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All You Need To Know About Marine Plywood

Marine plywood that is also known as marine grade plywood is good quality hardwood plywood which is very strong. It is made from waterproof glue, is lightweight, and tends to be void of any defects. It has several good qualities that make it optimal for building boats and boat parts. It is highly durable and often used for outdoor furniture in coastal areas. It is one of the most popular plywoods in Tasmania.

There are several methods to construct flooring, marine plywood flooring being one of them. This article goes on to describe important properties, their applications, and the many benefits of using them.

Important Properties

It is strong however the method of preparation is important. Individual sheets of plywood (known as plies) are placed perpendicularly which is one of the main reasons for its strength. The strength is also due to the cross lamination and the fact that it is bonded in heat and pressure. It can be made stronger by making use of waterproof glue. Waterproof glue is effective in making it resist high humidity and boiling temperatures since the glue will never fail. For example, if used in a boat and the hull is damaged exposing the wood to water, the plywood will remain intact.

How is it different from BWR Plywood?

It is different from boiling water-resistant plywood (BWR grade plywood) in many ways. BWR is not as strong as marine plywood and has a lower level of water resistance.  It is waterproof, but marine plywood is better since it can be submerged for up to 72 hours without being damaged. Unlike BWR plywood which is mainly used for kitchen furniture, this is used for boat building and other marine applications.

Applications of Marine Plywood

  • It is invaluable for ship and boat construction.
  • Useful in the manufacturing of vehicles that run in water.
  • Outdoor furniture like benches in a park.
  • Construction of a lake platform or a boat dock since this is often exposed to harsh weather conditions regularly.
  • A deck on the exterior of the house.
  • Due to its properties, it is very useful for use in bathrooms and kitchens as well as flooring. Marine plywood flooring is a popular application.

Benefits of using Marine Plywood

This is special plywood useful for boat building and wood of the highest quality; hence there are many benefits of using marine plywood.

  • It can handle moisture with ease and even wet conditions.
  • The basic problem is that when the wood is exposed to water; it seeps in and makes it expand resulting in rotting and losing its structural integrity. With marine plywood, this is not the issue since it has special glue on the outside to prevent moisture from affecting the surface.
  • The outer layer of this plywood is extremely hard and dense making it impact resistance. Hence, ramming something into the wood, will ideally not create a dent nor will dropping something on it.
  • It is ideal to use in places where the wood is usually not replaced for a long time and also undergoes a lot of wear and tear.
  • Since it is highly pliable, it has many applications, including for use in boats.
  • It can be bent without making it snap or lose its structural integrity.
  • Unlike other types of wood which have a rough finish; this has a superior surface finish. It is smooth, soft, splinter-free, and also easy to paint.
  • It is highly durable and hence useful in the construction of boats and ships.
  • It is long-lasting in any setup, either domestic or commercial.
  • It helps improve the stability of the structure.
  • Marine plywood is optimal for exterior use since it is better than BWR plywood and can handle moderate acidic and alkaline conditions with ease.

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