Amazing Travel Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Some of us love to travel, while others regard travel as a necessary task to get from A to B, but either way, there are some awesome travel hacks that can enhance the experience.

Over the years, seasoned travelers have discovered unique ways that the traveling experience can be improved, and with that in mind, here are some of our top travel hacks that you can use.

  • ID Security – Imagine what you would do if you lost your passport or travel documents. Scan all relevant documents, attach them to an email, and send it to yourself. That way, should the worst happen, at least you have a digital record and that could be the difference between onward travel and not. All you have to do is access your email inbox and you have your copies.
  • Mark your Baggage ‘Fragile’ – Simply stick a few ‘fragile’ stickers on your baggage and the handlers will take extra care. This is a simple, yet ingenious way to reduce the risk of damage during transit; don’t tell your friends otherwise everyone will know and the advantage is lost!
  • Obtaining Local Currency – The first thing you do when arriving at a foreign airport is change dollars into local currency, but there is always a charge for that; use your credit or debit card at an ATM and you will get local currency, at least enough to get you to your final destination. This money-saving hack can save you a lot if you are a frequent traveler and remember to inform your bank or credit card company that you are traveling in a particular region.
  • Mobile Apps – You no longer need maps and guidebooks, all you need is a mobile app and an Internet connection. Of course, this only works if you have network coverage and you could spend a few hours looking at the different apps found on Play Store and choose ones that are relevant.
  • Smart Packing – If you know you are going to stay one night at a hotel, why not pack everything you need for that time at the top of your luggage; this means you don’t have to unpack everything just to get to your toothbrush. You even put all the overnight things you need into a small bag, which leaves all your packing intact! Talking about packing, check out this lightweight waterproof urban backpack that is made from recycled plastic.
  • Store Rechargeable Batteries in the Fridge – Who would have thought that storing your device batteries in the fridge would extend the power life of the charge? Of course, you must remember to collect them prior to checking out, as this could be an expensive mistake.
  • Roll your clothes – Most seasoned travelers know that rolling clothes is the best way to pack, unless, of course, we’re talking tuxedos. Backpackers can carry more cotton T-shirts and pants if they roll them and prior to wearing, unroll and let the garment hang and there’ll be no creases.
  • Google Translate – We have the tech to ensure that your communication with non-English speaking people is smooth and accurate; download Google Translate and you can run it whenever you need something from a local. They cover every language and you have an audio feature, which is great! Or you could always learn to teach English as a foreign language with The TEFL Academy.
  • Create a Bitcoin Wallet – It might surprise you to learn that you can pay for a coffee in Melbourne using your smartphone; many small businesses now accept Bitcoin and the sooner you become familiar with cryptocurrency, the better, as it is the future of finance. Technically speaking, you could travel the world, staying at 5-star hotels, with only your smartphone and the clothes you wear. Start with a Google search and download the Bitcoin wallet software, you can buy Bitcoin online and pay in any currency you like. Paying in Bitcoin would likely be cheaper than changing dollars into local money and before long, all retail outlets will accept the number one cryptocurrency, which is Bitcoin. If you would like to make some money travel blogging, click here.
  • Emergency cash – In the unlikely event you get robbed or you lose your wallet, roll a couple of 100 dollar bills and you can put them in an empty lip balm container, which is a cheap item that no one would steal and that can be your emergency money to tide you over. Of course, you need to stash the lip balm somewhere safe, preferably in the side pocket of your backpack.
  • Mass Transportation Passes – You can save a lot of money by getting an online bus or train pass, which would be slightly cheaper and some allow you unlimited travel for 24 hours, which is great. The Internet will help you find the right website; whether you are planning a stay in Tokyo or Bangkok, you can easily pay in advance and receive a QR code that is valid for a specific period of time.

We hope that these hacks are useful during your travel expeditions and prior to making any firm travel plans, do check with the World Health Organization about the current Covid situation in your destination country.

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