Advantages Of Opting For Gynecomastia Surgery And Reasons To Choose Top Clinics

Gynecomastia is a condition in men where there is an increase in the size of the breast tissues. You might know that the same situation is usual in women, but a section of men also encounter excess tissue growth in this area. It makes them feel uncomfortable and affects their sentiments to a great extent. The exact reason people suffer from Gynecomastia is quite tricky to determine, while sometimes, it may be because of weight gain, hormonal imbalance, medicinal side effects, etc. 

But the best way to eliminate such a condition is to get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon who can get you operated on. At times, if it’s in the initial stage, the surgeon might prescribe you to do some exercises, or change your diet, but in severe cases, you need to get it operated on. 

Three ways through which Gynecomastia can be operated are the Liposuction technique, excision technique, and a combination of excision and liposuction techniques. In 2018, with around 2 lakh cosmetic surgical procedures performed only on men, Gynecomastia occupied the 4th rank. More than 20000 operations, an increase of 22%, were experienced in 2018, which is a significant increase. The number says how people are benefitted from Gynecomastia, and that is why; more men are opting for the surgery. 

Men with Gynecomastia also face issues such as low self-esteem, improper body posture, encountering negative thoughts, and many other things. Moreover, if it’s not treated at the right time, at times, people can encounter depression issues. You might also see that they do not like to engage in stuff like they would love to do earlier. Fortunately, with advancements in the medical field, we have so many procedures that we can rectify this issue quickly. The straightforward surgical procedure can help you eliminate the excess fat from the body, providing impressive results.

The patients will experience a lot of benefits after the surgery, and they are:

1. A better masculine figure

The excess amount of breast tissue in the male breasts is also known as “man boobs”. But this situation makes the man feel devastating as he feels that his masculinity has been compromised. In this instance, if the person opts for gynecomastia surgery, the excess tissue is present in the breast. By undergoing the operation, they can achieve a flatter, smoother chest, enjoying a better masculine shape like before. 

2. Enhancing your self-esteem and confidence

It shows on your face when you are happy and confident about yourself. Similarly, when you are low, anybody can make it out from your face. Along with that, many of them also experience loss of self-esteem, feeling ashamed, or depressed. These kinds of feelings are not right in the long run and can affect your relationship with your spouse. It is also one of the reasons why your social interaction with people reduces. 

Most of them who love to go swimming bare-bodied or wear tight shirts do not like to do so now. They prefer to dive in the water with full dress and wear loose t-shirts so that their chest is not visible. However, by opting for gynecomastia surgery, you can restore your confidence level and get your appearance back, which allows you to dive in the water without any discomfort. 

3. Can perform more physical activities

It’s not only with women that they find it difficult to perform physical activities, but men also face the same thing. Women can wear a sports bra, but for men, jumping and running can turn out to be painful. That is why; they tend to drop out of some of the physical activities, which are most important for your body. You can opt for gynecomastia surgery to get rid of the issue, which also eliminates your pain.

4. Lesser or no back pain

Gynecomastia gives rise to back pain, and it has been seen that many people encountered this pain. The excess amount of fat present in their chest changes the body posture because of which the upper spine tilts towards the front. It gives the appearance of humpback and destroys the physique that you had.

Also, some of them forcefully adopt this position so that the chest is not visible. Due to this, there is pain developing in your back, which cannot be eliminated, if Gynecomastia is not treated. After you get a gynecomastia surgery done, you can get your previous posture back. With that, you will also eliminate the back pain that you were suffering from. 

5. Free your mind

Encountering such a situation will give rise to negative thoughts, especially those men who seem to be conscious of their bodies. An intense level of anxiety is something that a gynecomastia patient may experience quite often. They might not like to hang out with their friends, thinking if anyone notices their breasts, etc. Man who opts for a boob job can get rid of such things and make their mind free from the constant uneasiness. It also helps them to enjoy a better life and connect with their friend and maintain social interactions. Also, a male who opted for gynecomastia surgery experiences emotional relief and a better quality of life. 

6. Right for everyone

For your knowledge, we would like to say that more than 60% of middle-aged men experience uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions. As a result, it becomes quite vital for them to get rid of Gynecomastia. In case you have encountered this condition because of being overweight, we would say that we follow some exercises to reduce weight. But you must know that fatty tissues are also granular tissue, and in this case, you might need to opt for liposuction. This treatment does not have any condition that states only a specific category of people can opt for it. So, it’s a perfect treatment for all the men or boys encountering this situation. 

People consuming an excess amount of alcohol, smoking marijuana can also face Gynecomastia. It means men who face this issue because of taking steroids or alcohol; can go for liposuction and make themselves feel better.

7. A quick procedure

Breast reduction through Gynecomastia is performed under local anesthesia, which means you will not feel much discomfort or pain. You will be asleep during the procedure, and you will get discharged on the same day itself. The procedure takes around 120 minutes, so once it’s done, you can relax. Also, there are not many precautions and post-care steps that you need to follow. 

8. A quicker recovery time

Like the procedure, you will also get recovered soon, allowing you to resume your work at the earliest. For at least three days, you need to take analgesics to mitigate the discomfort risk. The recovery period speeds up if you wear a compression garment at least for two weeks. After completing a month, you can resume your daily exercises, enjoy doing what you love to do, etc. You no longer feel uncomfortable or conscious while wearing a tight shirt or a fitting dress.

You might think that a month is a long time, but if you would not have opted for the surgery, you need to encounter uncomfortable situations. Compared to this, opting for surgery will help you to lead a happy life and enjoy what you love to do. 

9. Life-long results

Whenever it comes to surgery, most of us are scared to do so. In this case, we always tend to look for the longevity of the results. If it’s only for a few years, of course, nobody would like to opt for it. But in the case of gynecomastia surgery, you can rest assured as it offers life-long results. If problems like improper imbalance, fat tissues are correctly diagnosed, there is less chance of encountering the same issue. However, to attain life-long results, there are a few steps that one needs to follow, and they are: 

  • Diagnosis and looking for the root cause of the issue are essential, and then maintain a proper diet so that the fat cell gets eliminated from the body. 
  • Keep yourself away from drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in an excess quantity. Do not take any steroids if the doctor does not prescribe you to do so. 
  • If, in the future, any of your doctors prescribe steroids, make sure that you inform them that you have encountered Gynecomastia in the past. It will help him to provide a safer medication. 

10. Unlimited dresses to wear

Of course, some offices maintain a proper dress code, where you need to wear formals, and you cannot choose to go in baggy shirts. In such a case, opting for gynecomastia surgery allows you to opt for better-fitting and tighter shirts. Also, you can shop for such kinds of dresses and go for a wardrobe makeover. It makes you feel more confident and much more attractive than before. 

To regain your confidence and obtain a firm, masculine body, you need to book an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon near you. Just like the best one can provide the right treatment, an unsuccessful or inexperienced doctor can worsen the situation, giving rise to more health issues. Look for a clinic that can customize the treatment according to your need and reshape your chest like before.

Reasons to opt for the best clinic

As you know, the benefits of gynecomastia surgery, it’s time to discuss a few reasons why you should choose a superior clinic irrespective of anything. 

. Higher chance to be successful

When you decide to go with surgery, the first and foremost thing is to look for the success rate. If a particular clinic does not have the best success rate, there is no point in moving further with that clinic, look for a different one. The best clinic can make your surgery successful, while a bad one cannot, and that is why; it is better to opt for such a clinic. 

. Specialized doctor

Instead of opting for a general cosmetic surgeon, it’s better to go with a specialized doctor. A specialized doctor would not how to start the process without causing much pain to the patient. They also know the length of incision that needs to be made, indicating there is nothing to worry about. 

. Convenient and flexible clinic hours

It is better to choose a clinic that works round the clock, which indicates you, can call or visit the clinic at any point in time. As a result, if you can encounter an emergency, you can rush to the clinic without thinking much about it. We hope you understand why it is essential to look for such things while searching for the best clinic. 

. Positive reviews

The best clinic will have a positive review, while a bad one will not. So, if you wish to know more about the clinic, the positive reviews will reveal many things about it. Therefore, it is much easier for you to know what the patients think about the clinic. 

. Exceptionally qualified doctors

A clinic gets the best rank when it qualifies in each of the categories. It means the clinic also has exceptionally qualified doctors who can provide the right treatment to you. It stated that they had undergone the right training, which has made them so successful. 

. Highly effective treatments

It is an essential requirement as if the results of the treatment are not positive, what is the use to opt for it. Also, why would one like to invest in such a thing which does not provide positive returns? In this case, you can be 100% sure that the best clinic offers highly effective treatments to the patients.

In the end!

Gynecomastia surgery is a significant investment not only financially, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, it’s highly essential to ensure that you are investing in the right clinic and trust the best doctor. By looking for an appropriate one, you can increase the chance of success and eliminate complications and risks. However, the last decision is always up to you what you would like to do. We hope whatever decision you take will prove to be fruitful to you.

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