All You Need to Know About Inflatable Family Pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to the house. Along with offering a fun place for your family to relax and enjoy, it also elevates the visual appeal. However, not everyone can afford a family swimming pool or has space for it.

This is where the inflated family pool plays a pivotal role. Not only do these pools allow you to enjoy a fun time together; they are flexible as well. In this article, we will be learning more about them.

The inflatable family pool can be converted into a pool by pumping air. Since they are pumped up, you can use them anywhere.

After use, you can empty the water and store it back. So even if you do not have enough space for a real pool, you can use the inflated family pool to relax during the hot summers.

Benefits of Inflated Family Pool

What are the Benefits of an Inflated Family Pool?

The following are the prominent advantages associated with an inflated family pool:

Highly Affordable

Constructing a real swimming pool in your house can cost thousands of dollars. The high installation and maintenance costs mean that many people cannot afford to have a pool even if they have space.

However, inflatable pools come with a reasonable price tag. This is because they are smaller than the traditional option, therefore allowing everyone to enjoy swimming.

Easy to Set Up

Another great advantage of the inflatable family pool is that they are extremely easy to set up. With a traditional swimming pool, you need a lot of construction and design work. An inflatable pool, on the other hand, only needs an electric blower to get set up. You can pump different chambers with air using the blowers, and your portable swimming pool will be ready to use within minutes.


Inflatable pools are not only functional and cost-efficient; they are flexible too. Along with using it in your backyard, you can use the blow-up pool outdoors as well. If you are out with your family on the beach, camping ground, or lakeside, you can easily set it up and take your party on the go. When deflated, they shrink down and have little weight, so carrying them around is no issue.

Need Less Water

Contrary to the traditional swimming pool, inflatable family pools need less water. You need to fill the tank with a small amount of water to cool off during the harsh summer days. And you also need to add a little amount of chlorine to keep the water clean.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining traditional swimming requires different tools due to its massive size. However, generally, inflatable swimming pools are made of vinyl and smooth PVC materials. Their surfaces are non-porous; therefore, they are quite easy to clean.

What are the Disadvantages of an Inflatable Pool?

While there are many benefits of using the inflatable family pool; there are some limitations as well include:

Insufficient Depth

One of the main limitations of the inflatable swimming pool is that they lack in-depth. This is why it is popularly used only for little kids. If you are someone who enjoys deep dives, then inflatable pools are not for you.

Inadequate Filtration Unit

Inflatable pools, especially the ones that are large come with small filter systems and water pumps. This makes it quite challenging to keep the pool clean and get rid of algae after consistently using it for a couple of days. Either you have to change the water or use a good chemical cleaner.


Durability is another strong limitation that surrounds the inflatable family pool. While good-quality blow-up pools are made of strong materials to mitigate the risk of damage and puncturing, the inevitable risk of tearing continues to persist.

Buying Guide for an Inflatable Pool

After evaluating the pros and cons of the inflatable pool, if you have decided to invest in an inflatable pool, then here are the top factors that you should consider –

The Size

The most important thing to consider while buying an inflated pool is its size. There are blow-up pools for both kids as well as adults. Eventually, the size decision depends on your purpose. If you are buying it solely for your kids, then a small-sized inflated pool will be sufficient. However, if you plan to have an above ground pool set up for your family, then you should go for a larger size.


The material of the inflated pool determines its longevity; therefore, it is a factor that you should not overlook. Cheap inflatable pools are made of poor synthetic plastic material that can get easily torn and damaged.

You should opt for a more advanced synthetic material that is stronger and designed especially to add durability to these pools. While they will more expensive than the former options, you will surely be getting more bang for your buck.

The Inflation Process

The inflation process is the primary task of setting up an inflated pool, and you want to ensure that it is done comfortably. Now small-sized pools are easy to inflate, and you can even do it on your own.

However, with larger pools, you need assistance and require some external assistance. These pools are blown up either using manual pumping or electric pumping.

If you do not have the patience, then you should consider having an air compressor. You want to make sure that the pool is capable of handling rapid airflow.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable family pools come in different shapes and sizes. Some of these also have features like slides, and sprinklers to make things more fun. While they are easy to maintain, you should be aware of all the dos and don’ts associated with them.

Often we see these pools being filled with toys for your kids to play around with. Make sure there are not too many toys in the pool and if there are then an adult should be near to supervise.

Investing in this portable swimming pool allows you to enjoy a splashing summer with your family by burning a hole in your pocket.

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