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Imagine how the KODI users feel annoyed with the endless dead links and low-quality content, and slow streams produced with buffering. Nothing is worse than the hidden viruses and throttled speed with lack of download links experienced by torrent users. That’s where AllDebrid has got your back! You have to add this to the firestick or the computer using the browser plug-in and see how magical it is.

Probably AllDebrid is undoubtedly the best-known French multihosters. With such a cost-effective price and versatility, it is no more an exception. In addition to this, the registration process is simple as they work to run the test using a dedicated server. Here we have a detailed analysis of how AllDebrid will help you run torrent and other apps perfectly. So let’s get right into the details!

What AllDebrid offers?

AllDebrid directly ensures a self-description for every partner. In addition, the site will allow users to download speeds and create links from almost 71 file hosts and multiple streaming platforms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to pay a premium account on every file hosters. 

Generally, it offers the users several tools making the process effective for you, such as add-ons for your browsers and torrent, support and streaming. You can now enjoy downloads at full pace without thinking about the system being crashed up.

Furthermore, AllDebrid is known to ensure top-quality links from the perfect hosting providers all over the world. And guess what? As a result, you can only add it to your Kodi Addons. What’s more? AllDebrid features a practical usage on many apps in the firestick, making the download worth considering. AllDebrid is beneficial to support many hosts and streams, providing quality links with the android apps or the Kodi applications. Have you seen AllDebrid also offers the possibility of downloading torrent? That’s something unique!

AllDebrid Services

AllDebrid is known to provide users with endless services, making it a top choice for users. Some standard services include:


The file hosters offered by AllDebrid are relatively convincing. Unfortunately, many standard file hosters such as Uploaded, Uptobox, FileFactory, Turbobit are not available. But wait! Believe it or not, these file hosters will work efficiently. Sounds impressive, right?


The torrent downloader works reliably and is typical for the entire multihosters rather than casual users.  It allows you to upload any torrent file and insert a link. Many torrents are easy to get. However, some files don’t work reliably.

Supported tools and programs

With so many options to support multiple programs and tools, AllDebrid is ideal for a plug-in for Synology Download usage. In addition to this, AllDebrid will help you get various add-ons for chrome. Using the add-ons, you can create links and stream various notifications while adding torrents. You can also get a related app from the Play Store worthy of supporting the essential functions. But if you have iOS, then having a mobile website is enough for you.


Once the link is generated, you can stream the media files in any simple web player. However, you can also stream the files in the VLC media player. It also provides you with an HTTP interface. Although you have to activate link history for the prerequisite of file hosters as it will otherwise work only with torrents.


Generally, the support works rapidly by replying to emails quickly. Not only this, AllDebrid comes with a forum for users that’s pretty beneficial to many users. However, many users feel it useless as entire threads are closed by AllDebrid.

Access restrictions

To be honest, AllDebrid works to restrict access massively. That’s because the VPS, corporate networks, and dedicated servers are entirely blocked for downloading. However, here AllDebrid has got you covered with the best downloading speed.

Other services include

Some additional services provided by Alldebrid are:

  • It allows users a 7-day trial for the entire services without taking any money
  • It offers pretty happy hour services that’s because users experience higher speed at all times.
  • It provides incredibly fast downloading speed for the entire online users.  Furthermore, it prevents the server from using 50% load.
  • It offers compatible links for Chrome and Firefox.
  • It makes the download invincible that’s because it uses HTTPS when downloading.
  • You can configure AllDebrid up to a greater extent.
  • It allows a one-click high-grade streaming service using a selected video player.
  • You can get direct playing through magnet links
  • Ensures many add-ons and tools

Here you will know how beneficial it is to use AllDebrid to provide many services that will help you get what you desired.

Is AllDebrid Worth It?

AllDebrid offers excellent assistance and supports many add-ons. In addition to this, it sets a decent industry standard that’s significantly a valuable advantage. It may not be much popular than its competitors, but it still provides users considerable benefits.

The Premiumize and Real Debrid are highly famous among various customers as they ensure incredible customer service. According to the prices, AllDebrid offers the best-in-class service to the users compared to others. However, it may not provide such excellent customer service as the competitors. The plus point is that AllDebrid offers users an exceptional money-back guarantee. Therefore you can choose according to your requirements and needs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, AllDebrid is pretty convincing, especially in terms of its features. Moreover, the price is, of, course unbeatable. So the torrent downloader is indeed a worth considering option for casual users.

From streamlining to support and much more, AllDebrid is there to provide users endless benefits, and there is no doubt about it. However, the server IP blocking and logging policy may sometimes cause problems. But still, then, AllDebrid can be used with a clear conscience. Having an approved VPN is beneficial in all cases, making it a suitable option for many users.

After getting through this article, you will know how AllDebrid will help you download your favorite apps faster and within a limited time. So read through the article carefully and get started!

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