Affordable & Creative DIY Home Desk Accessories Ideas

Nowadays, it’s essential to have a desk at your home to hold your laptop or PC. Even if you’re not working from home, I believe you need to study or use your PC on a desk. Although there are many modern designs of home office desks, some models are DIYs are look pretty useful.

Moreover, you can turn unused items into efficient desk accessories! Get inspired by our collection of DIY desks and DIY desk accessories.

Diy Desk Accessories For An Organized Office

Decorating your desk can be fun and encourage you to work. You could have things in your house that will make a great desk accessory with some artistic touch.

The best thing about DIY is choosing the colors you like to match your office theme and personality. You can get creative with these easy DIY projects that’ll take your desk decor up a notch.

1. Watercolor Desktop Calendar

With watercolors, you can create an amazing looking desktop calendar instead of getting one from a fancy stationery store. All you need is some watercolor brushes and cold-pressed paper to make paint chip-inspired squares.

Then, let the paint dry after painting the rainbow or pattern you like. Finally, using a felt-tip pen, add the months and days and put it on a miniature easel.

2. Painted Wooden Box

A small wooden box can make a great desk accessory. If you have a small wooden box, decorate it or paint it however you’d like. Then, use it to store your desk supplies while enjoying a fantastic piece of accessory.

We love the look of apple green paint paired with watercolor-style flowers. But you can choose any combination of color and print to match your home office.

Painted Wooden Box
Painted Wooden Box Example

3. Cork Mousepad

You can be creative with coloring cork mousepad DIY by applying metallic paint. You can either choose a color, your desk, and office theme, or enjoy the classy color of cork if you have a wooden office design.

The natural color of cork invites a natural vibe into your office. First, you should use masking tape to mark off a section of the mousepad. Then, you can apply a thin layer of shimmering color using a paintbrush.

Cork Mousepad

4. Composition Book Mason Jar Pencil Holder

You can easily buy mason jars for a dollar and decorate them however you’d like. It’s a great desk accessory and acts as a pencil holder to organize your desk. So, pick your favorite paint colors and go crazy with its design.

5. Canvas Clipboards

It’s beautiful and encouraging to add the artwork to your home office. How about adding artwork that will both decorate and help you be efficient? You can creatively hang color-block canvases clipboards. How?

First, you need to attach metal clips, then paint the bottom of the canvas with a color you like. Afterward, in an arranged grid, you can decorate the wall of your home office while saving some money.

6. Gold Patterned Desk Organizers

Why not use empty jars, broken or unused bowls, or small vases, and turn them into a trendy desk accessory?  You can decorate them with gold stripes or any color of your choosing, and store paper clips, rubber bands, or other office supplies. Also, you can get sticky paper patterns and stick them onto the jar for a pretty look.

7. Jute Rope Extension Cord

Well, who isn’t sick of the sight of extension cords?! I know I am! Now, it’s time for a creative DIY solution using jute rope. It’ll camouflage the cables and cords and add a neat look and texture to your office. Surely, it’ll take some time to wrap the cables and secure the ends with some hot glue, but you’ll get a beautiful look for your office.

8. Clothespin Filing System

Add a cheerful touch to your desk by painting some clothespins. Then, use the colorful pins to organize your paperwork and lists.

By using a color-coded filing system, you’re saving time and managing the tasks and documents. You can label the pins however you want depending on your work needs by using a mini alphabet stencil, glue, and black cardstock.

9. Button Thumbtacks

If you have a box of buttons and you’re not sure what to do with them, now is the time to use them for your desk. Ever thought of turning them into fanciful thumbtacks? Button thumbtacks are so easy to make using some tacky glue.

10. Geometric Colored Pencil Holder

You can add a pop of color by arranging your colorful pencils on your desk instead of storing them in the drawer. So, you can make a geometric pencil holder from air-dried clay to act as the pencil holder.

To make the facets of the gemstone-like design, you’ll need a sharp kitchen knife. Also, you’ll need some white, grey, or black paint to give a crisp look. For a shiny finish, use a metallic paint marker and apply it on the sides.

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