Alternative Activities to do in Cardiff

By Anthony Page

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is no place to get bored! It would be impossible to be bored in this activity in a mad city. Despite the reputation for being wet, Cardiff is a year-round destination and there are heaps of mad things to do in all weathers, without the requirement of webbed feet.

The city is easily accessible from all over the UK and makes for a great city break weekend. There is something for everyone.  So if you are looking for group activities, traveling with your family, or just coming here with your partner, then you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Here are 7 slightly alternative activities around Cardiff.

1. Cocktail Making Experience

Cardiff is home to many different sports and drinking copious amounts of booze is certainly one of them. Tom Cruise might not be around to show you the way, but fear not, several locations in the city center will have you making sexy cocktails in no time. Sex on the beach anyone?

Many Cocktail making course providers even offer a free drink, way to go guys! Let’s be honest, it’s probably not something to take the family along to, but it’s a great idea if you are planning a stag or hen do.

2. Drawing Nude Life

Here’s something a little different if you can bear it.

You’ll get a professional nude model and enthusiastic instruction from a qualified artist. You never know, there might be a Picasso hiding in you or more likely you’ll just make an indescribable mess, all in the name of modern art.

3. Pizza Making Course

Show me someone who doesn’t like pizza and I’ll show you a Welsh man who doesn’t like rugby!?

Anyway, you don’t have to pay Michael Ryan to fly you to Naples to learn how to make good pizza these days. These two-hour courses will guarantee smiles, education, and eating, all folded and wrapped in a calzone of fun!

It’s a great way to spend your dough.  A really fun group activity, just try topping that!

4. Welsh Games

The Welsh weather is finally brightening up so let’s move outdoors now and a little way out of the city itself. Welsh Games is pretty much what it says on the tin. Nine crazy mad games with a Welsh theme, offering some seriously silly fun with gaggles of giggles guaranteed.

So if you are planning a Cardiff hen weekend, or Cardiff stag weekend, then check them out and you could be king (or queen) of the sheep rodeo. Yee-arghhh!

5. Coasteering

So, you want a really mad activity? Something a little dangerous and very pointless? Welcome to the wacky world of coasteering. An activity that involves jumping off cliffs, swimming along the pounding surf, and then climbing back up a rock face, to do it all again.

I think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty crazy way to spend your weekend. Surprisingly popular, coasteering is perhaps not as dangerous or mad as we are making out, with safety very much coming first.

6. School Sports Day (again!)

Remember your school sports day? Usually held under the sunburn inducing May sun, these events were probably the highlight of your PE teacher’s entire year.

They provided a unique opportunity for overly competitive Dads (and mums!) to cheer on their precious little darlings, as they scamper across the school fields, like a herd of terrified antelope, being chased hard by a big cat, all in the name of competitive fun.

Remember, it’s the taking part that counts, said no successful athletics coach, ever.

Well, you’ll either be secretly pleased or slightly horrified to know that the whole school sports day experience is now available for adult groups. There are a couple of outfits in Cardiff that will have you turning your ankle in the sand pit and then hobbling in three legged races with your friends.

7. Chicago Experience

What’s that all about then? I hear you cry. No, it has nothing to do with standing in wind tunnels or listening to jazz music. You’re not about to embark on Route 66 either. The Chicago experience is all about dance and you never know, Broadway or the West End may even beckon (don’t count on it. Seriously, don’t get your hopes up, it ain’t ever going to happen).

So with the experience, you’ll be guided by a professional dance instructor who will have you moving as you’ve never moved before. Next time you are strutting your stuff down at the Roxy discotheque, you’ll have the resident drunks in awe of your moves, as you bring a little bit of Chicago into their small town lives.

At the end of the experience, you and your friends then have the opportunity to put on a show stopping performance!

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