Adaption of Casino Games Into the Video Games Sector

Casino games and consoles have never been closer. Not only are online casinos pushing their way forward into video gaming, in titles like Red Dead Redemption. Other titles went forward and created entire in-game casinos. Are we witnessing a new trend on the rise?


Indeed, the list of video game titles with casino games in them is getting longer. Red Dead Redemption, Fallout, The Witcher 3, and GTA 5 are just a few examples. There’s a Western-like poker saloon in Red Dead Redemption, a game of Gwent in The Witcher, and blackjack in Fallout.

GTA 5 has created the Diamond Casino, a fully functional, in-game virtual casino. Although there are no games for real money there, players can bet in-game currency and interact with other players on the casino grounds.

The number of casino games designed for consoles is also on the rise. We’ve had titles like The Four Kings Casino and Slots and High Roller Casino in the past few years. There, players can join virtual casinos with 3D avatars, and different rooms in a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) format.

Introducing New Players

There’s a sizable generational gap between casino fans. There are twice as many players aged between 45 and 54 than between 18 and 24. The younger generations, chiefly Gen Zers, have little interest in games like slots, keno, and the like. This generation is mostly interested in skill-based games that can be played with many people.

Video games and esports are much more popular among these players than any other type of game. The cross-pollination between casinos and consoles has taken the modality to the sportsbooks. Now, esports competitions appear along with real-life ones, like the Champions League. By injecting more money into this field, casinos are also contributing to the professionalization of the niche.

Video Casinos

There’s also another way for casino games and consoles to meet. There are some top-notch poker titles in the market. These include Pure Hold ’em and Prominence Poker, which take poker from the casino context. Yet, they can captivate the audience.

Pure Hold ’em is more than a poker game. It’s almost like a poker simulator, where players can even read each other’s facial expressions. Prominence Poker is a poker game with a storyline that still provides a great gaming experience. Here, players must make their way into the poker underworld. The final table is against “the Mayor”, a mysterious gangster who rules the city.

Tradition and Innovation

Tradition and Innovation

There are several video game studios with extensive knowledge of ultra-realistic adventures. After all, new titles are almost like movies these days when it comes to graphic quality and production. Such expertise could serve the casino industry very well. VR and 3D games are all the craze among casino fans. Still, those technologies have been present in consoles for a while.

VR casinos still struggle with physics and mechanics, although they still point to a promising future. Once again, the expertise of video gaming studios could be of great help. VR headsets are getting cheaper; there’s even a cardboard version designed by Google. As the technology gets more affordable, we can expect to see more titles written specifically for this gadget.

AR technology was made famous by Pokemon Go. Now, they’re also gaining space, with the advantage of not requiring special glasses. In this case, AR casino games are projected in the background and captured by your smartphone camera. 3D, AR, and VR casino games are easily accessible online on sites like nettikasino-ilman-rekisteröitymistä.com.

Saved Game

Casinos and consoles are no longer apart. Those who love both don’t even have to switch devices anymore. There are excellent choices of PS4 and Xbox games for all tastes. Those who like realistic games will find them in games such as Pure Hold ’em and The Four Kings. Still, those who enjoy a more arcade-like experience also have very exciting options. These include Red Dead Redemption, Fallout, and GTA 5.

Above all, video games are revitalizing the interest in casino games, mainly among the younger audience. Like the ones above, realistic in-game examples can trigger the player’s interest in poker, blackjack, and other games.

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