Activewear Trends for the Upcoming Season

We spent several months working out at home, which means that we haven’t been paying that much attention to the things we wear. Working out from home? Put on your old t-shirt and shorts, and let’s get this over with!

Now that we are slowly getting back to going outside, we better do it with style. The stakes are even higher now as we missed a whole season of showing how amazing activewear pieces matched our fitness bodies and helped us reach our fitness goals.

That’s why we would all love to look amazing both during the workout and when we leave the gym as well. So, what are the biggest activewear trends that you need to keep your eye open for? How can you play the fashionable and the working-out-hard game all at the same time?

Yoga wear is a thing

First and foremost, you need to specify what kind of workout you will be up for and choose the outfit accordingly. Yoga culture was on the rise even before the pandemic, and right now, it’s even more popular, mostly because plenty of people have chosen this as their at-home workout option.

And why not? Yoga is amazing and can be equally beneficial for the body and the mind. This is the reason why the purchase of yoga-related products saw a rise of around 40%. Yoga leggings are, for example, must-have items in this case, just like a good yoga mat.

They are extremely slim, which will let your body effortlessly move through all the yoga movements you are supposed to put your body through. If you want to be a fashionable yoga student, you will have to pay attention to your workout attire color.

Go with pastel colors such as beige, white, light blue, or baby pink. Lilac is also a trendy color for this. Avoid any colors that do not soothe your eyes – this is yoga, after all, so choose relaxing colors.

Comfort before anything else

Comfort before anything else

One of the trends that have been gaining a lot of attention is not about what you actually wear, it’s how comfortable you are wearing it. This is why minimalism in workout clothes is so important – you don’t have to go big in order to look amazing.

Minimalistic and monochromatic activewear garments that are still quite comfortable are the best possible option. The same applies to shoes.

Make sure to use ones that your feet will love, so go online, read several reviews on sneakers, check out Kicks Guru sneakers release dates, mark your calendar, and grab a pair as soon as they become available. Choose versatile colors that can go with the rest of your attire; you will never go wrong with black, grey, or white.

Look like a pearl

How can you combine the catwalk and working out? By choosing the latest trends and incorporating them into gym culture. Wearing clothes with shiny and pearly surfaces is the right thing to do. This is a new trend that will only become bigger during the next couple of seasons, so you might want to find yourself now a crop top and matching leggings that provide that delicate, high-shine touch.

Apart from being comfortable (just like any high-quality sports piece is), they will give you that self-confidence boost that all of us need at the gym. If you really want to play this game right, choose coral colors. We might have missed all the perks of the summer, but nobody’s going to take the coral colors away from us!

Also, combining these pieces with earthy tones such as military olive (which can be a great color for fall) or grey can really look amazing.

The post-workout look

We are all very familiar with the rise of athleisure the trend that combines sporty and formal clothing. Since this has been around, it’s been quite important how you look after your workout. This is where you can play the hoodie game by wearing the staple piece that has always been showing the sporty side of an individual.

This season, especially because it’s fall, go with several high-quality ones, that can be paired with your leggings and shoes. Wearing a hoodie is also a great option to keep you warm during the chilly autumn nights when you have to get from the gym to your house.

Perhaps being trendy is not the most important thing when it comes to working out, but we have missed two seasons of going to the gym and exercising, so it’s time to prepare ourselves and go back to the gym in style. We all deserve it.

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