Alternatives To Gym: Our Top 4 Choices For This Summer

Keeping fit is the number one lifestyle choice at the moment, and exercise has only become more popular due to the Coronavirus and the resulting quarantine period. Many of us have been stuck in our homes leading sedentary lifestyles and this has caused us to put on weight and become more unhealthy. Now that the lockdown has been partially eased many of us are raring to go again and are looking for fun new activities to keep fit.

Going to the gym has always been the most popular form of exercise, but having been cooped up inside for so long, many of us are seeking alternative activities. Here we are going to take a look at 4 forms of exercise that you can do other than going to the gym.


Running is perhaps the sport, or form of exercise, that has the least barriers to entry. All you need is a decent pair of trainers and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Of course, you can pimp yourself up with the latest watch and headphone set, but these are not necessary for beginners. Running provides many benefits not just on the physical side. After spending so long indoors our mental health has often been affected and studies have shown that running can be an extremely effective way of improving it. When we run endorphins are released and these intrinsically make us feel better.

Ever heard of the runners high? Well, this is exactly what we’re talking about, after a decent run you will feel like you are on cloud nine. So, combine the physical benefits with the mental ones and you have an ideal sport to get you fit again post lockdown.

Running exercise


Cycling has increased in popularity in recent years and it is extremely common to see the weekend roads packed full of people in lycra cycling around the countryside. Alternatively, you can cycle in your home with exercise bikes increasingly coming to the fore, due to our busy lifestyles that don’t afford us the time to get out into the great outdoors.

There are so many options available that Catherine at recommends that you choose a bike that allows you to connect and compete with friends and family over the Internet. This added competitive element will give you all the motivation you need to cycle more and enjoy the health benefits that it can bring.


Yoga is another form of exercise that has myriad benefits. Not only will it help you to tone your body and increase your circulation, but it is also a great way of improving your mental health. Anyone can practice yoga from young children to their grandparents alike, and it is a great activity for showing improvement, as some positions that were unthinkable a few months ago now seem as easy as pie. The breathing side of things allows you to calm down and get in tune with your body and when controlled properly will allow your mind to relax into an almost meditative state.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere from your own home, to the beach, to a mountain top, and you need nothing more than some loose-fitting clothing to participate. So, if you are thinking of trying something new that is low cost, then consider some online yoga classes to get you started, and who knows where it may take you, this time next year you might be in India learning how to be an instructor!


Skipping is an activity that many of us consider suitable only for young girls at primary school or professional boxers showing off their form. Well, there is a reason why it is so beloved of boxers and that is because it provides a full-body workout that costs absolutely nothing. You will burn more calories skipping than in practically any other activity and it will help to increase your coordination as you concentrate on your feet as you are jumping.

Furthermore, it can help to regulate your breathing which brings benefits to many other activities such as yoga, and the improvement to your cardiovascular health will be a real benefit if you are training for a marathon or enjoy activities such as open water swimming or rowing. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost, high impact training exercise that can be done anywhere from the garden to the local park, try skipping; you will reap the benefits almost immediately.

As we have learned it is easy to find alternatives to the gym in these tough times caused by the coronavirus, and none need to cost the earth. The barriers to entry for running yoga and skipping are practically zero and even cycling only requires an exercise bike that is coming down in price every day. Be a trendsetter, do something different and you will be the envy of all your friends when you debut your new super toned body on the beach.

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