Advice For Physician Assistant Students Starting Their Job Search

Fresh out of school, the idea of looking for a job and landing the perfect one is often daunting. Though physician assistants are in demand right now, you’ll want to find a job that matches your needs and that’s going to pay well. Finding and getting the job isn’t always as easy as it may seem, but some tips can give you a better chance of landing that dream job as soon as possible. 

Consider Moving to a New Area

The pay for a PA can vary significantly from state to state and even from city to city. If you’re not planning on staying where you are, it may be a great idea to explore different parts of the country and find a new place to live. Take time to check out places where PAs are well paid to find a state that’s going to have plenty of high-paying opportunities for you. Since the pay can vary significantly by location, narrow down cities you might like to live in and learn more about them to find the right fit. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Certifications

Certification requirements can vary by state, so if you are planning on moving to an area that pays better, make sure you know what the requirements are for PAs in that state. Take some time to look into the qualifications they request and make sure you meet or exceed all of them for a better chance at being hired. Have copies of certifications and other essential documents ready when you want to start applying to open positions. 

Update Your Resume

Before you start filling out applications, take the time to update your resume. Make sure it includes job and life experiences, any volunteer work you’ve done, your current education levels, and anything else that can help you stand out from the competition. There are always many people applying for the same job, especially if the area pays better than other states, so you’ll want to make sure you stand out and are noticed by potential employers. 

Start Networking as Soon as Possible

Networking provides you the opportunity to get to know more people in your field and make connections with them. Though that might not directly lead to a job offer, it can. You may meet someone who ends up having a position they need to fill. If you’ve connected with them, they’ll remember you and might send you information on how to apply. Networking can help you get ahead of the competition or give you the edge you need during the interview process to have a higher chance of being hired. 

Learn More About How to Handle an Interview

Make sure you know how to handle interviews and that you’re relaxed and ready for each interview you have. It’s important to dress carefully, be polite, and answer all questions the best you can during the interview. Remember to be friendly and thank them for the opportunity to interview them when you leave. 

If you’re finishing school and looking for a job as a physician’s assistant, use the tips here to give yourself a better chance of being hired. Make sure you know where you want to work and what you’d like to do to ensure you find a job that’s an excellent fit for your needs.

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