Add Value and Beauty to Your Backyard

Do you have a backyard that is currently extremely underused and underappreciated? Do you peer out your back windows at the yard only to feel frustrated with how it looks? Does it lack function, beauty, and purpose? You’ve probably seen the home design shows on TV that take a rather basic-looking backyard and transforms it into something straight out of a magazine, but how realistic is it? With vision and proper planning, it’s very realistic.

Here’s a handy guide on how you can add value and beauty to your backyard in St. Louis, MO.

Do You Have Enough Natural Beauty?

While it’s true there are many décor pieces you can purchase for your backyard that add style and beauty, it is the natural greenery that pulls things together. If you don’t have much in terms of garden beds, planters/pots, trees, and shrubs – it’s time to tap into your inner green thumb.

A few things to be mindful of as you plan the garden project include:

  • How big will the garden be?
  • What are the soil conditions?
  • What is the sun/shade ratio?
  • How much maintenance do you want to deal with?
  • How often do the plants need watering?
  • When and how should they be pruned?
  • How hardy are the plants?
  • What will provide variety in terms of color, size, and texture?

If there’s no room for a garden, you can always opt for decorative oversized planters and pots.

Create a Private Outdoor Oasis with New Fencing

One of the key features of creating an outdoor oasis is that you need a sense of privacy. If your neighbors are all peering into your yard, you can’t achieve that sense of relaxation in your slice of nature. A great solution can be to install privacy fencing, especially since there are so many different types of materials to choose from.

Generally speaking, wood is usually the most popular thanks to its traditional look. Fencing not only creates privacy but adds value to your property if that’s a priority. Other materials to choose from include aluminum, vinyl, and chain link. It comes down to budget, the look you’re going for, how durable you want the material to be, and how much maintenance you’re willing to do.

Don’t forget to pick up all the accessories as well like railings, fastener systems, gate hardware, and more. This St. Louis fence supply company also provides handy tips like building code information, something you need to know before you start your project.

Embrace Outdoor Living with a New Outdoor Kitchen

Are you a fan of the whole outdoor living concept? If so, then an outdoor kitchen is a must-have. It can be designed to your specifications based on your needs, the space available, and the budget. Just be sure you also factor in plenty of comfortable seating meant for dining and entertaining.

A few elements to add to the outdoor kitchen can be:

  • Grill/BBQ
  • Outdoor beverage fridge
  • Outdoor sink
  • Food preparation space – a counter
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Oversized umbrella to provide shade
  • Lighting for night-time use

Each of these tips will help you elevate the look of your backyard so it’s more functional and beautiful.

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