All In The Science: Why Flowers Are More Than Just Looks

Most of us will buy flowers for their sheer beauty.

For example, it was only last week that I decided to buy a bunch from Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers is a brand that I have followed a lot on social media over the last few years, and I decided to take the plunge after reading some more positive Avas Flowers feedback over the last few months.

This spur of the moment decision was done to inject a bit of vibrancy into my room. It just felt as though the family needed a little bit of summer (particularly in the current environment).

It wasn’t until I came across a magazine article that showed there is more to flowers than the color and beauty that most of us buy them for. There is in fact a lot of science – some of which borders on the incredible.

They can reduce your stress levels

As we keep hearing, and as some of us keep experiencing, we are in a much more stressful world.

However, good news might be on the horizon. If one survey is to be believed, flowers can have a huge redeeming effect. The survey used various rewards in a bid to curb stress levels, with one of these being flowers. Suffice it to say, the impact was huge, with flowers beating all of the other “rewards” that were attempted within the study.

They can help you sleep

This next study was performed by the team at Wesleyan University.

It involved a group of people being asked to sniff lavender essential oil prior to sleeping.

The results were bordering on the incredible, with most participants reporting that they felt more rested the following morning.

Granted, this isn’t going to be the case for every flower in your home, but it might be a reason to turn to lavender upstairs.

They can improve your memory

The final bit of science I am going to look at today is the surprisingly positive effect that flowers have on your memory.

The study in question focused specifically on the over 55s and showed how flowers boosted the memory of this age group significantly. The results have since been summarized and showed that flowers can produce chemicals that are able to target the section of our brain which looks after our memory (amongst other issues).

Again, it’s a marginal gain, but when all of these minor benefits are pooled together it starts to become crystal clear while many of us just can’t resist turning to flowers.

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