Simple Ways To Add Craftsman Style Elegance to Your Home

The Craftsman style of architecture has grown in popularity over the years. Craftsman homes have been around for a long time, and most homes constructed in this style are older dwellings. However, even if you live in a more modern home, it is still possible to add elements of the Craftsman style. Many additions can be made on a limited budget by those who have basic handyman skills.

Here is a look at four popular ways to give your house that beautiful Craftsman look. All of them can be accomplished in a single day. Make the project a family affair so that all can participate in creating a Craftsman-style home.

Adorn Windows With Natural Color

Windows are a part of the home that receives a lot of attention. The Craftsman approach is to honor these visual landmarks with attractive designs. One of the best ways to spruce up your home’s whole exterior is to use window boxes.

You can find window boxes in many styles, such as the Cunningham. Best of all, today’s options for window boxes include no-rot construction and easy installation. A little internet research will help you determine which varieties of flowers will work best for your window boxes.

Using Shutters To Please the Eye

On the subject of windows and visual appeal, exterior shutters are another element of Craftsman-style homes that are easy to add to your house. The Forever Shutter, or composite shutter, is made from PVC and can be painted in any color you desire. There are also multiple styles to choose from.

There is something about exterior shutters that evokes warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Exterior shutters also help broaden the area around your windows to expand opportunities for creating curb appeal.

Make a Statement With Gable Brackets

Decorative gable brackets are one hallmark of a home that has come to define the Craftsman architectural style. You can find cedar gable brackets in a wide range of patterns, and most are available for almost any roof pitch. That means you can use a gable bracket on your existing home to create that Craftsman flair.

At the heart of gable brackets is the artisan quality of Craftsman homes. The brackets express the Arts and Crafts lifestyle that is largely responsible for the evolution of Craftsman design. Aesthetics are very important to the overall philosophy of this architectural style.

Corbels Create the Perfect Craftsman Accent

Corbels are another wood accent that you will commonly find on Craftsman-style homes. These wooden accents line the upper facade of the home and work with gable brackets to embellish the eaves. You can also find corbels in many examples of Victorian architecture.

Cedar corbels are available in many different sizes. Like all of the accents mentioned in this article, attaching corbels to your home requires basic tools and home improvement knowledge. You simply order your corbels to size and attach them in a single afternoon.

Expressing the Pride of Home Ownership With Craftsman Accents

You have likely realized that there is an earthy quality to the Craftsman style of home building, one that stresses simple yet elegant living. The first owners of these homes were individuals who wanted to be inspired by their living space. Think about that. What home could be more pleasant than one that encourages you to awaken to the glorious possibilities of a new day?

Owning a Craftsman-style home marks you as someone who takes pride in what they can create. It also references pride in the ownership of your home. These elements say that you are humble and appreciative of where you live and all of the beautiful moments you create under your roof. Also, check out https://www.naddourscustommetalworks.com/ornamental-iron-works-los-angeles for ornamental  iron works ideas

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