Administration Jobs and All That You Should Know About It

Have you been searching for administration jobs in Sydney? The position of an administrative assistant calls for making the job of a busy executive a lot easier. As an administrative assistant, you’ll be expected to handle day-to-day administration for your boss, bosses, or a team of executives.

Did you know that the Australian job market has been recovering post-COVID?  The worst of the pandemic is over, with payroll data indicating that 124,000 new jobs have been added. There are hundreds of job openings in leading Sydney based companies.

It is difficult for most executives to work without an administrative assistant. So, it is a valuable position to ensure the smooth running of the company and the office. And remuneration is good as well. An administrative assistant in Sydney gets a salary of about A$ 50,918, and senior-level administrators with more than 20 years of experience earn up to A$ 61,578 per annum.

Read on if you are looking for a plum administration job in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

The Nature of the Job

What do you do as an administrative assistant? Depending on your experience and the organization’s size, you will be responsible for carrying out several critical tasks challenging.

Besides simple tasks like ordering the office stationery and recording the minutes of every important meeting, you are expected to organize your boss’s travel, fix appointments, help in budgeting, and be responsible for maintaining decorum in the office. Some of you may have to handle irate customers, basic accounting tasks, and more such office chores.

What Skills should you Possess to Become an Administrative Assistant?

An administration job entails creating value for your organization. Hence you are expected to have the following skills:

Efficient Organisational Skills

This is the mainstay of an administrative professional. It takes having information at your fingertips, knowing the daily calendars and diaries by heart, keeping all the paperwork in order (physical or digital), and always anticipating the next move of the powers that be.

Excellent Communication Skills

You need to be precise and clear with the spoken and written word. You are the executives’ proxy and should handle all their communication, for which they always never seem to have enough time. Apart from replying to all their emails, you are expected to take all the phone calls on their behalf.

As you will be communicating with VIPs daily, you need to be able to communicate skillfully. You should write fluently and speak with a pleasant attitude. You may have to fill in for the boss on many occasions; effective communication skills are essential.

Being Computer Savvy

Being computer literate in today’s fast-paced world is critical as you will be using several project management tools daily. Being proficient in MS Office is an added qualification that most prospective employers look for today.

Summing it Up

As an administrative assistant, you can aspire to go up the corporate ladder as long as you keep yourself updated. Look for the best opportunities in offices around the Central Business District, Inner West, Western Suburbs, Parramatta, and Eastern Suburbs.

Many determined admin assistants become senior executive assistants, a coveted position indeed. Do you have such aspirations? Find the best administration job.

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