. However, that isn’t the reality of it because if you don’t take care of your acid reflux now it can turn into something more serious. You can do damage to your esophagus that you can’t repair.

Statistics indicate that at least 25 million people are suffering from it each day. That means 1 in 14 individuals out there are dealing with it. That number of people being affected means they aren’t productive at work or in their daily lives when it is taking place. At least half of them are suffering from nighttime acid reflux so their sleep is being interrupted regularly as well.

Some types of acid reflux have to do with hormones. For example, many women suffer from it during pregnancy. Approximately 25% of all pregnant women suffer from acid reflux every single day. 50% of them will suffer from it during the last trimester. This is because in addition to the hormones they have additional pressure on the stomach area.

The average person will suffer from acid reflux for at least two hours. That is a long period to have such pain and discomfort. If they are experiencing acid reflux more than once a week it can cause some anxiety for them. It isn’t just adults that suffer from acid reflux either. Statistics show that approximately 15% of all infants and young children suffer from it as well. However, approximately 65% of all individuals suffering from acid reflux are in their 40’s or older.

The medical professional classifies chronic acid reflux as that which occurs for an individual at least three times per week. Those who experience it this often really need to be concerned. That is because they have a 50% chance of doing permanent damage to their esophagus. That is why early intervention to find successful treatment is important.

Approximately 20% of those individuals that suffer from acid reflux will develop GERD which is a serious form of it. When this occurs a person significantly increases their chances of developing other health concerns. This is because the immune system becomes weaker. They also have a higher risk of developing cancer in the esophagus. If it isn’t immediately treated it can spread to other parts of the body as well.

Understanding that acid reflux is common but that it is a problem is important. Too many people assume that because others suffer from it it isn’t any big deal. However, the longer you let it continue to more likely you are to suffer serious damage because of it. At the same time acid reflux is painful and there is no reason to continue being in such pain.

The statistics about acid reflux speak for themselves. If you suffer from it you want to take action for it. There are plenty of things you can do on your own to get on the right track. If that isn’t enough to offer you relief then consider over-the-counter medications or prescription medications. You will find there are plenty of ways in which you can resolve your acid reflux problems once and for all.

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