Adulting 101: Things You Should Know Before You Turn 20

The term ‘Adulting’ was created to explain how one person handles grown-up responsibilities like a job, bills, rent, raising a family, and other life skills. This term has gained popularity over the past couple of years with millennials, who are trying to make it as successful adults. Many have seen the hashtag #AdultingIsHard- and let’s face it, it is quite tough. It has become difficult enough that many have created ‘Adulting 101’ courses to help today’s teens and millennials prepare for reality. Whether these skills are professional, personal, or basic life skills, there are many things that you should know before you turn 20.

Adulting 101: Things You Should Know Before You Turn 20

Welcome to adulthood, kids. It might seem difficult, but once you’re prepared with these must-know life skills and lessons, you’ll be trying to succeed like the rest of us! Read on below for your crash course to Adulting 101.

Take Breaks and Treat Yourself

One thing many of today’s adults forget is remembering to take care of themselves. We always tend to put other things first, like our jobs or other people’s needs before our own. Getting stuck as a cog in the wheel, or constantly fulfilling others’ requests can cause a myriad of issues like stress, anxiety, and burn-out. However, when we learn to take care of ourselves, our minds, and our bodies, we can go through life much easier.

Many might find this life lesson quite selfish, but nothing is selfish about practicing self-care. It might actually make you more equipped to take care of others and carry on your adulting tasks more efficiently. Self-care can be done in any way you like whether you take a trip, take a bath, meet friends, binge-watch a movie, or read a book. When you recharge fully, you’ll be able to handle any obstacles, big or small much better.

Learn Basic Life Skills

Adulting can start at the age of 18, and there are many adult newbies who lack the basic life skills that get us through the day. First things first, you need to learn to drive, surprisingly driving is an important life skill because this is valued for its usefulness in case of emergencies. You can ask someone to teach you or, better yet, attend a driving school that you can find here for high-quality driving lessons. Even if you live in the city and you walk everywhere or take a subway, being able to drive is necessary. You never know when it might come in handy. Make sure you also follow up with car check-ups to avoid any sudden breakdowns.

Be sure to also learn how to make decent meals; cooking will help you out on those first few nights alone in your new apartment. You’ll be thankful to have a homemade meal when you’re exhausted after work or when you’re too broke to eat out.

Learn how to do your laundry as well and how not to ruin your clothes in the wash. Be sure to clean your apartment regularly and get the right cleaning tools that will help you.

Establish Goals

You won’t amount to anything if you don’t know where you’re going; you need a destination or an endpoint that you’d like to reach eventually. Having goals, especially at the start of your life, is one thing that you need to establish to guarantee a successful outcome. Create a vision board, set a goal-list, or choose any method you like where you set your desires in a way that allows you to focus on them. Having a purpose in life will drastically help your decision-making process; you’re focused, you know what you want, and so that will guide you on the right path.

Deal with Money

As they say, money makes the world go round. Making sure you’re financially stable is one thing you should learn to avoid a situation where you’re broke and not sure where you’ll get your next meal. A true adult knows how to budget and manage his/her finances. You’ll need to understand how to save and how to build good credit as it will come in handy when you want to buy a house, a car, or even catch up on your bills. Careful when using a credit card though because you can easily fall into debt. Learn budgeting skills that will allow you to make wise purchasing choices.

Create a Bucket List

You’re never too old to experience new things. Create a bucket list of things that you have always dreamed of doing, and make sure you follow and update it over the years. Travel the globe whenever you can, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Make use of your time and learn something new, whether it’s a new hobby, a new language, or a new skill. The sky’s the limit, so don’t let adulting stop you.

Create a Bucket List

Expect Social Life Changes

People change drastically over the years; many follow different career paths, they get busier, they get involved with other people, or they just simply lost interest in what they used to like before. Expect that your social life will change in your 20s as you might lose some friends. But that doesn’t mean you won’t gain a bunch of others either.

Experience Career Shifts  

The fact that you’re adulting doesn’t mean that you won’t experience a change of heart with major life decisions, because you will. It’s never too late to shift careers if you’ve found something else you’re passionate about. Your 20s are all about self-discovery, so it’s okay to try out careers until you find something that you’re more comfortable with.

Establish Healthy Habits

One thing’s for sure, we only get one body to use – so make sure you’re taking care of yours. Adapt healthier habits over the years; stay active and fit, develop an exercise routine, eat healthier, and cut back on smoking and drinking, and any other vice that will break down your health in the future. Adapting healthier habits when you’re younger is easy; your older self will thank you.

Your 20s are all about making mistakes and learning from them. They’re also about self-discovery and finding out who you really are in the real world. You’ll always remain a kid at heart; however, there’s no harm in learning a few life skills that will make your transition to adulthood smoother.

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