Advanced SEO Techniques: Generate More Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important marketing strategies these days and for a good reason.

Businesses simply can’t hope to stand out in a crowded and highly competitive environment like the online market today, without a certain way to boost their visibility and exposure.

That’s where SEO can be of great help. Not just that, but SEO can also ensure that there’s more than enough traffic coming your way, which will ultimately increase your chances of converting as many leads as possible.

However, marketing strategies, such as SEO, require careful planning, a lot of strategizing, and above else, enough time for them to start producing viable results.

This is why many companies simply give up on SEO before they really see the benefits. But, for those who are willing to wait and be patient, SEO will become a major competitive advantage. With that in mind, here are a few advanced SEO techniques that will generate more traffic.

Mobile Optimization

The way consumers conduct research online has changed drastically over the last few years. Almost everyone today has access to the Internet via a mobile device, and that number is expected to reach 72.6% of the global population of roughly 3.7 billion people by 2025.

That said, search engines, such as Google, decided to implement the so-called Mobile-first indexing in their algorithms.

In other words, Google uses mobile versions of the content for ranking and indexing purposes. Therefore, if you want more organic traffic coming your way, you’ll have to ensure that your website and the content you produce are mobile-friendly. Here are a few ways you can do this.

  • Implement a responsive design – A responsive website design allows your content to be displayed properly on any device and any screen size.
  • Use the same meta robots for desktop and mobile – If you use different meta robots, such as dofollow and nofollow for desktop and mobile, Google may not crawl or index your pages even though they’re enabled for mobile-first indexing.
  • Allow Google to crawl through your resources – For example, URLs for mobile and desktop versions may differ. In that case, make sure that you’re not blocking URLs with directives, such as disallow.

Voice search optimization

As the number of mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) devices grows, so does voice search. People find it more convenient to simply say what they want to look up instead of typing it.

Websites that are optimized for voice search will, therefore, favor more organic traffic. It’s estimated that 50% of online searches in 2020 will be voice searches. Here’s how to optimize for voice search effectively.

  • Make it fast – Since voice search is tied to mobile optimization, mobile speed will have to be your priority. Page loading time and website speed are not only convenient but also ranking factors when it comes to SEO.
  • Opt for local SEO – Around 39% of voice searches are local. People look for businesses and services using words such as “near me.” That said, optimizing for local SEO when it comes to voice search will drive more traffic your way.
  • Create content for voice search – People are looking for simple and direct answers. Therefore, creating content for voice search requires a different approach. For instance, an adequate response to a voice search shouldn’t be longer than 29 words.

Website optimization

Ensuring visibility for your website, your content, and ultimately your products or services is just part of the story. Visibility ensures good traffic, but to guarantee that traffic will continue to come your way, you have to make sure that every website visitor enjoys their stay.

That said, website optimization is vital for good organic traffic. Optimizing for search engines helps your website and content become more visible and accessible to consumers, whereas optimizing for user experience helps you make the best of the website traffic.

Website optimization

However, if you’re not familiar with SEO practices regarding proper optimization, you can always partner up with a trustworthy white label SEO company that will manage the SEO activities for you while you focus on tending to your customer. In any event, here are a few things regarding website optimization you should focus on.

  • Technical SEO – Technical optimization aspects include improving website speed, ensuring proper security, implementing a responsive design, polishing navigation, etc.
  • On-page SEO – This part of optimization is responsible for making your website search-engine-friendly. Activities such as optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and so on will ensure that your pages can be crawled and indexed properly by search engines.
  • Off-page SEO – This part of the optimization is for improving credibility, authority, and exposure for your website. Activities, such as content marketing, link building, and guest posting are essential for spreading the word about your business throughout the online world.

Content creation

Content is the king as far as SEO goes. That said, content can generate more organic traffic than any other marketing strategy you use. Moreover, quality content is one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to SEO.

Creating valuable content isn’t easy, but it’s more than possible to manage if you want to favor good website traffic. Therefore, here are a few things you should know regarding creating content.

  • Content should be highly relevant to your target audience.
  • Content should be top-quality.
  • Consider different content formats, such as videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Make it informative, educational, and entertaining.
  • Publish original content regularly.
  • Repurpose old content efficiently.

Driving traffic to your website in the ocean of other websites seems next to impossible. However, with marketing strategies like SEO, businesses can seamlessly navigate the crowded market and ensure that their websites receive good organic traffic, regardless of how fierce the competition may be.

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