Amazing Instagram Plugins Worth Installing For WordPress

Are you finding it hard to decide whether you want to use Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy or not? If you are not that gramming for business, there are some major reasons, which will tell you that you should start with it. All the talented WP developers are here to offer you some reasons why you need to be a fan of working with IG. For some extra motivations, going through the points mentioned below might help you big time.

Owned by Facebook – the social marketing giant:

Right now, IG has become a part of FB, which means that the original one you met in 2010 is not the same as the one you have now. Do you think it is a good thing? Well, actually it is. With the help of FB’s contribution, you can now have live video capabilities, scrolling photos, stories, and even some sponsored post possibilities, which will make the task more appealing for businesses to use marketing efforts.

  • All the developers out there will have the same thing to say. They are actually paying more attention to built-in CTA feature for the stories.
  • On the other hand, you have CTA feature for the enhanced analytics. It is making IG more marketing friendly platform right now.

Focusing on the IG API:

Right now, as IG has backing of FB, you are about to see a lot of overlap in what you can actually accomplish between these two platforms. Just like the API designed for the FB, this one for the IG will give developers like you more control over the app over here.

  • The API is perfect for providing users with the insights into what is happening with audience right now. Therefore, if you are looking for photo-centric social media section that you can be of total control of and can further incorporate into WP site, then IG is the option you should look for.
  • You can further consider the storage factor in this regard. Mostly like the YouTube, IG plugins will prevent you from even overloading the server and image storage of the server. So, there is nothing to love about this service!
  • With multiple such ways to use IG for business, it can always make sense that you should take look at plugins for helping you integrate it with the same WP site. Get some other varied information right now for you.
Instagram Plugins Worth Installing For WordPress

Best IG plugins for WP:

As IG is strictly your visual social app, therefore, this platform will open up some possibilities on how you can easily incorporate it into the WP site. It is designed to help you connect IG API to that of WP and then import a copy of the feed into sidebar or widget. But plugin developers have already cracked code and given you enough control over IG and what to do with WP. So, be sure to check out more on the plugins before coming to a result.

  • Access Press IG Feed plugin – free of cost:

Are you planning to include IG feed’s pictures without even widgeted box and also distracting descriptions of the images? Then the plugin from Access Press will remove all those excess noises and offer you with few layout options for images. Those options will have a lightbox, slider, and even the basic gallery one.

  • Access Press IG Feed plugin – premium version:

This is the upgraded version of the basic Access Press IG Feed plugin. So, here, you are going to come across more control options on how the pictures are going to be displayed and the information that you might want to add to the list. For example, you can show comments and likes counters for each one of the pictures. You even have the right to add the animation effects to hover. Moreover, you can design the layouts dynamically to present images in a style that is all your own.

  • Feed them social plugin – free of cost:

There are some times when you just need a simple solution. In the field of IG, that might involve placing an IG feed copy right directly onto your website’s page and just in the similar way it addresses on IG. This plugin, under the name of Feed them social plugin, is exactly what can be used for. It further enables users to import feeds from other social media channels as it does not only need to be from IG if you have some other amazing pictures from other social media sections, you want to share.

  • Instagram Feed plugin by the Smash Balloon – free of cost:

In case you have various IG feeds you might have to consolidate into a single feed, then this plugin is the one for you to choose. If you want, you can always customize the size, layout, spacing, color, and some more with the help of this plugin.

  • Instagram Feed plugin by the Smash Balloon – premium one:

In case you are a big customization fan that comes with the free version of the Instagram Feed plugin by the Smash Balloon, but looking for some extra control over the functionality of the feed, then you can always try out the premium version. It will still follow the basic premise which will help import multiple feeds into one. However, this version comprises some extra options to deal with. If you want, you can end up creating a carousel, and get to open each photo with a lightbox. You can further create some shoppable feeds with integrated videos, purchase links, and more.

  • Instagram Feed WD Plugin from Web Dorado – free of cost:

Even though the video and profile for this plugin can be a bit misleading, this free version will be worth making a halt for. It is perfect when you are trying to import an IG feed or feed into the site. With the free option, the customized options might be limited but it is all worth it.

You can easily check out some more options available online and then make way for the one you like. You should head towards the one that matters the most.

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