All Eye Drops Are Not Alike

There are many infections that affect different parts of the eye like eye drops. The most common types of eye infections can be a result of viral, parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections. These infections require different types of eye drops for treatment.

Conjunctivitis is a commonly known type of eye viral infection that is very contagious and it’s often known as “ocular herpes” or “pink eye”. Acanthamoeba is a parasitic infection that is caused by certain parasites found in the soil or water that can invade your eye from a contact surface. Bacterial infections commonly occur after complicated eye surgery or trauma.

Eye drops can be prescribed by the doctor or purchased at the pharmacy. There are many eye drops that are available over the counter depending on what they are going to be used for.

However, if you have an eye infection or are experiencing a problem with your vision, it is important to seek a doctor’s advice before buying any eye drops. Serious eye problems require immediate diagnosis and treatments which can only be provided by an eye doctor.

Some eye drops are issued only when the patient has a doctor’s prescription. These types of eye drops are specialized for certain types of eye ailments and most of them are prescribed for glaucoma, bacterial infections, or after eye surgery.

Preservatives can be added to the eye drops for the purpose of eradicating any presence of bacteria. People who are either allergic or have sensitive eyes may experience some reactions such as soreness, redness, and irritation due to the preservative.

You can also find eye drops that are preservative-free and they come in single doses. You only use them once and discard them. This type of eye drop is more costly compared to the one with preservatives.

Different Kinds of Eye Drops are Available

  • Eye drops used for correcting your dry eyes – This condition can occur as a result of many factors such as fatigue, the environment, computer use, and eye surgery. Other causes include the sun, being dehydrated, wind, and the dry atmosphere inside an airplane. A simple relief to this problem is to use lubricating types of eye drops. These types of eye drops will add tear elements to your eyes, helping them to function better.
  • Eye drops used for treating redness – Your eyes can suffer from redness conditions due to allergy, infection, or tiredness. Before you decide to buy the remedy, you need to see your eye doctor in order to address any underlying problem. This problem can be corrected by the use of decongestant drops. This treatment works by shrinking your blood vessels and making them look whiter.
  • Eye drops used for treating itchiness – Having itchy eyes can be a result of seasonal allergies. The itchiness will make you rub your eyes more, leading to the release of histamine which makes them itchier. Antihistamine eye drops will give you relief.
  • Eye drops used for treating eye infection – If your eyes are producing some discharge or they are crusty, the condition might be caused by an eye infection. Antibiotic eye drops will help to fight eye infections before the problem spreads. These eye drops are available through a prescription issued by the eye doctor.

The kind of eye drop that is best will depend on the condition of your eye. Some of these conditions include itching, swelling, soreness, allergies, infection, dryness, etc. Consult your eye doctor before you decide to buy the eye drops.

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