14 Amazing Cosmetic Surgery Facts You Might Have Missed Out

Cosmetic Surgery is a massive industry with many different domains, ranging from simple skincare to complex processes like cosmetic surgery. What you select from it depends on what your purpose is. For example, makeup products can be used if you want instant results.

However, you need to go for skincare or natural treatments if you want to look good naturally. The demand for Cosmetic Surgery has risen with the internet era coming into existence. Plus, the experts found simple substitutions to major procedures, so “looking good” became more accessible to people.

One of the standard terms that come into mind, with looking good, is cosmetic surgery. The famous procedure has been used for years to mold people’s bodies into the way that they desire. It can be commonly seen in celebrities and models, as they need to fit in the “perfect standards” all day long. But that does not mean these surgeries are not within reach of ordinary people. They use it to look similar to their idols.

If someone asks you whether you want to look exactly like your favorite model or not, what would you say? The answer is mostly yes for the majority of people. And highly dedicated ones even achieve this dream by undergoing cosmetic surgery. The term “Cosmetic Surgery” may scare you because of the information and risks given on the internet. However, there are still several facts about this procedure that many people are not aware of. Read the information and see how much of it you know.

#1 A Part Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a general term used for all surgical procedures related to body reconstruction or alteration. Many people think that cosmetic surgery is the other name for this process. If you are one of them, then you need to update your knowledge because there is a slight difference between the two. Where plastic surgery is performed on damaged body parts to restore them, cosmetic surgeries are used on standard parts to make them appear better.

It can be said that cosmetic procedures are a part of the plastic surgery domain, but these two terms can not be interchanged.

#2 Egyptians Did It On Dead

If you think cosmetic surgery is made only for the people who are alive, you might be a little wrong. If you look at Ancient Egypt, you will find that these surgeries were performed on the deceased. It may sound a little strange, but they did it because of their strong belief in the afterlife. They made the dead person ready and beautiful for their life after death. Once the procedure was done successfully, then the dead were allowed to rest in peace.

Egyptians Plastic Surgery

Surgeons must have found it easy to perform the surgery on a person that they are not worried about hurting.

#3 Men Are Involved Too

The cosmetics industry is not only for women, but men are also involved in it. The stats show that there is a minor percentage of men in the world who opt for cosmetic surgery. They majorly go for these procedures:

● Facial Hair Implant: Men are extremely conscious about their beards, especially since the long beard trend came into existence. However, not the entire male population can grow that much hair on their face. To get rid of their complexity, men opt for facial hair implant surgeries. So now they can join the groups of people who keep showing off their beards.

● Breast Reduction: Men are seen to be incredibly insecure about their chests. Men, who go to gyms every day, seem to flaunt their well-built chests while others hide them behind one thing or the other. When this complexity starts affecting their lives, they opt for breast reduction surgeries and remove that extra fat around their chest.

#4 The Weird Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are not limited to, making you look good. There are several weird surgeries that you can find all over the world. A few of them are:

Pokertox: If you play poker, then you know the importance of keeping your expressions to yourself. Otherwise, the players next to you can take advantage and win the game. But it becomes irresistible sometimes to not show what you are feeling on the inside. This is where the Poxertox will help you out. The procedure numbs the muscles of your face and makes it look straight. So you do not need to worry about revealing your moves to the other players.

Elfing: Almost everyone was fascinated by the ears of Legolas which are commonly also known as the elf ears. But gone are the days when you dreamt of something and experts did not have a solution for it. So if you want to get those sharp ears, your answer is Elfing. The surgeon will cut off a part of your ear’s top and stick the remaining in the shape of a pointed tip.

The list does not end here. You can find people who get inspired by a movie character and turn themselves into it. So their related surgeries have also been found.

#5 Breast Implants Are The Oldest

Just like breast reduction in men, breast implants in women have been in trend forever. It started in 1893 in Germany, when a patient needed their breast growth to be removed. However, the surgeon found a fatty growth on their back and used it to fill the breast.

The trend became popular in the 1960s. Then the concept of silicon implants came into use. Cosmetic surgeons are used to inject liquid silicone into the breasts that hardened with time. However, this process incorporated several health risks and infection cases. It led to women getting their breasts amputated. To make the process safe, surgeons used already solidified silicone implants. Between these two, there were several materials used to replace the liquid silicone. The list includes alcohol-soaked sponges, beeswax, paraffin, etc., and clearly, none of them worked.

#6 Barbers Were The Original Surgeons

The Renaissance period is also known as the art period in Europe. So how the art of body sculpting could have been avoided during it? But there were no professional cosmetic surgeons at that time. To compensate for this, people went to the barbers to get their cosmetic surgery done. Barbers were considered to be the most precise knife men of that particular period. They were able to get the exact shape of what the patient wanted.

#7 Cosmetic Surgery Was A Sin

During the Middle Ages, people used to consider human bodies as “God’s Perfect Creations.” They made it a sin for cosmetic surgeons to cut open it or operate on it. At the same time, wars were a common trend, and so were wounds on soldiers who used to fight. When people realized that cosmetic surgery had the power to fix those wounds, they removed the tag of sin. That is where these surgeries came back into use.

#8 The First Victims Of Surgeries Were Dogs

As mentioned earlier, breast implants turned from liquid to proper silicone in the 1960s. A surgeon named Frank Gerow chose to test these implants on a dog. He tried it and found that it looked exactly like a woman’s breasts. Not to worry because after testing everything and showing the results, he removed those implants from the poor baby.

#9 People Do It For Social Media

You must have heard about weird things that people do on social media. But do you know, that some of them undergo the complicated procedure of cosmetic surgery just for their social media platforms? Well, this is very much true. Many people have accepted that they opted for the surgical processes just so that they can look good in their selfies and social media posts. That is why the stats show a rise in cosmetic surgeries in the internet era.

#10 Cosmetic Surgery Is Related To Mental Health

It is no new discovery that many people face mental issues that arise due to their appearance. Their complexities hit when people continuously remind them that they do not fit in the societal standard of perfect looking. While this may sound stupid, the majority of people suffer from this problem. To get over their mental issues, they opt for cosmetic surgeries and get their desired body parts.

The surgeon plays a crucial role in such cases. Several surgeons recommend such people first visit a mental health professional. There is no physical harm in getting the surgery done, but the psychological issues are something that should first be dealt with. If they are left unattended, they will not let the person grow and land them in severe trouble.

#11 Soldiers Suffered From Societal Standards As Well

The problem mentioned in the previous point is not new, as Nazi soldiers faced the same issue. They did not just have to be Germans, but they also had to look a certain way. People who did not fall fit for the “Real Soldier Standards” were suggested to undergo cosmetic surgery and change their appearance.

Fascist Italian military soldiers faced the same problem. They were also judged based on their facial structures. For example, soldiers who had drooped eyelids had to undergo surgery to get their eyelids straightened. And many such standards were applied to them. So it might be a little wrong to give the entire blame on the internet for enforcing the rules of appearance.

#12 Cosmetic Surgeries Can Become Addiction

Just like nicotine and alcohol, cosmetic surgeries can become an addiction as well. As stated previously, mental health problems can lead to long-term troubles. One of the most significant issues can be an addiction. It is observed that people who often opt for these procedures are insecure about their appearances. So even after a few surgeries, they find one thing or the other wrong in their looks.

If you also want to undergo cosmetic surgery because you do not feel good about your appearance, you should first consult a mental health specialist. Dealing with psychological issues should be your priority and not look good.

#13 Many Celebrities Opt For It

We generally idolize celebrities, actresses, models, etc. for their looks. We feel that we also want to look just like them. However, before falling for their flawless appearance, Google their name, and you will find how many cosmetic surgeries they have undergone. There are some naturally beautiful people out there, but most of these flawless ones result from a few molding experiments.

#14 Some People Go Crazy With Surgeries

No, we are not talking about any mental issues here. But some people crossed the limits of how they should behave with these procedures. Two such examples are:

● A woman asked the surgeon to inject cement into her whole body to sculpt it, which included her face. You must be wondering if the idea worked. It did not. She was later left permanently disfigured.

● A woman in Texas had to deal with image issues that began after her fight with breast cancer. The radiation therapy for cancer made her look older than she was. While she went on a date, the man asked her about her age. She had to show him her driver’s license as proof of her young age. Later, she underwent eight plastic surgeries to look like the United States’ first lady, Melania Trump.

These are not the only people who went over the board with cosmetic surgery. Several people chose tens of such procedures to attain the appearance of their favorite person. You can also search online for such cases, and you will be surprised by the number of stories that you can find.


The history of cosmetic surgery comes from ancient times, as looking a certain way was always in trend. Whether it is for the Nazi soldiers or modern-day models, everyone needs to follow the appearance norms made by society. It is always recommended to give your mental health priority and then think about such procedures. Plus, you should look for certified surgeons who can guide you the best with the process.

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