All Night Long: 8 Unique Sleepover Party Ideas for Grownups

But have you considered orchestrating a fabulous grown-up slumber party?

A girls’ sleepover is a fun and funky activity that can hit your “cute meter” right away. You can enjoy some amazing and unique sleepover party ideas.

We want to give you some pointers on some of the activities that you could do to make the night a memorable one.

1. Host a “Mocktail” Slumber Party

To start, guests can bring their favorite non-alcoholic drink to mix. Include an array of healthy options such as fresh fruit, herbal tea, or a variety of fresh juices.

Have blankets and pillows set up in the living room for an added sleeping area for guests to comfortably lounge in?

2. Have an International Food Tasting Sleepover

One way how to throw a pajama party for adults is to appoint a couple of people to plan and get the food for the sleepover. Make sure your menu includes cuisines from around the world. Preparing dishes from cultures such as Thai, Mexican, and Italian is a great choice.

Ice cream is also the perfect food for a slumber party. Go to an ice cream boutique and stock up on different types of ice cream, including gluten-free ice cream, to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements.

3. Craft Together with a DIY Sleepover

Everyone can bring their favorite craft supplies and make different items such as quilts, scrapbooks, paintings, and jewelry. Invite friends to bring their snacks, drinks, and food to have a potluck dinner to fuel their project creations.

4. Explore Local Spots with a Scavenger Hunt Sleepover

Send guests off to teams of two or three to explore various locations. At each spot, they will receive clues that may involve taking photos with lists of items to find. Upon returning from the hunt, the teams will compare their lists and the photos taken.

5. Movie or Gaming Marathon for Late-Night Fun

Start with a potluck gathering of your favorite snacks and drinks, accompanied by some laughs and conversations.

Also, make sure to have a variety of movies and games ready to go for the night. Popular pajama party ideas for adult choices include horror movies or Playstation 4 games.

6. Consider Overnight Boat Stay

Whether you charter a boat for the evening, rent one out, or borrow from a friend, the setting of being out on the lake or river is bound to provide a special experience.

Bring blankets, board games, and plenty of snacks. Have an overnight boat stay, watch the sunset and then make some delicious s’mores on the boat.

7. Unforgettable Activities to Cap Off the Night

These are just a few fun and unique pajama party ideas for adults that will help you end the night on the perfect note. Start by arranging a murder-mystery dinner or activity.

You can make it as complex or as simplified as you want, depending on your party size. Make sure to pick up props like funny hats or wigs to go along with your dinner.

8. Bedtime Comfort Ideas for an Ultra-Cozy Evening

Whether it’s a gathering of college friends getting together or a reunion of best buds, a cozy sleepover party for grownups is always a crowd-pleaser.

Start the night by creating a space where everyone can kick off their shoes and relax. Set up cozy beds and pillows, and a mini living room setup – think comfy couches, blankets, and soft lighting.

Learn More About Unique Sleepover Party Ideas

These sleepover party ideas make the best one without sacrificing the grownup edge. Whether it’s games, drinks, tech, music, or a movie marathon, end the night with something that makes everyone look forward to the next one.

Throw your grownup sleepover and see for yourself how much fun you can have!

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