Amazing Facts That Will Clear All Your Doubts About Tummy Tuck

Cosmetic surgeries have always been present in the world in some form or the other. If you look through the history of cosmetics, you can see that ancient people used these techniques to normalize the physical deformities in their bodies.

And that made them look good. On the other hand, some masses, like Nazi and Italian soldiers, were imposed appearance standards. So they underwent the surgical processes to follow those ideal rules. The second situation highly influences the modern-day cosmetics industry, as even today, people go for these procedures to make themselves look a certain way.

There are several surgery options to choose from, and they can be selected based on the concern you want to deal with. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is “Tummy Tuck.”

Here are all the details about Tummy Tuck, along with some interesting facts that will help you know the procedure better.

Tummy Tuck

The abdomen is the most concerning part of the body for both men and women. The reason is, that it is the very first area that gets affected by weight gain. You can observe that even a few days of unhealthy eating can turn your flat tummy into a flabby one. Plus, your being healthy or fat is mostly decided based on whether your belly is thin or not. That is why you need to take care of this little area under your chest.

Ever since the beauty standards of being thin came into existence, people have become extra conscious about how the area around their tummy looks. Everyone wanted to look exactly like those models in magazines.

And this craze for “slim body” got on fire after the internet era. So people got on a mission to lose excess weight. However, even after spending months in weight loss, the extra fat and skin on their abdomen stopped them from looking firm. That is when Tummy Tuck came to their use.

As mentioned above, Tummy Tuck is a type of cosmetic surgery. It is used to remove extra skin and fat from the abdominal area, making it look firmer and thinner. The procedure is done on both the middle and lower abdomen.

It should not be considered as a weight loss surgery because it does not perform like that. Instead, the surgical process is used to remove the excess fat and skin left behind after a significant weight loss, which can not be removed naturally.

That means you need to be already at your ideal weight to be fit for this surgery. The primary reason for its popularity is people’s concern regarding their bellies and the fat deposited on them. With the internet era coming into existence, people became more worried about looking slim. So more of them opted for this surgical procedure to get rid of their extra fat and get the body of their dreams.

Now that you know what Tummy Tuck is and the story behind it, let’s move on to some interesting facts about this process.

Facts On Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is a popular cosmetic surgery, and there are various misconceptions about it. This stops many people from opting for the treatment. With the help of these facts and information, you will be able to get a better idea of how the surgery is conducted and what you can expect from it.

It Requires Maintenance

Most cosmetic surgeries are a one-time thing. You get them done, and you are good to go for the longest time. However, Tummy Tuck does not fall into that category. It is a high-maintenance treatment that can become useless if you do not take care of your body. That is why people who undergo this procedure need to follow a strict diet and healthy routine to keep their bodies as achieved through the surgery.

As you have already read, it is not a weight loss surgery. You need to be in the range of 10-15 pounds from your ideal weight for about six to twelve months from when you want the operation to be done. And the same needs to be maintained after the procedure. So it requires both pre and post-surgical maintenance of the body. Otherwise, the results can wear off, and you will need to undergo the same process again.

It Is Heavy On the Pocket

Tummy Tuck is a major surgical process. So, there are costs related to it that you will need to take care of if you plan on experiencing the treatment. Along with the clinic’s fees, you will also need to spend some money on pre and post-care for the surgery. On top of all this, you must know that most medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, this all will attack directly on your pocket.

The only solution to this issue is to take a paper and sit down in a quiet place. Then search over the internet and check all of the expenses related to this surgical procedure. Several websites can inform you about the exact amount that you can expect to be spent during the entire process. Go for it only if it falls under your budget.

Not Every Surgeon Is Equal

One more thing you need to take care of while looking for Tummy Tuck surgery is the correct surgeon. As you know, it is a major surgery, so you have to find only the best surgeon whom you can trust with your precious body. Here are a few factors you should know about the surgeons in this sector.

  • Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are different. If you did not know already, then let us tell you that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two different domains. Where the former focuses on treating a damaged area of the body, the latter is more about looking good. So you need to find a cosmetic surgeon and not a plastic one.
  • Not every board-certified surgeon is right. You will encounter several surgeons who claim to be boar-certified. However, many of those “Boards” are not verified under the central authority. So you have to check which board has certified the surgeon and then only trust them.
  • Look for experience and success stories. There are great chances that you might miss out on this point; that is why it was crucial to mention it. It will be best of all if you can find a trusted recommendation. But if that is not possible, try to look for the surgeon and clinic reviews along with their success stories of this particular procedure.

Liposuction Can Be Paired With Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck surgery only focuses on the lower and middle abdomen area. But when you lose weight, you can experience several misshaped body parts. Plus, the abdomen’s pulled skin can further worsen the appearance of their sections of the body. So if you need complete results and an overall firm body, then you will have to go with Tummy Tuck which is paired with Liposuction.

Liposuction is yet another cosmetic surgical process used to remove fat from different parts of the body. When it is paired with Tummy Tuck, you get a properly sculpted body. However, as this is entirely different from the surgery in the discussion, it will add costs and risks of its own. You need to consider them when going for a combined deal.

It Does Not Work Wonders Overnight

People have high expectations for surgical procedures. They think that they will wake up after the process, and their desired body will be in front of them. If you have similar thoughts, get them out of your mind right away. You will have to face a lot of troubles and physical issues before you reach your goal.

For starters, you can expect significant swelling in the treated area for the first few weeks of treatment. On top of it, there will be a big scar to deal with, which will look raw initially. But all these factors will be worth the results that you will achieve after a few months of the procedure. Also, things will start settling in with time. So you can physically watch your body develop into its desired shape.

There Will Be Weeks Of Rest

Do not expect to run back to work the next day after surgery. It has been mentioned before, and you need to keep the fact in mind that “it is major surgery.” The surgeon may allow you to do a little physical activity after a few hours of the procedure. But it does not mean you can go over the board and start cleaning your house. For at least two weeks post-surgery, you will need help at home with basic work. Only then can you expect a proper recovery and desired results?

Along with the personal, your professional life will also be disturbed post-surgery. If your occupation calls for you to sit in one place, you may be able to return there after a little break time.

However, traveling or physical activity demanding jobs can not be resumed until a few months. In addition to all these things, you should also consult your surgeon for their recommendations. As they know your case inside-out, they will be able to guide you the best about all the precautions you need to take.

You May Experience Weight Gain

Opposite from your expectations of weight loss following the surgery, you may gain some weight. The reason for the scale going up is all the swelling and inflammation. Due to these two factors, the body retains more water, which adds to your weight. You can also feel a little discomfort in your pre-surgery clothes. This will all get cured when your body starts healing after four to six weeks. The inflammation and swelling will go down, and so will the weight.

But to attain the benefits, you will need to prioritize your healing process. If you try to continue working or put unnecessary stress on your body, the results will be ruined, and you may encounter a few severe health problems.

There Will Be No Showers

You should treat Tummy Tuck, just like any other surgery. You will have to follow several instructions, take a tremendous amount of precautions, take excess rest, and not bathe for a few days. Your surgeon will guide you through all this post-surgery care. But you should know beforehand what you can expect after the successful process. There will be no showers for a couple of days, which can increase depending on your conditions.

Even when you go for a bath after the rest time, you will face difficulty reaching certain areas of your body. Plus, you will not be able to keep standing for a long time, so you need to keep a stool handy. Do not get scared if you feel light-headed because that is yet another problem that you may experience while showering for the first time post-surgery.

Getting Okay Will Take Time

Where you can return to your usual tasks after a few months, complete healing may take up to a year. As said earlier, you can expect all the swelling and bruising to start healing after four to six weeks. But it can take any time between three to six months for it to completely disappear. Once your body heals itself in a year, you can finally wear that bikini and start shooting your after-surgery results.


Tummy Tuck may seem like an effortless procedure where you need to visit the clinic, take advice, and get going with the process. However, the reality is quite far from this. We have tried to include almost everything that you need to know in the above points. If there is something left, you can find it online. Remember, Tummy Tuck is not a simple surgery.

So you have to conduct a proper study and take adequate advice before you go for it. After you are entirely satisfied with all the collected information, you can finalize a surgeon and proceed with the surgery.

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  1. It’s interesting how a tummy tuck removes extra fat and skin from your abdomen to create a better shape. My friend is looking for something that can make her look sexy when visiting her in-laws after the pandemic. Now that I know how this works, maybe we should visit a plastic surgeon that could help us out.

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