Amazing Singage in The Digital Age: A Small- Business Guide

Once upon a time, signage was the best way to catch the interest of potential customers.  Big business or small business, everyone wanted to have signage that was compelling and attention-grabbing.

Most companies nowadays have veered away from having quality signage and taken their battles to digital marketing, which is a big no-no, especially for businesses involved in retailing. Though they do not operate without signage, it is quite obvious that not much importance is being given to it anymore.  Proof of this is the poor quality of the signage that we can all see personally or on Facebook.

It is true that the internet can reach audiences more than ever before, which makes it a perfect marketing tool. Yet something can still be said about having well-made signage; it goes a long way in building trust with customers.

The need for signage in the age of the internet

Companies value the millennials’ spending habits. Most of their marketing is geared towards them because it is such a huge demographic. Most millennials now earn their own money, and they have lots of it, thus increasing their purchasing power.

Almost all millennials now use the Internet, which is why in the last several years marketing has expanded to include the use of the Internet and, to some extent, television – though it is much more expensive.  Yet despite all this, if you own a small business, the importance of physical signage cannot be denied and should still be included in your marketing efforts. It is a necessary and valuable part of all marketing and branding efforts.

Physical signage should be at the forefront whenever you are setting up an office or a shop. Clients look for this each time they visit your store, especially for the first time. As the saying goes, first impressions last, and you definitely want to impress.

The signage also tells people what your business is all about. You would not want your customers to guess what goods or services you are trying to sell to them. Physical signage like what Signarama is offering, allows the customers to see and feel the value of your brand; that it is a stable and consistent business. The signage – though not the only component in the equation – is a visible reinforcement to all these.  It is a subtle differentiator in a highly competitive world, and customers appreciate that.

Case study

A case study was made by the University of San Diego School of Business Administration wherein they collected data from one business owner. It showed that it was the building’s signage – and not word of mouth, improvements, or other advertisements – that attracted 10 new customers who simply walked into the store over a period of one week. Of these ten walk-in customers, at least 60% resulted in sales.

It may not really be a quantifiable value when it comes to the benefits of physical signage. Yet, examples like the one given above prove that signage is valuable. Thus, you may want to consider allocating marketing funds for signage and not putting all of your proverbial eggs in one basket, which in this case is digital marketing.

Tips on how to make a compelling signage

Your signage obviously has to be aesthetically pleasing in order for it to be effective. Start with the design process before you focus on the implementation and placement. Specifically, you should pay attention to color, contrast, size, and materials. You may use glass, acrylic, bronze, stainless steel, brass, and acrylic.

Keep it short and straight to the point. The attention span is much shorter now, and customers do not have much time to read lengthy signage. Let us respect the fact that customers are in a hurry.

Also, make sure that your fonts are easy to read. Not everyone has a clear vision. If your customers cannot read your sign, then you might as well say goodbye to them.

Signage must be properly installed, and this is just as important as the design process.  If it is not properly installed or placed, all the efforts put into the design process would go to waste. Here are some of the things you have to consider when installing signage.

  • Consider the point of view
  • Put some lighting to emphasize the signage and its message
  • Test placement
  • Know the local regulations in your area

Wrap up

In this day and age of Amazon, physical signage remains just as relevant as it was a hundred years ago when people actually went out to see other people and buy goods and services. Do not get me wrong, we cannot deny the fact that digital marketing is the way of the future.

Ignoring this fact would not be wise. There should be a blend of both the old and the new; digital marketing combined with using physical signage would really strengthen your brand.

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