All About the Valve World Asia 2019 and Its Effect on the Industry

Witnessing the amazing progression of the valve industry is what Valve World Asia 2019 is all about. Through an event, they exhibit top-of-the-line valves and fittings to give designers, manufacturers, developers, users, service providers, and distributors a broader idea of what more can the valve industry offer. From innovation to development, the event highlights the exciting features of different types of valves introduced in the industry.

The event has been running for two years now continuing to provide better ideas for developing the valve industry. Valve manufacturers and distributors from across the globe are excited about the progression of different introduced innovations. Valve World Asia 2019 broadens its community by showcasing all types of valves and fittings. But what should you expect from this grand event? Here are the features of Valve World Asia 2019 and how it affects the industry!

Exhibiting World Class Products

On average, the event welcomes approximately 140 exhibitors from across the globe to give the audiences a better view of what more can valves and fittings offer. This is an opportunity especially for flourishing industrial valve manufacturers considering that they gain new ideas that improve the quality of operations. They have designated cubicles where guests can pass through and view the company’s best-selling valves, fittings, and other accessories. 

Exhibiting valves considered as the product of new technology is a big opportunity for them to expand the guests’ knowledge about valves. Maximizing the new technology is their way of creating efficient but effective products that increase the quality of operations without compromising the functionality of the product. The variety of valve industries catering to different fields is given the time to exhibit the authenticity of their products.

Exhibits highly affect the valve industry considering that all exhibitors have one goal, to continue developing their existing products aligned to technology. The most common valves exhibited are globe valves, gate valves, check valves, and ball valves wherein their differences and similarities highlight their main purpose, to control. This event is a big help, especially for people in the field of research and development wherein they have high expectations about when it comes to quality and design.

Exchange of Ideologies

Most exhibitors, especially the ones in the field of research and development, contribute ideas. Different ideologies from exhibitors and audiences facilitate further growth not just in the company but also in the valve industry. Depending on the type of application valves cater to, this event gives them the time to broaden their perspective on how valves work. They conduct conferences to exchange views on how can advanced technology increase the functionality of valves.

On average, there are 250 delegates involved in exchanging ideologies. This is a great opportunity for the valve industry considering that they are still filling loopholes with long-term solutions. They continue to build a better community of valve distributors and manufacturers to give society a heads up of what’s new and what to expect. Valve World Asia 2019 flourishes the valve industry by exchanging ideologies to enhance existing innovations.

Valve Servicing and Inspection

Apart from exhibits and conferences they conduct, the event is also centered on valve inspection and servicing. Considering that they have standard requirements to follow, the valves and fittings exhibited are top-of-the-line products in the market. Inspections are done to ensure that the manufacturer ensures that the quality remains their top priority. They make it a habit to give clients a better view that all products are subject to inspection before selling and distribution.

Valve servicing is more than just repairing services but maintenance checks too. All valves and fittings are expected to be of the best quality showcasing excellent performance. What better way of gaining the client’s trust is by exhibiting what to expect before and after purchase? This is a big step for the valve industry because they get to bring the guests a better view of how valves and fittings should be maintained. 

Market Expansion

Aligned with the exhibits Valve World Asia 2019 conducts a boost in sales and closed deals. An opportunity that builds the numbers of every manufacturer. Not only that, it broadens the market so they can offer their products. Considering that more than a hundred delegates are showcasing their products, clients are given numerous choices. When a company’s market expands, there are a lot of opportunities concerning referrals from top-of-the-line construction firms.

The event is not just composed of potential clients but professionals and enthusiasts in the valve industry. Impress them with the quality and specifications of the valves and fittings and they will consider you as one of their choices in the long run. In the field of construction, they believe that elements inside a building are what make it functional. That’s why this event is just as big as it is for them.

Building Community

Catering to clients across the Asian continent, the event extends connections to manufacturers and distributors. Knowing that most are globally accredited, Valve World Asia 2019 brings together different companies for one big event. It’s not just about the boost of sales they are trying to target. Exhibitors want exposure and broader connections. The event is a big step for both the community and the valve industry.


Valve World Asia has a goal to develop what the industry is capable of and what more can they do to perform smoother operations. Considering the number one trade fair in the world, this is a chance for newbies and experts in the industry to broaden their creative ideas on valves. This year the Valve World Expo Asia 2019 will build bridges in the valve industry in Shanghai. They will conduct conferences, exhibits, and talks from August 28 to 29 of this year. 

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