Advanced Plagiarism Tools for Finding Duplicate Content

When it comes to content writing, you will be surprised to know that one of the biggest ethical concerns is plagiarism or duplication. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone’s work and presenting it as your creation. Today the problem has increased because of the existence of different types of plagiarism in the world of content writing.

Today you have to look to us not only for intentional plagiarism but also for unintentional duplication. In this context, we are going to introduce you to the best and the most advanced plagiarism checker tools available in the market.

The reason that we are discussing these advanced plagiarism checker tools today is that you cannot find a reputed tool all by yourself and this can cause a lot of trouble if you are already short on the deadline for submission.

When you search the web for the top plagiarism checker program, then there is a possibility that you would get more than hundreds of free and paid third-party programs and it would be very difficult for you to choose one at random. The article checker tools that we have mentioned below are affordable or free and are certainly reliable!

The best plagiarism checker tools in 2020

Here are some of the top online plagiarism checker tools that you should surely know about if you are interested in making your work plagiarism-free!

Search Engine Reports

You might have heard about this online plagiarism checker by famous website! The plagiarism checker is known to be one of the finest tools on the internet both in terms of reliability and cost. This plagiarism detector is a free online tool, so you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

This online program requires no registrations or any other formalities for operations. This duplication detector is easy to use and can be used by all types of people having no experience or prior skills.

Simply navigate this online tool on their browser and enter the input in their desired or suitable option. After completing the input, it would hardly take one minute for the tool to check and present results before you. You can also use this plagiarism scanner to check grammar errors!


DupliChecker is a website that features a very reliable plagiarism checker program as its main tool. As the name of the website tells you, it has great expertise in checking duplication in your work. DupliChecker has many free SEO tools, but the best online free plagiarism checker belongs to this famous platform.

Now, this is not only popular among people because it is free but also because it is easy to use and has the simplest interface that you can find on the web. You can also use this online tool on any device you want without any complications. There are many more options in the tool that you will enjoy once you start using it!

Small SEO Tools

The plagiarism checker by the small SEO tools is also known to be the perfect choice for students and writers. This is also a free plagiarism checker program with a lot of options in it. The plagiarism checker/scanner tool by small SEO tools is also one of the simplest tools on the internet; it has the cleanest layout with an understandable interface.

This online program can also be used as an add-on with WordPress as it provides a free plug-in to the users. The reason that this online tool is popular is that it has the largest database, the database of this online tool covers more than billions of web pages so there is no chance that it would miss a single phrase of duplication in your work.

This is another online based program. If you are interested in a website plagiarism checker tool that uses advanced algorithms and AI to check your work, then this website plagiarism checker is known to be the best one available online. This plagiarism checker has its basic and its pro version with a huge variety of options that one should know about.

Now this online checker is also famous for its paraphrasing features that one can enjoy if any percentage of duplication is found in work. Furthermore, know that this online checker program can scan your work through trillions of content pages available on the web and can produce accurate results within less than a few seconds which is a big plus. It is known to be the most efficient plagiarism checker!


This online program is on our list today that you should know about in detail. Know that this online program is known to be one of the most important ones for checking copyright violations in the content; you can also check self-duplication in essays and other web content.

Now, this is not just a checker tool, but you will be surprised to know that this online plagiarism checker tool can also remove duplication from your content and can make your work error-free and plagiarism-free. The entire process is completed in less than minutes, so you don’t have to worry about the time factor. The program has its free as well as paid versions!


Although Grammarly is a writing tool with a lot of features and options that can fix human errors if you are worried about duplication in your work and want to check it for originality, then know that you can get the premium services of Grammarly which include a proofreader and a plagiarism checker. You can easily scan your work and find out about the exact percentage of duplication in your work.

You can also fix it by rephrasing the content with the assistance of Grammarly, this online program can provide you details about the exact source of duplicate content. This will help you compare the content with the matched source manually and change it accordingly. This feature is helpful especially if the matched source is related to your niche.

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