All You Need to Know About Senior Care in Queens, NY

Queens is the easternmost borough of New York City. Last October 2012, a superstorm Sandy, devastated its southern areas and caused a massive fire. The fire destroyed hundreds of homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood.

However, the people of Queens stood and rose up together after the devastating event. From that moment, people in Queens, New York, became stronger and even more caring, especially to the elderly.

Seniors in Queens, New York are still entitled to have good health care. However, catering to their complex needs can make you feel daunted. This situation is familiar to everyone. Thus, people who take care of seniors must focus on being people-centered. Several agencies provide senior care queens NY.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Caregiver?

It is essential to give older people the ultimate attention they desire, especially when they are sick. To fill the gap, caregivers learn the crucial things about how to take care of seniors.

Seniors mostly need assistance when it comes to their daily routines, including bathing, eating meals, shopping, and doing the laundry. However, they also need love, support, and special care for their health condition.

The risk of accidents is higher when it comes to older people in Queens. They lose bone density and have poor eyesight. These conditions cause a fatal slip and fall. Therefore, caregivers in Queens, NY, undergo required training. They are dedicated to preventing these accidents from happening.

Our Caregivers in Queens Eligible?

Each caregiver in Queens is required to undergo a training course of four hours. They are professionals when it comes to driving, home, and fire safety tips. Caregivers are also knowledgeable about appropriate body mechanics, medical emergencies, and infection control. These caregivers also pass several written examinations to ensure eligibility as professional caregiver. Several agencies perform evaluations of every caregiver periodically.  They also offer educational workshops monthly.

Agencies make sure that all of their caregivers are updated with the latest home companion services. It is also their way of monitoring their job performances. Its mission is to prepare, screen, and train people who are ready to serve seniors. They make sure to provide the highest level of care to all of their clients.

Plus, all caregivers from a reliable agency are bonded and insured. They perform personal reference checks, criminal background checks, drug screening, and medical clearance. You can have peace of mind when you hire qualified senior care in Queens, NY.

How are Caregivers Paid?

Agencies usually set up a weekly payment for their caregivers. The price will depend on the services that their employees have rendered. However, the agency is responsible for paying its employee’s taxes, omissions, and liabilities. Some agencies also offer an hourly price, especially for live-in cases. The cost will depend upon the needs of the client, the location, and the tasks that are required.

Here are some of the services that are included in their pricing: light housekeeping, medication reminders, general companionship, meal preparation, food shopping or errands, laundry, and assistance with incontinence. Some agencies do not charge extra for weekends. They offer 4 hours minimum per shift.

With all these services, you can be assured that your beloved elderly will be taken care of appropriately.

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