All You Need to Know about CBD

The newest buzzing product in the wellness industry is CBD. It has gone from being a hush-hush and I-don’t-know-much-about-it product to the rising star of the wellness industry, and much of this popularity can be credited back to the legalization of marijuana. CBD is now to found almost everywhere: in the lattes of the coffee shop around the corner, in facial care products in hip beauty stores, in diffuser oils in lifestyle stores.

Despite its raging popularity, CBD has a lot of confusion around it, and this article shall be a guide to address most of the mainstream concerns regarding it. So read to the end to know everything you should keep in your mind before you Shop CBD oil or any other CBD product.

What is CBD?

CBD essentially stands for cannabidiol which is a compound made from Cannabis. Also known as Cannabis Sativa, this plant has two main species namely, hemp and marijuana. The former contains a higher percentage of CBD than the latter. CBD is not psychoactive contrary to popular belief and instead helps with calming your nerves, relaxation, and overall peace. That is to say, that CBD doesn’t classify as an intoxicant and isn’t the same as using marijuana.

How does CBD help my health?

CBD has numerous benefits related to one’s health and the most talked about one is pain management. CBD was recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as an ingredient in medication for Epilepsy. Non-research sources claim the health benefits of CBD in curing cancer and arthritis too. With respect to pain treatment, doctors claim that CBD works for both nerve pain and musculoskeletal pain. However, the quantities in which CBD is to be consumed are still in doubt. Additionally, CBD can possibly be used in combination with other cannabis products, but their dosage is in question as well.

The lack of research puts medical professionals in a poor position as there isn’t a push for funding to conduct research in this matter. Public opinion could possibly pressurize the government to invest and fund.

Additionally, CBD also probably helps individuals with anxiety by calming the mind and the body with its usage. In a typical nervous system scare, CBS relaxes the nervous system and helps ease anxiety.

CBD also potentially helps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and helps individuals suffering from PTSD cater to it in a healthy way. This happens particularly because CBD helps individuals by speeding up their recovery mechanism to stress and naturally enables them to overcome their resultant distress.

Additionally, CBD also helps with sleeplessness and depression. Individuals that find it difficult to sleep at night, or find themselves waking up in the middle of the night have claimed that consuming CBD has helped them overcome their condition.

Also, CBD helps with inflammation as it naturally has anti-inflammatory properties. It does so by inhibiting the production of enzymes in the human body that aid inflammation. Alternatively, it helps with curing scars on the skin and burn marks when used as an ointment or oil. It also helps individuals who are looking to quit smoking by curbing the craving for nicotine.

However, despite the above uses, CBS should not be thought of as an all-rounder in the wellness industry. This is because its treatment is based on multiple factors which include an individual’s lifestyle, body mass index, diet, etc.

How can I consume CBD?

CBD comes in various forms which include oils, vapes, gummies, tinctures, tablets, etc. Your choice of form depends upon why you are consuming CBD or what treatment you hope to reach. The main differences in the varying forms of CBD are whether you eat it or apply it, and how long they take to cure or treat you. For instance, a vape pen does the work faster as compared to an ointment or oil. If you doubt consumption of CBD in an edible form you can opt for oil instead and buy CBD oil at CBD shopy. If you are comfortable with CBD in an edible form, Zen Bears is an excellent product that essentially is a CBD gummy.

How to funnel out when choosing a CBD product?

Irrespective of the form of CBD you choose to consume, there are certain things you need to look out for. For instance, paying attention to the label of your CBD product is crucial as it says a lot about the authenticity of the product you purchase. If CBD is being used as a dietary supplement, it ought to have an FDA disclaimer on it. Whatever the form may be, the product needs to be third-party tested by a credible company.

What’s the best place to purchase CBD products?

While the internet is stocked with various brands and CBD forms, it is always safer to purchase it from a local and physical store. This is safer because shopkeepers and grocers usually have a vetting process, and that helps differentiate between fake/illegal manufacturers and legitimate ones. Additionally, big grocers and supermarkets have staff that is very well informed and educated about products, and if your favorite grocer is stocking CBD products, it is very likely that their staff knows a thing or two. You can consult them for any queries prior to making your purchase.

Will consuming CBD have drug test problems?

That essentially depends upon the form of CBD you consume, the product, and the dosage. If you consume a third-party product with only CBD and no other marijuana product as an added ingredient, you should pass your drug test with flying colors. However, if the product contains other marijuana by-products, your drug test can probably flare up and prove potentially harmful for your occupation or for the purpose you took the test in the first place.

Despite people’s reservations, CBD has the potential to be one of the most promising products in the wellness industry. What it needs is appropriate research and funding to aid that research in the long run. Furthermore, the abundance of uncategorized and poorly manufactured CBD products in the markets needs to be curbed by introducing rules and regulations surrounding CBD products.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that CBD can be consume through vaping. I’ve been thinking about finding a CBD store soon because I’d like to consume it recreationally. I heard from stories that it can be a good way to relax and avoid episodes of anxiety.

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