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An African safari will take you to Kenya, or Africa‟s Big Five. Kenya is a place to visit if you a good common sense and an interest in adventure. Kenya is filled with wild beasts, whose forests hide them behind shrubs, octopus trees, and so on.

The big five is where Africa‟ buffaloes roam the lands, as well as the rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, etc. Here you will enjoy beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and wildlife like you have never enjoyed before. In this area, you were exploring grassy plains, or grassy flatlands where trees are scattered about in the subtropical and tropical surroundings.

If you choose to tour Africa, i.e. by a package you‟’ll ride around in a four-wheel jeep, just as you see on television. As well, vacation packages or tourist packages enable you to allow a specialist to guide your path. If you‟ve never been Africa this is probably the safest route to take.

elephants in Kenya

Kenya is a reserved and renowned land, and Masai Mara has a wide array of game views. On a Kenya safari, you will enjoy grasslands, guerrillas, giraffes, and monkeys that swing from the trees, or sit in the trees, just like you see in the movies. Serengeti is Africa‟ ‘s national park where you will enjoy the crown jewels of Africa, including the sanctuary of Terzian‟ ‘s wildlife.

Similar to Masai Mara you will see a wide array of animals, including the black endangered rhinos, zebras, elephants, and, lions. In Kenya‟s forestry area you‟ ll see a lot more than you can bargain for.

South Africa is another safari you may want to take since here you can enjoy Africa‟ ‘s Kruger National Park. At the park you‟ll enjoy architecture, etc. Zambia will take you on a tour of the lower Zambezi, which is another of Africa‟s national parks. Here you will see hundreds of bird species, as well as hippos, elephants, etc.

South Africa safari

Africa includes game reserves, in which predators swarm the lands. This is Africa‟ ‘s capital of predators. In Botswana Moremi, you will see cheetahs, Leopards, hyenas, wild African dogs, a huge volume of lions, etc. Visiting Etosha Natl., Park you will enjoy Africa‟ ‘s largest park, where the black rhinos will make you enjoy visiting Namibia.

In the northern part of Tanzania, African safaris will take you on a stunning adventure where you will enjoy snowcapped mountains, such as Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain reaches more than 19,000 feet into the air. Africa‟s, Namibia area is desert land, which is the area‟s world known as the oldest in history. If you want to see some of the largest trees in the world, or taller trees NAMIB will open doors for you, as well as take you over to SOSSUSVLEI where you will enjoy Sandy Dunes.

Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – Painting

Along the Zambezi River and through the borders of Zambia-Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls will take you through cosmopolitan areas, Johannesburg, Cape Town, or through Africa‟s Nairobi.

Again if you have never taken an Africa safari, you may want to get information gathered about the packages online. Tourist guides will walk into the channels of an African safari, which will provide you with protection. Wildlife tends to be dangerous especially if you fear them. You must pay back at all times since these critters can rip someone apart in a matter of seconds, or minutes.

You can book packages, which will cover area sightseeing. The guides will transport you through the area while giving you a background of the history of the area. Packages will also include lodging, meals, and thrilling side excursions. The excursions may include whitewater rafting, scuba diving, bungee, etc. Thus, African safaris are interesting and dangerous; having a guide could save you from Africa‟ ‘s wild beasts that stalk the land.

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