365 Affirmations for Attracting Health, Wealth, and Happiness into Your Life

The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale stated, you are what you think. You become what you think about most of the time. He believed that if a person only feeds his mind with negative thoughts, he will experience life through a dark lens.

Small things that shouldn’t affect him will ultimately become bigger than they really are because their mind is focused on the worst possible outcome rather than the best. He talked about how a person who lives with mostly negative thoughts will focus his mind on all his problems rather than the opportunities before him.

Unfortunately, many people today, live with this kind of mindset. With the 24/7 access to media outlets around the world, it’s no wonder more, and more people are unable to achieve a blissful and positive state of mind. Today’s media knows that “negative news sells,” which provides them with the justification to engage in fear-mongering. Sadly, it works. This is because we are designed to survive, rather than thrive. While this is beneficial for us as a species, focusing our brains on survival, does nothing to guarantee our personal success. If it did, there would be more people flourishing both financially and personally.

Fortunately, our minds are incredibly powerful and are capable of incredibly awesome things. Our job is to stand guard at the doors of our thoughts and feed them empowering words. This is where positive affirmations come into play.

Understanding Affirmations and How They Work

Affirmations are suggestions and thoughts that you give to yourself and can be either positive or negative. As you give yourself these suggestions, you are feeding them into your subconscious mind, which is what ultimately helps to determine your mental attitude.

If you feed positive thoughts and suggestions into your subconscious mind, this will ultimately build a positive or optimistic mental attitude, and when you constantly feed your subconscious with good, and happy ideas, your mind begins to accept these suggestions as reality because your subconscious is unable to differentiate between your imagination and your reality. When you consistently inject positive ideas into your subconscious, it will start to trust them as being the reality, and it starts to work producing similar thought patterns.

When your thoughts become positive, you start to become more optimistic about your life and the world around you. Your thoughts, after all, construct you. By thinking positively, you can empower yourself and build a healthy mindset and a healthy frame of mind that is always thinking of growth, development, and new ideas.

A positive mindset will give you the strength and courage to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Additionally, positive attracts positive opportunities. When you create a positive thought in your mind, it moves out and starts drawing towards you helpful and constructive opportunities that can help you fulfill your goals.

This is how positive affirmations work, and why using them daily will gradually turn you into a vibrantly positive individual.

On the other hand, if you are constantly feeding negativity into your mind, you should only expect to have a negative mental attitude.

Why You Should Use Affirmations

Emile Cole was a renowned psychologist who popularized the practice of positive affirmations by providing the world with a powerful, effective tool to help people from all occupations actualize prosperity and success. Subsequently, various scientific and medical studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of affirmations and the benefits gained with daily practice. These studies have successfully shown that affirmations are indeed incredibly beneficial and can help dramatically change your life for the better.

One such study showed that students who used affirmations daily at the start of their school term were able to perform better compared to their counterparts who didn’t use affirmations daily. Another study showed that daily positive affirmations help many people battle stress and the severe side effects associated with the condition.

Lisa Legault, a psychologist at Clarkson University, is an unwavering supporter of using positive affirmations. She believes that affirmations can help to significantly boost your self-esteem, resulting in improved performance in different aspects of life. Affirmations help to build a positive and feel-good frame of mind. When you have an optimistic mindset, you tend to think positively a majority of the time, and your positive mindset can easily be used to battle negative thoughts that might try to infiltrate your mind. This helps to build self-belief, which in turn shapes your self-confidence instilling the ‘I can’ mindset. When you start taking action, you eventually take charge of your goals and become successful in life.

The effective use of affirmations to achieve success in every pillar of your life largely depends on some prerequisites.

How to Make Affirmations Work for You

Chemicals are how the brain communicates with your body. The chemical connections are created for each of the experiences in your life. When you repeat actions frequently, it helps to strengthen these neural connections. It is a constant reorganization process in your brain every time you take action. Your actions don’t just have to be physical, but can also be mental and include your thoughts as well as your words. The more than you think, do or speak something the stronger these neural pathways become.

The challenge we face is that the majority of your more than 60,000 thoughts that cross your mind daily are negative, because of our biological and survival instincts to hold on to beliefs, habits, and experiences that were bad. However, when you choose to think positively, you can alter your subconscious mind to break this tendency to fill your head with negative thoughts and start focusing more on the positive things in your life.

Most of the power of thought and emotion already exists within you. This means that you already know how to feel happy, grateful, loved, etc. However, the issue often lies in the thoughts you continue to strengthen as you follow a negative narrative. You tell yourself that you are bad, unloved, sad, but want to be happy, loved, and good. To make affirmations work for you, it is important that you make a concerted effort to change your self-talk so that you can reinforce the feelings and emotions that you have inside that you want to bring to the forefront of your life. This means that saying the affirmations in the present tense, “I am,” instead of “I want to be,” or “I wish I were.”

When you change your thoughts to the present tense, it creates control over the pathways in your mind. It also opens doors for you to accomplish amazing things. Scientific studies have proven time and again that adopting positive affirmations in your life can create powerful changes to your psyche. The daily practice of positive affirmations has been linked to better academic performance, better athletic performance, lower stress levels, better performance when tackling challenging tasks, and making healthier life choices. No matter how or why you are looking to practice positive affirmations, there is evidence out there that it works well. But, how can you make the practice of daily affirmations work for you?

The practice of incorporating positive affirmation into your daily life is a personal process and is something that you need to develop if you want them to work for your life. This means that you can choose a positive affirmation that fits in your life, but you also can tweak it and change it so that it works better for your situation. If you are still struggling with the process, you can try the following steps.

1. Keep a journal with you at all times, and write down your thoughts. The action of writing helps you to integrate the thoughts more fully into your subconscious, much faster than if you were to type them out. Writing them down also makes them more intentional.

2. Every time you notice that you are thinking of something negative about yourself or your life, write it down in your journal.

3. Below or next to the negative thought, rewrite it into something positive that negates the negative message. Make sure that you write it in the present tense and include the statement, “I am.”

4. Repeat this new thought several times for as long as you want to repeat it.

This process is meant to help you identify the negative commentary in your mind and also shed light on the times when these negative thoughts appear. If you have the time to record the day and time and a little bit about the situation that is leading to negative thoughts, you can begin to identify patterns in your thoughts and actions. These “triggers” can end up leading to negative outcomes, or you can rewrite the connection to something that leads to a positive result.

When you rewrite your thoughts into positive affirmations, you want to be sure to make it something that you will actually remember. It should directly address the problem but be short and simple.

It can also be extremely beneficial to incorporate creative visualization into the process. If you don’t know what creative visualization is, it is a meditative thought process that enables you to manifest your most heartfelt desires, just by thinking about them. Using creative visualization along with your positive affirmations plays an essential role in attracting what you desire. With creative visualization, you can create a more loving and positive image of yourself.

When you incorporate creative visualization into your affirmation practice, you need to take steps to relax and get into a peaceful, meditative state of mind. What works for one person may not work for the next, so you want to contemplate what works best for you. When you can enter into a state of total relaxation, you can begin to sketch out the mental details about what you are trying to manifest in your life. Like with your positive affirmations, you have to be detailed and specific in what you want.

For example, you don’t just want to think about getting a new car, but you need to think about your driving in the actual vehicle that you desire. You need to imagine what that car looks like, what it smells like, and how you feel driving it. For the creative visualization process to work, you have to believe it will happen, just like when you are reciting your positive affirmations.

Practice will make your affirmations better. You don’t need to strive for perfection, but rather you want to aim for a positive experience. If you wish to change your mindset and your current situation in life and start to live the life that you desire, positive affirmations can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you get there.

Affirmations for Attracting Health

It is entirely too easy to take our health for granted these days. A cookie here, a candy bar there. At first, nothing happens, but slowly, over time our weight starts to creep up, and we start to feel tired and down in the dumps. Not to mention all of the negative feelings that go along with it: anger, anxiety, and frustration along with a decrease in our self-esteem.

Fortunately, becoming healthier is relatively simple. All it takes is making a decision to make a change in our lives. This applies to both our mental and physical well-being. Consciously making small, seemingly insignificant, but positive choices every day will bring results that are often surprising. After three weeks we develop a habit and suddenly discover that it’s not only become easier, but automatic to make better healthier choices.

Just like with our physical health, you can strengthen your mind by nourishing it with developing your skills and talents, good books, spending more time with friends, and seeking out more experiences that provide us opportunities for growth. Here are some affirmations for maintaining and improving your health.

1. I am full of energy and life.

2. I am in control of my state at all times.

3. I am happy and always have control over how I feel.

4. I choose to be full of joy and gratitude.

5. I am more than I seem to be, and within me are all the powers of the Universe.

6. My reason for eating healthy food is to fuel my body.

7. Being healthy is better than any other taste in the world.

8. My healthy body is created by my healthy thoughts.

9. My body is my temple.

10. I am worthy of being healthy.

11. My daily habits are helping me to become healthier and happier.

12. I choose to eat healthy because the food I eat is construction material for my body.

13. I eat nutritious foods that give me energy.

14. I can eat for enjoyment or social reasons as long as I do it responsibly and stay within my own rules that I set in advance.

15. I get plenty of restful and energizing sleep.

16. I make healthy choices and respect the body that I have been given.

17. The water that I drink cleanses my body and gives me the clarity of mind I need to succeed.

18. I love how it feels to be healthy.

19. I feel a deep sense of well-being.

20. My body heals easily and quickly.

21. I take an ample amount of time to clear my mind.

22. I invest in the health of my mind and body.

23. My heart is healthy and strong.

24. My fitness and health are a priority.

25. I have abundant energy to live my life.

26. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me.

27. I love my body. It takes me everywhere.

28. My body grows healthier and stronger every day.

29. I deserve to be healthy.

30. I am in control of my own health.

31. I feel great, and I radiate an abundance of joy and gratitude.

32. I honor my body, and I am surrounded by others who want me to be healthy.

33. I trust the signals my body sends to me.

34. I feel good, my body feels good, and I radiate nothing but good feelings.

35. I am in possession of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

36. I am energetic and vigorous.

37. I let go of all bad feelings within me about others, incidents, and everything else. I forgive everyone who is associated with me.

38. My body is healthy, I am wealthy, and my mind is wise.

39. I am looking forward to a healthy future because I take care of my body now.

40. I am grateful for my healthy body.

41. Peace flows through my body, mind, and soul.

42. I enjoy my life.

43. I am worthy of good health.

44. I look after my body with genuine compassion.

45. I am doing everything in my power to keep my body healthy.

46. I have a strong and robust immune system. I am able to deal with bacteria, viruses, and germs.

47. My body is free from pain.

48. My body heals itself, and I feel better every day.

49. I maintain my body weight effortlessly and easily every day.

50. I am completely in control of my health, wellness, and healing.

51. I appreciate and adore my body, mind, and soul.

52. My skin is clear, glowing, and radiant.

53. I am capable of being able to maintain my perfect weight.

54. I am an effective, fit, healthy, and energetic person who is capable of handling anything that arises.

55. I will dedicate 20-30 minutes a day to exercise.

56. I feel enthusiastic, vibrant, and energetic every moment.

57. I enjoy eating balanced, nutritious, and healthy meals.

58. I have the full power to control my health and fitness.

59. I love to eat healthy food and exercise daily.

60. I am the recipient of a vibrant mind, body, and soul and glowing health.

61. I enjoy my daily exercise routine.

62. I am fit, active, and healthy, and engage in regular physical fitness.

63. Each day I get closer and closer to my perfect weight.

64. I eat healthy nutritious, energy-giving, and balanced foods that benefit my entire body.

65. My body gets healthier, stronger, and more energetic with each passing day.

66. My body is a temple. It is clean, holy, and filled with a sense of goodness.

67. I breathe nice and deeply, exercise regularly, and feed my body healthy, nutritious foods.

68. My daily thoughts support my body to become healthier.

69. I give my body what it needs.

70. I constantly feel wonderful, and my body heals rapidly.

71. I fill my mind with positive thoughts.

72. I use my body in ways that create positive emotions.

73. I often smile and stand up straight.

74. I release the past and relish the present moment.

75. I relax my jaw and keep my teeth separated slightly.

76. I relax my body often and let my body rest when it needs to.

77. I do things that are good for my body.

78. I feel incredibly healthy, and I love it.

79. I am strong and feel good about myself and how healthy I am.

80. I am at peace with my health.

81. My mind is brilliant, and my soul is tranquil.

82. I always sleep in peace and wake up with incredible joy.

83. I love exercising daily and filling my body with healthy foods.

84. I am fit, energetic, attractive, and healthy.

85. I am stunning both inside and out.

86. I care for myself by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep.

87. I love, care for, and nurture my body, and it cares back for me.

88. I am very beautiful, attractive, and fit.

89. I am completely relaxed and filled with peace of mind and serenity.

90. I create healing energy throughout my life.

91. I am capable of manifesting maximum strength and health.

Affirmations for Attracting Wealth

A wise man once said, money isn’t everything, but it is right up there with oxygen. Whether you know it or not, your relationship with money has a significant impact on your life. From how you attract it, earn it, spend it, save it, and invest it. If you have a negative relationship with money, you may find that your financial situation is in a constant state of disarray.

No matter if you experience positive or negative emotions about money, there is no denying the important role it plays in our lives and the lives of those around us. If you are currently experiencing money blocks, you can use the following affirmations to help you develop an abundance mindset. As you read the affirmations, think about how having more money in your life will affect you.

whether you think you are righy, affirmations

Money tends to come to those people who have a prosperity mindset. The gratitude and abundance affirmations should lift up your invisible money magnet so that you can start attracting an abundance of wealth into your life.

92. Wealth pours into my life daily.

93. My bank account grows daily.

94. I have achieved financial security in my life.

95. I am filled with gratitude and joy, and I love that more and more money is flowing to me daily.

96. Money is flowing to me in avalanches of abundance from unexpected sources.

97. I deserve to be prosperous and to have an abundance of money in my bank account.

98. All my dreams, goals, and desires are instantaneously met.

99. The Universe is on my side, and it is guiding me toward wealth and abundance.

100. I love money and all it can buy.

101. I feel grateful that my net worth increases substantially each year.

102. Ideas for how to make more money come to me often.

103. I feel good about money.

104. I can do good things with the money I have.

105. I release all my negative thoughts about money and allow financial abundance to enter my life.

106. Opportunities to make more money come to me effortlessly.

107. I attract money with ease, and I now have more wealth than I ever thought possible.

108. I am wealthy, and I feel incredibly good about it.

109. I have a great relationship with money.

110. I am grateful for all the money that I have in my bank account.

111. Every day I am attracting more money into my life.

112. I attract money effortlessly.

113. I am a money magnet, and money will always be attracted to me.

114. I am not relaxing into greater prosperity.

115. I release all opposition to money.

116. I deserve to have a ton of money in my bank account.

117. Ideas for making money are freely entering my life.

118. Abundance is all around me, and I feel gracious about it. 119. Being wealthy is my natural state of being.

120. The Universe is helping me attract money into my life daily.

121. I am prosperous, and I am grateful for all the good things in my life.

122. It is very easy for me to make more money.

123. I am a natural-born money maker.

124. I am ready and willing to receive more money now.

125. My income substantially increases every year.

126. Attracting money is easy for me.

127. Financial success is my birthright.

128. Thank you, Universe for allowing me to live in prosperity.

129. I am the creator of my life.

130. I have always been destined to become wealthy.

131. I find a lot of opportunities in my life to create prosperity and abundance.

132. I am grateful I get to live in prosperity.

133. I now live in abundance.

134. Money comes to me with ease.

135. I see unlimited opportunities for creating more wealth in my life.

136. I feel grateful for the money I have.

137. Being wealthy and having a lot of money affords me the opportunity to make the world a better place.

138. It feels fantastic to have a lot of money.

139. The Universe responds to my prosperity mindset by providing me with more opportunities to make money with ease.

140. I visualize being wealthy every day, and I send good vibrations out to the Universe about money.

141. I’m a money magnet that attracts money from all kinds of places.

142. I am abundant every day, in every way.

143. I am gracious for all the prosperity I receive every day.

144. My money multiplies because I pay myself first.

145. I constantly am able to find and come up with more ways to make money with ease.

146. Money is an important part of my life, and I give it the time and attention that it deserves.

147. Money allows me to help more people.

148. Money allows me to spend more time with my loved ones.

149. Money allows me to have more wonderful experiences.

150. Having more money is a good thing for my life and will allow me to do the things I desire.

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151. I love money and all the things that let me accomplish.

152. I deserve to be wealthy and to live my life in abundance.

153. I continuously have a substantial surplus of money at the end of every month.

154. I continually learn from others who live in financial abundance.

155. My actions create a lot of value for others.

156. I am a person of great value.

157. I make my money work for me.

158. I am a great money manager.

159. I am grateful for the ability the Universe provides me to make a lot of money.

160. My financial reality is in my total control.

161. Money is my servant.

162. I have everything that I need to create financial abundance in my life.

163. There is enough money for me to create a prosperous life.

164. I trust that the Universe will always meet my needs.

165. I am great at managing my money. I am the master of my money, and I am in control of my finances.

166. I am a millionaire. I think like a millionaire, I act like a millionaire, and I feel like a millionaire.

167. I allow wealth to enter my life. I allow prosperity to enter my life. I allow abundance to enter my life.

168. I am fully receptive to all the wealth that life offers me.

169. My success is important and necessary.

170. All my dreams have come true.

171. I create wealth; therefore I am always wealthy.

172. I expect to achieve success in all of my endeavors and allow success to be my natural state in life.

173. I am able to move past challenges and mistakes quickly and effortlessly.

174. Money comes to me in an easy and effortless way.

175. I align myself with the energy of wealth and abundance.

176. I use my money to better my life and the lives of those around me.

177. Money creates a positive impact on my life.

178. I allow my wealth to expand, and I live in comfort and joy every day.

179. I am able to make a ton of money doing what I love, and I am fully supported in all my ventures.

180. I think positive money thoughts daily.

181. I have plenty of money for my needs and plenty for the needs of others.

182. By living my purpose, I attract abundance in my life.

Affirmations for Attracting Happiness

Happiness is a state of contentment and well-being. The first step that you need to take to become happy is to change your thoughts. Affirmations are a great tool for this because they can help to replace the limiting beliefs that you hold with more empowering ones. It is important to note that you don’t want to try to force the negative thoughts to disappear, but rather you need to learn how to become aware of the thoughts and accept them without putting any judgment on them. By being mindful and present, you will start to find that the negative thoughts will slowly begin to fade into the background.

Affirmations for Attracting Happiness, your only limit is you

Many people around the world are looking for happiness in big things or events, when in fact there is often more power in extracting happiness from common experiences. You don’t want to wait to be happy, especially if you can choose to be happy right here and now. Also, it is vital to remember that your physiology is an incredibly important piece for feeling happy. You will never feel happy if you have your head down and a frown on your face. When you lift your head up and put a smile on your face, you will feel a lot better, and it will be much easier to develop a positive mindset. Remember to use your body in a positive way when you use the following affirmations.

183. Every day, and in every way, I’m experiencing more and more joy and happiness in my life.

184. Happiness is my natural state of being.

185. I deserve to be happy.

186. By being happy every day, I can help others to become happy in their lives.

187. I am grateful for all the happy feelings that follow me everywhere I go.

188. I spread happiness to others and absorb happiness from others in return.

189. I am so happy and grateful for my life that my outlook on life is incredibly positive.

190. Being happy is easy for me.

191. I am grateful for every moment of every day because I know that it will never return.

192. My future is bright, and I am incredibly thankful for it.

193. I constantly think uplifting thoughts.

194. I am incredibly grateful for the air I’m breathing, the water I have access to, and the food in my refrigerator.

195. I am grateful because I always have what I need to live my life.

196. I start every day in a state of immense happiness and joy.

197. I am a joyful giver and a happy receiver of good things in my life.

198. The world will be a better place and happier place because I was here.

199. I am an unstoppable force for good.

200. I trust myself because my inner wisdom knows the truth.

201. I breathe in happiness with every single breath that I take.

202. I wake up feeling grateful for this life and full of joy.

203. I am so happy and grateful because I get to live the life of my dreams.

204. I am always improving and learning new things that make me happy.

205. I am present and feel tremendous joy at this moment.

206. I can transform any negative into a positive, no matter what it is.

207. I am an incredibly positive person with incredible gifts to share with the world.

208. I am the creator of my day, my weeks, my months, and my years and I chose to create happiness and joy.

209. I decide to make my life a masterpiece worth remembering.

210. I feel alive, and the world around me feels new and fresh. 211. Life is wonderful, and I love living.

212. There are endless opportunities for me to experience joy and happiness every day.

213. I transform any obstacle into abundant opportunities.

214. I am eternally grateful for the abundance in my life.

215. I am open to accepting new journeys and beginnings in my life. I am always learning, growing, and unlocking new and promising possibilities.

216. Every minute I appreciate the completeness of my journey and I am aware that by appreciating the completeness of my journey a realize greater happiness, peace, and joy.

217. The small joys in life add great happiness to my days when I become more mindful of their existence.

218. I respect everything and everyone around me, and I perform even little actions with a lot of happiness, love, and gratitude.

219. I am strong, creative, and happy, and I use my mistakes as stepping stones to grow into a wiser person.

220. I value inner peace and realize that being myself is completely acceptable. I live with my truth, and my happiness is as much within me as it is outside me.

221. I am truly grateful to the Universe for this glorious and wonderful life. I am truly blessed and grateful to everyone who has touched my life and has made it worth living.

222. Happy thoughts and circumstances are drawn to me naturally. I am always landing in happy circumstances.

223. I am happy performing random acts of kindness, compassion, love, and happiness. My love results in more love and happiness in entering my life.

224. I am loving, compassionate, happy, and kind.

225. I am truly grateful and appreciative for everything I have, including love, happiness, joy, and compassion for others.

226. I feel a complete sense of joy, love, and happiness at the moment and exude that energy throughout the day.

227. I feel gorgeous inside and out while defining my own sense of beauty through positive energy, abundant love, and happiness.

228. My abundance of love, happiness, and positive energy allows me to step into the day and accomplish everything that I set my mind to.

229. I allow myself to experience the goodness that surrounds me and retain positive energy that flows throughout the day to nourish my body, mind, and soul.

230. Happiness is my birthright. I choose to attract happiness to my life, and I deserve to be truly joyful and happy in everything I set out to do.

231. Today is the day for new beginnings, and I welcome the day with refreshed eyes and a rejuvenated mind.

232. Abundance is flowing throughout my day, and I possess all the love, happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, and energy to make my day special.

233. Each moment that I am alive, I become happier and happier with my life.

234. Each cell in my body is pulsating with happiness, joy, positivity, and abundance.

235. I am happier now than I have ever been.

236. Happiness is something that is contagious. I understand this, and I work to spread happiness around to others, which brings happiness back to me tenfold.

237. My happiness helps the people in my life feel happier.

238. My happy attitude attracts other happiness into my life.

239. I am immensely grateful for my wonderful life. I am grateful to everyone who has made me happy and who has made my life worth living.

240. I am happy when I make progress toward reaching my goals.

241. I focus more on my present happiness than the mistakes from my past.

242. I can pick myself up and lift my own spirits.

243. I feel a tremendous sense of happiness and peace within myself.

244. I am a positive person and choose to have a positive view of life.

245. I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way with happiness and a positive attitude.

246. I am happy; I am healthy; I am strong.

247. Every morning I wake up feeling happy about my life and my future.

248. I approach everything in my life with a sense of humor and love to laugh with others.

249. When I think happy thoughts, my life brightens and lightens.

250. Being happy is a top priority in my life, and I remember to practice this feeling every day.

251. I allow myself to fully enjoy the little moments that I observe around me every day.

252. I am always looking for more ways to bring happiness and laughter into my life.

253. I am always able to find a reason to smile every day.

254. I am completely happy with the choices that I make in my life.

255. I am always friendly with other people and smile at them.

256. I spread happiness everywhere I go.

257. I commit myself to develop the highest possible level of happiness in my life.

258. My life is constantly overflowing with happiness and joy.

259. I work joyfully toward all my goals and dreams.

260. I am always happy because I am doing great things with my life.

261. I am worthy of love and happiness.

262. I welcome happiness and joy into my life.

263. I am happy because I live my life fully every day.

264. I rest in complete bliss and happiness every time I go to sleep because I know everything is fine in my Universe.

265. I am the most content and happiest person on this planet.

266. I am glad that all happiness originates from within me and I live every moment to the fullest.

267. The possibilities that life presents me with are infinite.

268. I float happily and in a content manner within my world.

269. I choose to live a happy, peaceful, and balanced life.

270. I find joy, happiness, and pleasure in the tiniest of things.

271. I can tap into my internal spring of happiness anytime I want and let out a flow of joy, pleasure, happiness, and well-being.

272. I look at and observe the world around me with a smile because I can’t help but sense all the joy around me. 273. My happiness soars and expands each day.

274. Every day I wake up with a happy smile on my face and a sense of tremendous gratitude in my heart for all the wonderful moments that await me during the day.

Affirmations for Attracting Success

Everyone dreams of living a successful life, but very few people are lucky enough to achieve it, even by their own estimations. What does success mean to you? At the society level, wealth and power are accepted as the standard indicators of true success, and it is easy to see why. This is because it is easy to keep score or money and it tends to result in the visual display of what one can buy with money. However, you slice it, to achieve a greater level of success you have first to define what success means to you personally.

Affirmations for success, living a successful life

While all of the above is important for you to consider, you can experience success for yourself on a daily basis. In the small daily actions that you take towards achieving meaningful goals. While they may seem like they are small, these goals are the stuff in which your long-term dreams are made. It is important to celebrate the small things in your life.

Repeating these affirmations for success on a daily basis will help you get into a successful mindset. A successful mindset is one that contains empowering and positive beliefs about success in all aspects of your life. It has been said before that people fear success more than failure, and with that kind of mindset, it is difficult to achieve anything extraordinary in life. The following affirmations will help you overcome any mental blocks that might be holding you back from your dreams.

275. I am proud of what I have achieved in my life.

276. I have the potential, power, and ability to create all the success, prosperity, and abundance that I desire in my life.

277. My mind is completely free of resistance and is open to all the new and exciting possibilities before me.

278. I deserve to be successful, and I am worthy of receiving all the good that life has to offer me.

279. I am thankful for all the abilities, talents, and skills that contribute to my daily success.

280. The Universe is filled with unlimited possibilities and opportunities for me to have a career I love.

281. I am open-minded and eager when it comes to fully explore new avenues and possibilities for success in my life.

282. I recognize every opportunity that knocks on my door and seizes it immediately.

283. Each day I discover exciting, promising, and interesting new paths to travel.

284. I see and experience prosperity everywhere I look.

285. I love my work. It is fulfilling, rewarding, gratifying, and a part of my journey toward greater success.

286. My ambition is in perfect harmony with my personal and professional values.

287. I work with passionate, inspiring, fascinating, and enthusiastic people who share my zest for work and success.

288. By creating success for myself, I am also creating an abundance of opportunities for the success of others. 289. I feel positive, powerful, confident, and calm as I take on new challenges.

290. I attract powerful and successful people who understand, motivate, and inspire me daily.

291. I celebrate every goal I accomplish with thankfulness, happiness, and joy.

292. The more successful I become, the more powerful and confident I feel for the rest of my life.

293. I will forever attract the perfect circumstances at the perfect time in my life. I am always in the right place at the right time.

294. I am grateful for all the success that is constantly flowing into my life.

295. I totally trust my intuition to guide me toward making smart and wise decisions in my life.

296. I keep myself focused on my vision and pursue my everyday work with zeal and passion.

297. Each day is filled with an abundance of new possibilities, ideas, and avenues that bring great inspiration to my life.

298. Success comes effortlessly and easily to me because I excel in everything that I do.

299. I take complete pride in my innate ability to make worthy contributions around me.

300. I always expect positive results in everything I do, and as a result, I naturally attract them to me.

301. I am fortunate to attract powerful and brilliant mentors who generously share their wisdom, knowledge, and ideas with me.

302. As I allow success and abundance in my life, even more, doors to opportunity and success open up for me.

303. I set incredibly high standards for myself, and I am able to always live up to those standards.

304. I have an inexhaustible supply of fabulous new ideas that help me become a more successful person with each passing day.

305. I am constantly creating a life of success, happiness, and abundance.

306. I truly love the person that I am, and I invariably attract people who respect and admire me for the unique person that I am.

307. By being an inspiring, positive, and powerful influence on those around me, I am making the world a better place for everyone to live.

308. I dream and think big, which always brings me success.

309. Each day I wake up and dress for success, prosperity, and abundance in body, mind, and spirit.

310. I am truly grateful for the success I’ve achieved and the abundance and financial prosperity I enjoy every day.

311. I am enthusiastic and passionate about being more successful in my life.

312. The Universe is always helping me accomplish all my goals and desires.

313. My dreams always manifest right before my eyes.

314. The Universe’s wealth is always circulating throughout my life and bringing me avalanches of prosperity and success.

315. I am driven, ambitious, motivated, and inspired by my life’s goals each day.

316. I have the full power to lift myself and my spirits up whenever I desire.

317. I find it easy and effortless to be optimistic every day.

318. Success is naturally and effortlessly drawn to me in all areas of my life.

319. My affirmations for prosperity, success, and happiness always bear positive results.

320. Other people are motivated and driven by my success.

321. I am decisive in all my actions which have led to greater success, prosperity, and happiness in my life.

322. It is easy for me to achieve all my goals in life.

323. The Universe is my friend, and it helps me accomplish all my dreams, desires, and goals with ease.

324. Other people are attracted to me because I am incredibly successful.

325. I continually work to enhance all the aspects of my life and am rewarded with success.

326. I have the deep desire and willpower to climb to great heights of success.

327. I wholeheartedly offer myself to the Universe, and in return, it showers me with unlimited rewards and success.

328. The vision I have creates a success that surrounds me in my daily life.

329. Happiness, joy, prosperity, and success are second nature to me.

330. Accomplishing all my goals is incredibly easy and effortless for me.

331. My life is an incredibly amazing, wonderful, and exciting journey.

332. My thoughts and beliefs create my reality, and I am the master of all my thoughts.

333. I have the power to create my life in exactly the way that I desire.

334. Everything that I desire, want, and need is already out there waiting for me to take it.

335. I am full of endless positive thoughts, positive energy, and positive actions every day.

336. I am destined for success and greatness.

337. Today and every day, I take several steps toward fulfilling my goals and getting everything I want.

338. My mind, tenacity, positive energy, and ability can move mountains and help me achieve my goals.

339. I feel refreshed, driven, determined, and excited to excel today and every day.

340. My ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are the seeds for my success.

341. I am enough and will always be enough.

342. Today is a great day, and I have everything I need to make it great.

343. I am making smart decisions for my life because I have the knowledge I need to do so.

344. I surround myself with people that greatly contribute to my growth and success.

345. I am focused every day on the goals I need to achieve to be successful.

346. I am intuitive and know what direction is best for my success.

347. I am equipped with all the skills and knowledge that I need to embrace and achieve success.

348. I am constantly receiving the endless opportunities sent to me by the Universe to help me experience success.

349. I am free from all the obstacles that are holding me back from being successful.

350. I am eager and always open to follow new paths to achieve success.

351. I am developing and learning the areas in life that make me free, happy, and full of purpose.

352. I am joyful and grateful for every goal that I accomplish and celebrate each one with pride.

353. I am grateful for my success and happiness.

354. I am experiencing things daily that are leading me toward success.

355. I am always creating with help me to grow the opportunities presented to me daily.

356. I am full of enthusiasm and energy that helps me reach my goals and achieve success.

357. I am showing others how to believe in me and my success through my belief in myself.

358. I am living my best life through my authentic self.

359. I am clear about life and my purpose, and I know what I need to do to reach my goals and achieve success.

360. I am embracing everything that comes to me from the Universe.

361. I am continually moving toward achieving my goals through my continued intentional actions.

362. I am developing new, positive habits that serve my goals.

363. I am open to infinite opportunities for success that are presented to me by the Universe.

364. I am building my life on a foundation I laid, and I am filling it with the content I choose.

365. I am contributing great ideas to the Universe.


It isn’t easy to change how you see certain areas of your life or to dig into complex and sometimes dark places. As you explore different affirmations to improve various areas in your life with growth and positive change, you can use them to impact them with patience and grace. Positive affirmations are a tool that you can use daily to help you relax or energize, focus or forgo, connector release. It all depends on what you need and where you believe you need to go. You have to trust your instincts, stay true to your path and stay positive.

You can teach your mind to re-write the narrative to your story. You can start at any place and move forward in the direction of your goals. And, if at any point, you find yourself off the path you were meant to head in, fix up a new affirmation and get going where you need to go. You have control over your thoughts, which means you have control over your actions. Your actions will then lead you to your reality, and this is how you can make amazing things happen in your life. It all starts with your thoughts.

Now that you have learned how to make affirmations work in your life and have plenty of ideas on how to call for your desires and goals to manifest, it is time to choose one and start repeating it to yourself. The more you repeat it, the more it ingrains as the truth in your mind. When your mind believes it, your actions will live it. And when your actions live it, your reality, in turn, reflects it. Every day you have to choose to keep moving forward and being positive. You have to truly believe that you are making a difference in your life and the lives around you and that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You have to believe in yourself and your amazing purpose if you want to manifest all your heart’s desires with the help of positive affirmations.


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