Is the Amazon FireStick Worth It? – All You Need To Know

The rapidly growing technology has cut down the cable’s cords of entertainment sources. Everything has gone online now and so are the entertainment sources like TV and radios also. It has become quite easier for a user to stream out their favorite content online on their smartphone. But do they succeed in providing users that experience of TV or movies on a bigger screen? Surely not. There are some restrictions and screen size is the leading one.

Amazon TV Firestick is being rapidly growing these days and all thanks to the unmatched streaming experience and convenience of usage it is offering to the users. Streaming goes on here with the help of a streaming stick. No cable connection nor a WiFi connection, nothing such things are being required to get access over this streaming source.

Just install Amazon Fire TV Stick to your device and it will further lead you to get access over Amazon’s media store just with the help of a simple touch of a remote. The best thing about Amazon Fire TV Stick is the unlimited streaming it offers users to. Users are free to watch out unlimited TV shows, music, and movies at very affordable pricing. Amazon TV Firestick takes care of customers’ streaming experience and that’s why it ensures users have 1080 HD streaming experience.


How does Amazon TV Firestick work?

Amazon TV Firestick is being one of the fastest growing online streaming platforms and all thanks to the easy to go interface it includes. It is an easy plug and play option where you have to plug in the device into your TV’s HDMI port to start streaming the unlimited experience. The device connected to a Bluetooth remote that you can easily use for enjoying smooth access. Once you have a simple plugin your device it will be automatically directed through the setup process. A pop-up message will appear on your home screen asking up for the sign in to your Amazon account.

Amazon TV Firestick worth

The best thing about Amazon TV Firestick is that it is a portable option that makes it quite easier for the users to carry up their streaming source along with you. The device serves as a central repository for a wide range of content. Once done with the login process successfully, users will be free to view their favorite content and can also save your favorite content to Amazon Cloud Services.


How to setup Amazon TV Firestick?

Installation and setup for Amazon TV Firestick are extremely easy to go on. It will hardly take your few seconds to complete the installation process and once it’s done, you can start with the setup part instantly.

  • Power on your TV and then plug in the power adapter to your Amazon TV Firestick also.
  • Once done, now plug in your Fire TV directly into the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Turn on your TV and then select the channel you wanted to stream on.
  • Next, add batteries to your remote and then press and hold the home button for about 10 seconds to set it to Discovery mode so that com pair the remote with your Amazon TV Firestick.
  • Follow up the instructions provided and then connect your Amazon TV Firestick to the internet.
  • Register your Amazon TV Firestick to your Amazon Account and once done, you will be free to start streaming up your favorite shows on a wider screen.



Amazon TV Firestick provides you a better place to search on. Users can easily search and stream for different free and standard pay channels without having any issues. If you love to explore on free channels you can get amazing ones like Tubi TV, Crackle and Pluto TV, etc., but if you like to spend time on some premium channels, options like Netflix and Hulu are also available there for you. Thanks to for compiling a list of the different channels available on amazon fire stick.


Web Browser

The best thing about Amazon TV Firestick is that it comes along with built-in Amazon’s Silk Browser. If you are looking forward to upgrading your experience with some other browser, you can also install Firefox on it. Navigation is quite easy and operations are usually being handled here through remote control. Users are free to enjoy embedded movies with the help of the integrated web browser.


Is Amazon Fire Stick Worth it?

Firestick offers you to stream your favorite content with minimal cost and some time for free by using third part free streaming apps. Well, I don’t recommend you stream via third-party apps without using VPN. I am using firestick for the last 2 years and really happy with it.


At the time of writing, there are 3 variations available for amazon fire TV, $120 Amazon Fire TV Cube, the $50 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and the $40 Amazon Fire TV Stick. I suggest you go for Fire Stick 4k because It has the best balance of price and functionality. If you are already using fire tv then let us know your experience in the comments.

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