Alligator Skin iPhone Case: Top Helpful Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

High-quality Alligator Leather Mobile Cases

High-quality alligator leather mobile cases, also known as mobile covers, are best suitable for perfectionists, who prefer to use a smartphone in its purest form and wish to provide great protection for their smartphones as well.

Labodét atelier provides clients with mobile cases, which are both useful and unique. Every alligator skin iPhone case from Labodét is made of 100% genuine alligator leather. All models have incredibly good looks, which make them true symbols of luxury. Every item comes with a premium feel and finish. The company made various color options available to provide you with as many choices as possible.

Alligator leather mobile cases are created piece by piece with attention to every detail in Paris atelier. Keep your smartphone stylish and protected thanks to these genuine alligator leather mobile cases made in France.

Usefulness in Every Detail

Labodét mobile covers have necessary stylish cuts or volume buttons, a power button, as well as a charging port, speaker, and microphone. Moreover, there is a raised lip running around the camera to provide you with a lay-on-table design, which helps keep the phone protected when you set it face down on the surface.

Classic Cases

These mobile covers go well with various smartphones. Metalware is the material used in the manufacture of the logo and camera ring. Mobile covers allow wireless charging for your smartphone but, unfortunately, not with the MagSafe Charger. To install your smartphone in any of the Classic Case mobile covers, just line up the right edge of the smartphone and snap the case on. Classic Case covers have a semi-matte finish and can be crafted in 10 color designs. Their inner parts are made of metalware with a black finish.

Strap Cases

Labodét atelier offers different Strap Cases as well. They come with an additional alligator leather strap, color-matched stitching, and 10 unique color designs to provide you with as many choices as possible. If you look for mobile cases with various finger strap designs, here, you will surely find a suitable model. Strap Cases are available in contrasting, bright, and unique colors, and they are suitable for different iPhone models.

There are also Strap Cases suitable for people who prefer single-tone or sole-colored designs. You will find them by their slick design.

For those who prefer quite unusual and serious designs, Labodét has mobile cases like the Strap Case model. Looking for a mobile case with the same quite unusual and serious design but without a strap? Have a look at the Classic Case model.

Wallet with MagSafe Cases

Should your leather mobile case be compatible with MagSafe? Have a look at Wallet with MagSafe mobile covers. These cases are available in different colors. Magnets from a MagSafe accessory can easily pass through the alligator leather and align properly. These mobile covers have strong built-in magnets, and they are provided with slots for your ID or credit cards. The model Wallet with MagSafe comes with MagSafe compatibility as well as with two card slots and a quite minimalistic design. Have a look.

Folio Cases

Folio Cases are multipurpose mobile covers with the functions of a wallet and a smartphone case. Labodét atelier has Folio Cases for admirers of serious originality and also case models for fans of more modest colors.

Pouch Cases

Pouch Cases take an honorable place within the Labodet product range. These smartphone cases have 100% Italian calf leather lining to keep your precious iPhone perfectly safe.

The cases you find here are not only luxurious and functional. All of them are made of the very best alligator leather. As you may see, thanks to the bright range of Labodet mobile cases, almost no wish remains open.

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